Writing Basics

Since this is based on the idea for a story I have had for a very long time, there is a certain way I would like this to turn out, and I have certain preferences as to how it is written.

So, if you write a post or a few, please keep these little things in mind:

  • Write in 1st or 3rd person. You can freely switch between the two.
  • Try to keep posts under FOUR Microsoft Word pages long.
  • Double-spacing between paragraphs and dialogue.
  • To get the feel for the atmosphere, think Skyrim or Lord of the Rings. We want to convey a strong medieval-fantasy feel.
  • Most characters will have varying degrees of the 'old English' speak, like using 'ye' and etc. Some might have a very strong 'accent', while others might not use any old English words at all.
  • Sometimes characters might not use contractions. Contractions are not 100% common in medieval times, after all. Just make it sound natural, though. If a contraction sounds better than no contraction, feel free to use that.
  • Not everyone is completely literate and speak perfect textbook English. They might have a slurred, folksy accent of the language. Not everybody might be able to understand what they are saying, etc. Feel free to have your characters pronounce things so differently that you have to actually spell the word different as you're writing!
  • Pokemon are not actually referred to as 'Pokemon' in this universe... they are just "animals" and "beasts" to the people that live here! So the word "pokemon" will never be uttered, because it does not exist.
  • The Pokemon are more animal-like than in the games/anime. They cannot be captured by high-tech balls. These are wild animals that are tamed the old-fashioned way.
  • Because I don't understand why the original Pokedex lists all flying-types as ALSO normal-types, I've changed all normal-flying types to JUST flying-types. This also helps fix some overpowering issues.