Guard profiles

The city guards accompanying them

Avidius (ah-VID-ee-uss)
Species: Crobat halfling, male
Age: 35
Appearance: dark orchid, close-cropped hair. Pointy nose, narrow eyes, pointy teeth. The shortest and youngest of the guards. Slight, but compact body structure. Sports two proportionally small Crobat wings that beat almost invisibly when he flies.
Battle preferences: Double-wields scimitars. He is unusually fast and can think quickly on his feet. Wears his guard armor closely wrapped to him for better mobility in the air.
Personality: he sometimes appears very shifty and cunning, but kings trust him as a guard.
Evolution Details: Being a guard, he had ready access to the king's funds to evolve not once, but twice.

Perien (PAIR-ee-yen)
Species: Wigglytuff halfling, male
Age: 40
Appearance: round, teal eyes and an upturned nose. Dull fuchsia hair that is longer in the front, combed into a small pompadour. Has Wigglytuff ears. Heavyset but deliberate in his movements. The most experienced of the guards.
Battle preferences: has training as a bard, and can detain enemies and prisoners by belting opera-esque songs that lull them to sleep. Has a combination harp-and-crossbow (that is fully functional). Enjoys wearing a combination of guard armor and bard robes, and carries a big satchel to hold his stuff.
Personality: usually appears warm and inviting, and has a knack for bringing people together even if they do not get along well. In battle, he maintains his joyful tenor voice while ruthlessly incapacitating his enemies.
Evolution Details: had funding from the king to evolve.

Sethisea (seh-THIS-ee)
Species: Onix halfling, female
Age: 38
Appearance: light taupe skin, charcoal hair braided into five rows on her head, hanging from the back of her head with chiseled-everstone hoops worked into the ends. Has a mile-long, unwavering stare. Very well-built with a large waist, stands tallest of the guards, and formidable.
Battle preferences: freely switches between her halberd, war axe, and flail. Wears heavy-duty guard armor with skirt.
Personality: usually acts all business. She has fierce determination, and usually keeps much personal information to herself. She is agreeable though, and will hold conversations with people as long as they respect her.
Evolution Details: Has chosen to stay an Onix because she believes she doesn't need to evolve to be stronger than everyone else (and she's right). She would have more weaknesses as a steel-ground type, also.

*There was a fourth guard, charged with keeping track of Drulvan, but there was an accident.