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Mr. & Mrs. Morii

Yeah... took me awhile to actually post this...
Its the movie I wrote and directed for my class last year (2009) in October...
You know, the one that I said I was gong to post about 5 times since then but never did...
Until now!
Now I know you were expecting another short story, but think of it as a short story with action!
And no worries all of my actors were just fantastic!!!

Its kinda hard to hear so you might need to really blast the sound... sorry about that.

Below this note is the movie after the movie is my back story about how it came to be and all the problems I had making it... so feel free to stay tuned after the film!!!

Ok now for how in the world I thought this crazy plot line up. ^^;;
Basicly everyone in our class had to write a script and I was having writers block!!! >.>
It was the day we were supposed to turn them in/present them and I still didn't know what to do so I turned to my roommate (hereto called roomie) for help. Roomie said I should write about a fruit cup.
And my mind worked something like this:
Fruit cup->cup->crazy person->coffee->coffee mug->crazy person in love with cup->fruit cup
And then I wrote it down and sprinted to my class.

Now this is a class of about 30 people, we all had to stand up and pitch our script to the class and then we all voted to see which 5 were going to be made into movies.
Mine was one of those 5 and I was on the top of the world that day.

Then came the hunt for the actors... basical I stood in our film studio (yeah it was filmed in a real studio) and yelled "Who can act and wants to be in my film?" and I got some answers... Actually Dr. Evenson (whoose character is named after a certian friend) was a man, but my actress talked me into changing the sex and giving her the role. I think it worked out great. Macy, the secretay, was found the day of filming... 30min before it was shot...

Now, 2 days before filming I was in a horrible accedient. I was getting up into my bed (its a solid 4ft off the ground) slipped and my foot landed on a pair of scissors. The were stuck in my foot good and I went to the emergency room and 5 hours later at 4am they were out of my foot and all was good.
But I was out all the next day and then it was already time to film. I was in a blind panic limping around that day...
I got to the studio and none of my crew was there (one had swine flu the other was just late) So there I was limping trying to drag the couch into position... then I gave up and began recruiting random people to help. ^^;;
I had 2 hours to setup, film, and clean up my movie... That is NOT alot of time...
So it was rush, panic, rush, limp and thten it was done!

Then I edited it together... it took about uhhhh maybe 5, 6 hours to edit I think.
And tadaaaaa!!!

If you made to the end of my explaination, cutos to you! Gold star!!!

Thank you for watching and reading!!!


Right Now This Has No Name

So yeeh, right now this story has no name.
Actually this is really just the beginning of a looooong idea I have. >.>
So its really chapter 0... kind of like a oneshot that might lead to a full blown series.
And I am pretty much using it like that.
Depending on the reaction to this chap. 0 will help determine whether or not I continue posting it up here...
Actually this chapter doesn't get to what the main point will be it just introduces the main character.
I figure if people like the character at least it'll all be good.

So please readers!!!
I NEED imput!!!
Tell me how this is!
Also I am taking suggestions for a title or a better name for the shop!
Thank you!!!

Ps. I've been suffering horrible writers black lately so feel free to pitch any crazy ideas you may have...

Chapter 0: Too Young to be Old

“You’re much too young for this job.” States the businessman browsing through magazines in the convenience shop.

The shopkeeper looks up from the book he is reading behind the counter.

“Whatever do you mean?” he inquires with a lazy voice.

“Look at you! You can’t be 30 yet! And you’re running late night store filled with bits and ends of food, mags, cloths, and junk!”

“So? Some people would call me a very successful entrepreneur to own my own business at my tender age.” He replies not looking up from his book.

“You are far to young to be acting like an old man! You have your whole life ahead of you!” says the businessman angrily, “I mean just look at your sign!”
The sign on the shop reads “Night Shop: Your one stop shop open all night with any and all impedimenta and supplies you may desire!”
“Impedimenta? Doesn’t that mean to ‘impede’?”

“Some people like traveling slowly”

The businessman stares at the shopkeeper for a moment, so frustrated that words won’t come. Finally he calms down enough to shout “And why’s your store called “Night Shop” anyways?! The name makes it sound like a dirty sex shop!”

“I am only open at night.” Replies the shopkeeper.

“What kind of store is only open at night?”

“Mine is.” The man behind the counter states matter of factly, “The late night wanderer is by far one of the most under represented minorities.” The storeowner lowers his head and sighs heavily, “It's a terrible thing.”

“I don’t know why I bother.” The businessman places his magazine on the counter.
The man passes over the money and the owner hands him the change.

“See you next week Stan.” Says the shopkeeper.

“Yeah, yeah. Bye.”

Right before the he exists the store, Stan stops and turns around.
“Come to think of it, it’s been nearly two months since I moved into town and started coming here and I don’t know what your name is.”

