Antagonists' Profiles

Species: Ninetales halfling, male
Age: 37
Height: same height as Godwin, shorter than Hyacinth and Caractacus
Appearance: wheat-colored, long, straight hair. usually in a ponytail. has sleek Ninetales ears and tails. Is stocky, with lots of scars marring his face. Pale skin with undertones of orange.
Battle preferences: Has a sword, but doesn't fight very well because he's used to having his cohorts do all the work for him. He doesn't like to get messy, and if he has to use his sword, he just hits people with the hilt of it instead.
Personality: He's fake. He acts the way that people would like him to act, to get their approval. He's very manipulative. He feels as if the universe owes him something. He's bitter. He thinks he's Arceus' gift to halflings, above everyone else.
Voice: His original accent sounds like the Khajiit from Skyrim, though he hides it well and appears to talk like 'regular' people. Voice is a little raspy, mid-range.

Brahm (brom)
Species: Ursaring halfling, male
Age: 68
Height: Caractacus' height, but since he is old, he hunches and appears shorter.
Appearance: he's literally a bear. An anthropomorphic bear, like the bears from Brother Bear. His left eye is damaged from previous battles, so he wears an eyepatch. His voice is gruff but warm, grumbly and booming.
Battle preferences: Used to be proficient with a battleaxe because he was in the army. But now he carries little and just uses his natural claws for weapons.
Personality: Very respectful of everyone, a sweet old man. He has good intentions. He refers to most everyone as "brave warrior".

Hyacinth (hi-yah-sinth)
Species: Sawsbuck halfling, female
Age: 32
Height: the tallest of the antags. The muscle of the group. Think of Jasper from Steven Universe.
Appearance: tall, buff, and burly. Has huge antlers that grow different foliage depending on the season. She usually likes to pick the spring buds off of them. Light brown skin and a deerlike nose. Has a square face.
Battle preferences: She uses brute force, overwhelms people with her weight and height, uses her fists, she's more of a martial artist. She actually enjoys wrenching people's weapons from them and just snapping them in half.
Personality: Doesn't have much of a moral compass, she just does things. She's pretty much True Neutral.

Species: Swanna halfling, male
Age: 37
Height: same as Colborn
Appearance: light silver, straight hair. Dark blue eyes, , does not appear to be of Swanna blood, except for the small feathers that grow from his forearms (which are covered by his sleeves most of the time). His nose has a yellow tint, and the rest of his skin is really pale. Average body type.
Battle preferences: he is a spellsword, using his self-enchanted rapier, a small dagger, and ranged water- and ice-type Swanna attacks.
Personality: an asshole. He studied enchanting a lot and enchanted his own blade. Generally does good things but is condescending about them. An aristocrat.

Caractacus (cah-RACK-ta-cuss)
Species: Cascoon halfling, male
Age: 40
Height: second tallest to Hyacinth
Appearance: gangly and gaunt, with graying thin hair. Looks very sickly and is always wrapped up with bandages. Skin is light gray, the bits you can see, and is marked with lots of scars and lesions.
Battle preferences: Actually a pacifist. Colborn uses him as a biological weapon sometimes, unbeknownst to Caractacus. Has a dagger for defense only.
Personality: Actually a cinnamon roll. A sickly, frail man, who is used to people avoiding him like the plague. He joins Brahm because he treats him like a real person.

Faerydae (fairy-day)
Species: Espurr halfling, female
Age: 26
Height: shortest of all antags
Appearance: plump and small, small but quick hands. short hair, braided at the top, overhanging her face some. very large eyes. Espurr ears. pink undertones to skin. Her voice is higher pitched but soft.
Battle preferences: Generally avoids all fights if possible. For defense she usually uses Disarming Voice, knocks the enemy hard in the head, and runs off.
Personality: Pretty quiet. Likes to steal sweetrolls. Is considered "daft", is actually autistic. Very good at her job, which is going unnoticed while stealing and gathering information.