The Pantheon of Gods

The Main Deities
Includes Arceus and the Divines. All temples have shrines to each of them. They are the most commonly worshipped and widely accepted as holy, benevolent beings.

Arceus - the almighty, creator of the universe and the other divines
Mew - the genetic ancestor to all life on the earth
Xerneas - guardian of life and bestower of eternal life
Dialga - guardian of time
Palkia - guardian of space
Kyogre - created the seas
Groudon - created the land
Rayquaza - created the atmosphere
Ho-Oh - guardian of the skies
Lugia - guardian of the seas
Zygarde - protector of the ecosystem
Celebi - Zygarde's aide, protector of the forests
Victini - patron of conquest, domination, victory in battle
Genesect - the patron of necromancy
Jirachi - patron of luck and wishes
Deoxys - represents disease, plagues

Lesser Gods
Other immortal beings that are commonly prayed to for help with their aspect or beseeched to not unleash their aspect.

Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie - patrons of basic consciousness in every sentient being: willpower, emotion, and knowledge
Regirock, Regice, and Registeel - patrons of the earth (rock and magma, jewels, and precious metals)
Cobalion - patron of light/one-handed weapons
Virizion - patron of archery and other projectile weapons
Terrakion - patron of heavy/two-handed weapons
Keldeo - patron of the art of unarmed combat/martial arts
Articuno - patron of arcane ice destruction magic
Zapdos - patron of arcane electricity destruction magic
Moltres - patron of arcane fire destruction magic
Raikou - god of lightning
Suicune - god of rain and other precipitation
Entei - god of wildfire
Tornadus - god of tornados
Thundurus - god of thunderstorms
Landorus - god of earthquakes
Cresselia and Darkrai - represent the different moon phases, twilight, and dreams and nightmares

Few people pray to these, but they are all recognized as immortal beings

Reshiram - embodiment of Yang; represents activeness, the sun, the physical world
Zekrom - embodiment of Yin; represents passiveness, the moon, the netherworld
Kyurem - represents the absence of yin and yang, neutrality
Regigigas - said to have shaped the continents
Mewtwo - the psychic god, manmade
Latias and Latios - Rayquaza's attendants

The Unhallowed
Includes Giratina and his consort, Yveltal

Giratina - the god of antimatter, master over the dead, the guardian to the underworld/Reverse World
Yveltal - the god of destruction, herald of death