Main Character Profiles

The Four Prisoners

Stenvar (STEN-var)
Species: Rampardos halfling, male
Age: 59
Appearance: long nose, wide chin, thin eyes, graying sandy hair with a widows' peak brushed back. Hair reaches shoulders, poofy beard trimmed to face. Wide, strong stature, gruff face overall. Has four Rampardos horns - two smaller ones at his hairline and two large ones, above his temples, pointed up and back.
Battle preferences: strong, heavy armor with his trusty two-handed warhammer. he carries a shield on his back but cannot use it at the same time as the warhammer. wears a helmet that is designed to fit on over his horns. It has an open-face format so that he is free to headbutt enemies with the horns on his forehead.
Personality: uses very strong Old World language with his gruff, rumbly voice. He is strong and is proud of his power, and looks down on the other teammates for being young, and therefore inexperienced. Can have a big temper when things don't happen as quick as he wants them to happen.
Evolution Details: He toughed his evolution out while in the army. He relied on a bit of alcohol to get him through, as well as the crude army hospice he was offered.

Drulvan (DROOL-van)
Species: Drifblim halfling, male
Age: 34
Appearance: [picture] very pale, thin lips, slender, upturned eyes. Has an X-shaped scar over left eye, which is permanently closed up from complications during his evolution. Has a purple tattoo under his right eye. Slender, pointed ears sporting chains and talismans. Tall and thin, long slender fingers. Sports a red choker-like tattoo around his neck. Is mostly silent in situations.
Battle preferences: magic-caster, so he is never up at the front lines of battles. Spells are usually Drifblim powers, and sometimes dark magic. He also carries a staff that has a detachable blade concealed inside it. He prefers light clothing and pants tucked into boots. Has lots of hidden pockets on his belt and in his clothes to use for storing potions and ingredients.
Personality: quiet overall. Prefers to be alone if possible, but maintains composure in large groups. He speaks when necessary in small groups. He is considered to be 'fairly rude' to living people, but when interacting with his undead experiments, he is attentive to their needs and treats them unusually well. Speaks properly and clearly with a Scottish accent. When frustrated, he does slip on his grammar.
Evolution Details: a psychic-type friend helped him evolve safely, but he did lose use of his left eye.

Brellin (BRELL-en)
Species: Quagsire halfling, male
Age: 44
Appearance: tanned, rough skin, narrow-set violet eyes and a wide nose. Has a thick head full of curly turquoise hair, and an equally curly goatee/chinstrap that is a dark teal. Wears golden earrings in large, rounded ears. Is short and stocky, less built than Stenvar.
Battle preferences: is a spellsword. Utilizes some useful Quagsire moves, along with frost magic and his trusty mace. He likes to wear a heavy-duty leather vest with pockets on top of a long-sleeved shirt, and loose flowy pants tucked into thick boots.
Personality: characteristically flippant. Arrogant and a ladies' man. Does most of the talking of the whole group, and can usually talk his way out of situations. Does not have great grammar, but he is understandable to most people. Shortens words by a syllable occasionally.
Evolution Details: his wealthy parents could afford the best treatment for him to evolve while very young. His evolution went smoothly.

Zaria (ZARR-ee-ah)
Species: Skuntank halfling, female
Age: 36
Appearance: caramel skin tone, has freckles splashed from temples to cheeks, and on arms and chest. Orchid, upturned eyes, very plump lips, large Skuntank ears that sprout from the sides of her head. Curvy, plump body type, with thick arms but thin wrists. Has a tattoo on her chest of a mandola. Thick, dark hair in a large braid. Poofy Skuntank tail, sometimes curled like a squirrel's, sometimes extended and laid on head for shade.
Battle preferences: even though she may look round and squishy, she does pack a punch in battle! She is adept with throwing knives, as well as mixing poisons and throwable bombs. She has knowledge of mixing reagents in a pinch. If the fight gets too close for comfort, she brings the pain with brass knuckles, and she always has an ale bottle or two with her to crack over some skulls. She doesn't care to change out of her regular corseted dress for battles, but she does wear strong iron boots and a metal gauntlet on her dominant hand.
Personality: not the most educated citizen, but she is a people person. Has a shortened speech style, ending some words in 'n where possible. Her words are mostly understandable after being told to repeat herself. She knows what she wants and does not hesitate to get it. Has a tendency to call men 'darlin' ' and 'honey', and usually does so in a condescending manner.
Evolution Details: Couldn't afford medical attention, so she relied on various drugs and lots of hard alcohol to get her through her transitioning process. She lives her life as an alcohol addict.