“Hmm?” the shopkeeper glances up, “Well it’s on my name tag”

“No your name tag is blank.”

“What?!” he looks at his nametag pinned to his shirt; there is no name written on it, “Well what’d ya know… Guess I don’t have a name..?”

Stan gives him an exasperated look. “So” asks Stan, “Why is it blank?”

“I haven’t picked a name yet.”


“My real name is very boring you see… I wanted something more exciting and You know, something with pizzazz…”

“Uh huh,” says Stan impatiently, “Well what should I call you then?”

“Hmmm, I guess for now call me Nemo.”
Nemo smiles.

“That's a stupid name. It's a rip off of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and is just a plan awful name.” sates Stan.

“Better than Stan.” Points out Nemo.

“I hate you.”

“I’ll see you next week.”

Stan nods grads his magazine and exits the shop.
Somewhere a mysterious Bing chimes as the door rattles shut.

Nemo takes off his blank nametag and stares at it.
“No… Nemo really is too much of a rip off…” he mutters “I need something for people to call me though…”

He picks up a black marker and scribbles on the plastic nametag.
He pins it back on.
It reads “Hello my name is Ambri! How may I help you?”

Ambri leans back in his chair and closes his eyes.
“Only five more hours until closing time.”

And I Ran

Contest entry for Dream Free! ^^
(Theres an explanation at the end of the story/dream!)

And I Watched the World Slid Away

It started off nice and pleasant, I miss that time when we were all still together and warm, but mostly we were content to just be… well that was before this next part takes place.

I was in my house with my family. The interior was mostly just bare wood panels; it was cozy, safe and happy. My friend Kee was over and we were about to eat dinner. We were laughing and enjoying our meal when we heard a buzzing alarm. My mom looked up and fear immediately invaded her happy features.

“Oh my God!” she proclaims in a quiet voice loud enough to change a life.
She brings her hand up to her mouth and tells my brother to turn on the TV.


I thought the room was quiet before, but now it’s like everyone is dead. The TV then proceeds to inform us that there has bee a large earthquake in the ocean and that there is a tidal wave heading towards our location and that it is prudent for us to evacuate immediately and move to higher ground. We have half an hour before they think it will hit land.

My mom took control of the situation, “We’ll be ok where we are” she said “we’re already at high ground.” We make a plan. Our furniture is moved to bock windows and all but the front door. We begin to collect water from the facet in case the pipes go down later. Since we are on high ground friends and neighbors begin to come over to take refuge in our house.

We wait.

We’re thrilled when the TV explains that the tidal wave has stopped and then gave us further information on when and where to receive food and help from volunteers and our countries emergency response unit.

Now the house was filled with all kinds of people and while many of there houses were to close to the sea and now gone, we’re so glad we made it through all right. Everyone’s so elated that it’s almost like a party now and all the younger kids are playing board games on the floor and I am hanging with Kee, whose house was completely submerged, and her brother who also evacuated to our home. Someone somewhere turns on some music and everyone is so relieved that everything is going to be all right.

That was when the tremors started.

The voices of my family and the refugees sound out as the earth sways gently.

“It’s an earthquake!”
“Get under a table or in a doorway!”
“Brace yourselves!”
“Bad day isn’t it?”
“We really do have bad luck, huh?”

Then the shakes, that makes you feel like you’ve stepped onto a boat, intensified. Panic began to swell as all the joking disappeared.
And the waves of earth moved us up and down with it’s power.

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmy…” someone mutters hypnotically.

Finally the movement stopped and I shiver where I stand in a doorway, braced against the wall. There’s a bad feeling about this… I felt fear and there was a sense of anticipation in the air.

Kee tries to turn on the TV but it won’t go on. That was when I realized that the music had stopped playing and the lights were out.

Then all of the sudden there was another even stronger tremor and I heard a huge rush of water. While the earth continued to shake, I looked out the window and saw the houses across the street being pushed over by a powerful stream of ocean and the street looked like a river and I could feel my shoes grow wet as water crawled through our house. People in house were fighting to get out as the water threatened to swallow them whole. I watch as the entire house begins to slide down the street taking all the others with it. I watched in shock as the street melted away and became a brown mush before slipping away all together. I felt cold fear rush down my spine. Lucky the foundation on our house was higher off the ground.

“I THOUGHT THE WORLD WASN’T SUPPOSED TO END UNTIL 2012?” I shout, tears streaming down my face. In my mind I could still see the street being crush and moving away.

No one answered.


And pandemonium encased my world.

The next thing I knew I was on what was once a street, now a part of the ocean, and I am running with my family, my friends, strangers and I am scared. I looked around and felt absolute hopelessness. The direction away from the ocean was downhill and there’s no way to out run the smaller waves bombarding us.

