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Color Lists and Pain!

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been woefully inactive lately!

This is for a few reasons… Partially being busy, partially working on other side projects, but a big reason is my carpel tunnel being just awful lately. My arm up yp my shoulder gets painful shooting spasms and tingly numbness.
I’ve learned how to do most things on my computer with just my off hand. (Like right now, typing shockingly fast for just one non dominate hand) However I can’t do complicated photoshop left handed. Even the thing I’m including below I had to cheat and use both hands.

Anyways, I expect to be up and running soon and there are sooooo many scans I want to color!!!! AH! I wanna color right now dang it!

Oh well… sooooooooon.

So I thought I’d share some of the scans in my “manga to color” folder!
I f you think one of these is especially cool drop a comment and I’ll try to do it first!

Also if you have a manga scan or personal art you want to see colored post me a link! I’m always open to requests or trades or what have you. (I don’t require a trade for a coloring tho lol )

Thanks all!


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Portal, Wallpaper Requests & Fails

Sorry I’ve been insanely not active… I just can’t find the right pictures to inspire me lately. Although, I have read a lot of manga (as always) including one about a penguin. So due to my lack of inspiration I will be taking any requests or suggestions! (please provide a link to the picture if you want something colored)

So… I’ve been trying to play more video games. (even though I am absolutely terrible) And so during the Steam summer sale I set aside some money to be used for buying video games.
And I’ve been trying to defeat Portal… And yeah spoilers coming up so skip this if you’re somehow one of the few people who don’t know all the spoilers. (Even I knew them before getting started)

Spoliers here
So. People who’ve played Portal, I have a question?
Why the warning of “The cake is a lie!” Wouldn’t “The cake is a lie and a crazy robot is going to try to drop you in a pit of fire and you’re going to have about 30 seconds to find an escape route before you burn to death all while a picture of cake stares at you mockingly” be more appropriate??? I don’t understand why people don’t ever mention that little detail… I screamed in shock when it happened… and when the turrets (I call them lovingly by what they really are, which are freaking death robots) first showed up. Scared me so dang bad… “I see you” whispered behind me and then bam! Dead.

And for those of you who enjoyed My Mom Watches AoT, I was talking to her about Portal and the fire pit of not cake, and she reacted with such shock and sincerity “They would lie to you like that?!” I laughed so hard.

Spoilers Ended

Sometimes I get comments on my wallpaper commenting saying they “look great!” But what you all don’t see are all the half finished terrible failures on my computer… So because I feel like it, here are some of my failed wallpapers!!! (and for those of you wondering, no most of these are not old failures)

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My Mom Watches AoT

So I’ve been into anime and manga for a long long time. I cosplay, and my mom through the years has taught me sewing and crafting skills, which she calls “a lost art.” Anyways, long story short, she knows a little bit about the world of otaku.
(I swear I’m getting to the point and that this story is hilarious)

So my brother had never seen Attack on Titan, and while I’ve read the manga I had never seen the anime either, so we decided to sit down and watch some episodes together.
Well about half way through episode one my mom decided to join us, and hilarity ensued.
Here are some actual comments my mom (and family) made while watching the first half of season 1 during our marathon.

Mom: So why do they eat people?
Me: They just do. They’re giants and they eat people. That's all you need to know right now.

Mom: So those things on their hips..?
Me: Propel them using compressed gas or something. I don’t know any of the fantasy technical stuff.
Mom: Is there a place I can find out?
(one of the info screens can up conveniently explaining some stuff)
Mom: Interesting…
My Bro: That sounds like it’d be painful…

(My dad walks into the room)
Dad: Is this your cartoon stuff?
Me & Bro & Mom: Yes anime.
(Titans continue attacking)
Dad: …
(Dad stares at Tv)
Dad: Why are there a bunch of naked people..?

(My mom grabs her tablet and starts googling)
Mom: You should cosplay this!
Me: (Laughs) Everyone cosplays this!
Mom: Then cosplay one of those titans!

