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Alexander Sterling

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Kids, if you don't know this name or who he is, then, shame. Just shame. His name is Alexander Sterling, and he's from the series Vampire Kisses.


MY ALL TIME FAV VAMPIRE EVA!!!!! Thanks Emo for letting me post!

vampire kitties!!!

let's see how should i start this.. *walks into the sun and sparkles* nanichu?!?!?!! im supposed to burn not sparkle!!! damn you twilight you ruined vampire yes they are fucken hot!!!! but still! there was nothing seductive about your vampires.. and sparkles??? bad enough the main guy's stealing every girl's lipstick and blush but now he glitters?!?!? stop stealing mah glitter pens!!! you are the reason why vapires suck! interview with a vampire tom cruise and bradptitt may have had a yaoi moment.. but let me tell you this irewind it coz im like "oh hot damn room for one more men?" ;D shit not only were these vampires gorgeous, there were evil! those glares! the punishment s for betrayl and how they got their prey when i was watching i was like "oh honey you just have to ask, i'd feed you!!!!!!" ok my bitches my dog just winked at me... *looks at the dog* "yopu comming nto me tubby??" *takes out my puppet and scares her away* damn dog ruined my rant... oh yeah now me, yes i bite ppl and yes im actually know to lick ppl's cuts irl and taste their blood why do i do it? well biting's fun, and i like the metal taste in blood! does it mean im a vampire? no, coz im not seductive, but i can be scary as hell if you fuck with me lol i am drawn as a vmpire and am in certain rp especially with my twin bor who's a werewolf a smexy werewolf! but you combine us, you'll nose bleed!! maybe.. i dunno.... wait.. oh right kitty vampires those would be awsome!!!!
me: "monty the mailman flipped me off"
monty: "meow?" tail swishes
me: "want lunch?" points to the mailman
monty: attacks and drains the mailman "meow!!!!"
me: pets monty "good vampire kitty~"
if onluy i could do that... but then i'd have to stay away from him if he's hungry... damn damn you twilight you're not litterature and your cast of bella was awful! she's a twit with no expression!!!!!!!! and good god wasn't she supposed to be pretty?? so like have boobs and ass? you know edward would smack that and wouldn't have left if she was boobylicious and as for jacob he took of his shirt in hopes she would want to do something instead of "act" lolz ok ok im ending this rant with me being a fucken bitch woot! laters my bitches!!! *bites whoever reads this* ooh you taste like cupcakes :D

Vampires?! :D

I like Vampires. Though rl vampires arn't as amazing as the mythical one's.... but still pretty koolio though hehe ;)


Serious shiz

Its disgusting what people say just because you aren't there in person. Even if i don't know you, i still care about you and i dont want you getting hurt or forced into things you dont want to do. I want you to click on this link http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/moderation/view/196590/2/1 and see exactly what i mean. Watch who you talk to here and make the right choices.