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This is also a world for me to post works I want to share, or icons I make. Pretty much I will post whatever I feel like that involves my works.

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SS icons 2012--for ElfDuchess

Surprise, ElfDuchess, I'm your Secret Santa ^__^
Hope you like these icons. It's a mix of different series and styles. A little bit of everything *laughs*
Obviously, I love CLAMP.


card opinions?

I was wondering if anyone would take a look at my card here and tell me what they think/suggest any possible changes.

It was inspired by this AMV and I was going to enter it in BabyD's AMV tribute challenge but I haven't decided if there's anything I should change about it.

I haven't even met this character yet because I'm only on like volume ten of this series *laughs* but the AMV was too cute not to use <3


Kingdom Hearts II [for Klassic]

Had so much fun making these~
The image in the first one is cute <3

Only made a few of these because I'm also making Katniss icons for you, Klassic...I should have them done soon (hopefully)

Hope you like these ^__^


Negi Springfied [for axelchaos16]

Sorry they took so long. Couldn't find many good images of this character, hope these icons turned out alright ^__^



I finally got around to making a banner for this world!
Izaya's so cute <33

Still need a theme for this world, though.