Other Characters

Species: Vulpix halfling, female
Age: 36
Height: a few inches shorter than Colborn
Appearance: She has long, wavy, ginger hair and a headscarf. She wears lots of jangly coin jewlery, a light tunic, and a multitude of skirts in different fabrics.
Battle preferences: She feigns pacifism and relies heavily on her psychic abilities and pyrokinesis.
Personality: Athanasi is a member of a Varekai caravan (similar to gypsies). She is a good fortune teller but is often accused of being a fake. She is honest, hard-working, and intelligent (she even invented a crude version of fireworks as part of her act). Unlike her brother, Athanasi considers tolerance and peacefulness virtues.
Voice: She has an accent exclusive to the Varekai (which sound similar to khajiit accents). Her voice is low but feminine.
Relationships: younger sister to Colborn

Species: Farfetch'd halfling, male
Battle preferences: owns a HUGE doublehanded sword, who he lovingly calls Behemoth. There are polished peridots embedded into the hilt. It was a gift.