“Shouldn’t we try to get to high ground?” I asked my mom.

“This is the only way!”

We began to run again as quickly as possible in an impossible direction, and I was crying and panting and out of breath and scared for my life.

Sometime during the flurry of panic I was separated from my family and now I am just desperately running away from the sea. There were other people running with me, and all of us had a common goal; we wanted to survive.

I don’t know how long I was wandering but I finally found a place that seemed unaffected by the tidal wave and earthquakes. I sighed and shuddered; I could see everything literally slipping away again and again. It kept replaying in my head. I was still very jumpy from the ordeal, and I walked up to a man and asked him what’ was the news with the disaster.

“What are you talking about?” he replied.

“How could you not have heard? Have you turned on the TV recently?” I exclaimed in outraged horror and backed away from him. I wondered what had been happening since I last heard the news. Isn’t the ocean still coming? Tears run down my face.

What’s going on?

For the first time since I left my house I remember my family and wonder what happened to them. Where are they? Are they even still alive?

“Are you ok?” asked the man.

I ignored him and turned around back the way I had come.

Where am I? How far have I come? What happened to my family? My home? My friends?

I began to walk back towards the ocean.

And yeah that when I woke up for the last time….
(I say “for the last time” because I actually woke up twice from this nightmare… I was so happy it was just a dream, but then I just fell back asleep and found myself right where it had let off when I woke up… twice. It sucked.)
It was one of the most vivid dreams I’ve ever had…. (Maybe because I’ve been in an earthquake?)
Added to that I really do live near the ocean at the moment! >.>
Needless to say this nightmare really shook me up.

I wrote this the day right after I had the nightmare (on Feb. 3 ’10)

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!


Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

And to help celebrate, a little video!

Oh and I will post a link my short film I did for class this weekend!!!
^^;; Really I will!


The Field

Ok this is based off of a REAL baseball field.
I've been there.
I took pictures of it (and assuming this works) you'll be able to see it on this post.
Basicly the following is just a little "maybe someday" story...
And my own imagination of how it used to look at it's prime...


Ps. Iam trying to figure out how many people read my world.
You don't even have to talk about what I wrote...
just type "I read this"
I am a VERY curious person...

The Field

I saw a promise of a good view in a parking lot.
There are beautiful places everywhere.
Hidden by buildings, and below parking lots.
I walked out to the corner of the lot.
There was an old mound of unknown rusting objects. I wonder how long they’ve been there, and whether anybody would miss them if they crumbled to dust.
I looked down off the small hill where the parking lot is; I could see it.
A baseball field. Run down and disserted.
And a gorgeous view of the thin forest beyond and other old buildings left to die.
I used to play softball.
Someday I want to walk down to the field with my bat, ball and glove.
Then the field and me can play one last game.
I’ll stumble down the steep hill.
I’ll toss my bag of equipment over the fence.
Then I’ll struggle and climb over onto the wide field.
I’ll walk over the patchy uneven ground to where home base used to be.
I’ll take out my bat and ball from my bag and put my helmet on my head.
The ball will seem to float in mid air after I toss it up.
Then I’ll swing as it falls in slow motion and I will probably miss the first time, because it’s been so long since I’ve played, and it’ll fall with a thump to the ground.
That’s ok because while I am in the field the shadows of the old players of the baseball field are cheering me on.
I can imagine the men sitting on the same hill I clambered down earlier, the scoreboard is once again bright vivid colors and there’s a worker putting in the updated game score.
The dirt of the field is freshly smoothed down, all the bases are loaded, and the pitcher looks cocky in his pinstripe uniform.
My team is off to the side chanting jibes at the pitcher and singing encouraging songs to me.
Singing for me to hit a homer.
The sky is bright blue, I spit out my gum, not a cloud in sight.
I ready the bat over my shoulder and take my stance; hovering ever so slightly upon my toes, ready to run.
The pitcher hitches up his leg and prepares to throw.
This time I am ready.
It connects, and the bats already falling to the ground as I run for first base.
I don’t see how far my hit went, I just run.
My heart pounds and adrenaline rushes!
The first baseman is ready to catch the ball, and I am racing to get there faster.
My feet pound the ground, and I am stretching out to win.
As I reach first base a cloud of dust raises and as the cloud sparkles down the past will fade away; Just a dream, and illusion.
It will be a cloudy day again, and I’ll be alone in an empty field.
Panting and silent; I’ll just stand there for a while.
I’ll look back up to the parking lot and I’ll miss my team.
I saw a good promise from a parking lot once.
Someday I’ll walk down there with my bat, ball and glove, and play one last game.

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