SPIOILERS This comment includes spoilers (And is the best)

(Eren turns into a titan)
Mom: Oh so he’s a Titan?
My Bro: Apparently… Tsubasachro is he gonna eat people?
Me: Maaaaybe…
Mom: Oooooh!
Me: What?
Mom (with so much joy in her voice): So he’s the king of the Titans!

I love that my mom gets anime. She even knows the difference between anime and manga. But omg! It’s times like this when I feel like a need a “My mom watches anime” youtube channel. Cause she is hilarious!!!

Wallpaper Suggestions?

Hey all!

Life's been… interesting lately! I've been working a couple of unpaid internships…
Someday I'll get paid…
*Dollar sign eyes*

Every things good but I really really want to color!
I like coloring when I get a bit stressed, and being short on cash and getting by with unpaid gigs…
And my part time job hunt ain't goin' so hot either… >.>

And now I really want to color stuff but I don't really have any scans that are screaming out at me…
So any ideas????
Feel free to send me links or just suggest series! In fact I'm pretty much begging you to do that…
The only thing is, not all scans make for good coloring.
So try to pick scenes that would translate well into a wallpaper!

Soooo in the meantime…
Ever wonder what one of my colorings looks like without the lines?
No? Too bad!

Here's what a handful of my more resent scan colorings look like without lines!

ps. I look forward to any help I can get!

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7 Things for 7 Years

A bit late to celebrate but…
its been a long standing thing of mine to periodically share things about myself that you may not know. I do this A.) because its lets you know me better and B.) because I love hearing things about you guys I didn’t know. (win win right??? XD)
So here we go 7 things you may not know about me for 7 years on TheO

1. My number one fangirl moment was when I got to meet Hideyuki Kikuchi (Author of Vampire Hunter D) and Saiko Takaki (The artist of the manga version of Vampire Hunter D) My number 2 fangirl moment is that Saiko drew a picture of me in my cosplay in the back of one of the VHD manga. (The little authors note) Made my year. XD

2. I am a huge geek. I love American comics and manga alike, and am an avid Trekie as well… I grew up on scifi!

3. I have never played a video game all the way though. My gaming experience is limited to The Sims, Wii Sports and part of Kirby’s Epic Yarn (an easy game that I only played one level of because I couldn’t figure out how to jump) I decided recently to change this and may even record the process…. ^.^;;

4. I get asked a lot, plus there’s constantly “where’d you get it” discussions on TheO, but my user name has no special meaning… I didn’t even get to pick it! My account was made for me by a Tsubasa obsessed fan! (aka Wallpaperotaku) lol

5. I loooooove making amvs and mmvs!!! It’s a hobby of mine. (If you’re a Vassalord fan, chances are good you’ve seen my mmvs) I post one about every 6 months or so, but lately I’ve been getting them out quicker. In fact, I also really enjoy competing in amv contests. Two of my amvs have played at large cons! So far I haven’t won but I plan to change that! ^-^ If you have a YouTube account I’d love to add you! So look me up and send me a pm!

6. I am a Zorro fanatic. Random right??? But seriously I looooooooove Zorro… I’ve watched most of the TV series (even Black Whip which is so not Zorro and the animated blond Zorro) I’ve even read the book more than 7 times and getting to see the actual saddle used in the Disney Zorro TV show was a highlight of my summer.

7. I have acted in plenty of student films during my college days… I am not proud of them. They are on YouTube and I await the dreaded day they go viral… My rolls have included a druggie, a zombie, an angel secretary, and some voice acting as the vampire Andrew Bennett. I am less embarrassed about the last one since I directed and edited it. Feel free to check it out through this link. I may not be the best but my costars are great! Sadly I still need to finish the second half of the issue. In addition you can only see this video through this link as it is unlisted.

So what about you? Do you have any secrete fandoms? Or love making amvs? Or do you have some other interesting hobby?