This is a story what was written by me. Hope you like it. And sorry for my poor English. Somewords can be wrong and I can do some mistakes. So sorrThis is a science fiction story but first chapters aren't. Story is starting...
When Billy Rootz died because of cancer, he was only 33. He left his behind, his wife Catalina Rootz and twins who were only 4 years old: Terry and Ryan.

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Chapter 2

PS: This is an introduction episode. There is a lot of character, so I think that writing an introduction episode is better.
Seven years later after Catalina Rootz’s death
Terry shouted that she was ready. Aunt Samantha asked Ryan and Syphenx the same question. They both were ready. Aunt Samantha said: “Alright. Let’s go.” They started walking. That day was holiday, so Aunt Samantha had decided to visit her new neighbours.
Aunt Samantha knocked the door. Noone opened first time. Aunt Samantha knocked the door again. The door was opened by a fat and short woman. Woman looked them during one minute. Aunt Samantha smiled. “We decided to visit our new neighbours. I’m Samantha and they are my children.” Woman smiled too. “Welcome to my house. I’m Daniela. Please, come in.” They went in. Terry saw a girl who was playing atari. She had got brown-black hair just like her mother(In Terry’s opinion that she was fat woman’s daughter) and green eyes. Girl had been concentrated for a game what was she playing. Terry watched this girl until Aunt Samantha pushed her. Terry sat near to Aunt Samantha. Ryan sat near to Terry and Syphenx sat her mother’s presence. Mrs Miller(or Daniela) asked permission and went out. Five minutes later, she arrived with a man. He wasn’t like Mrs Miller. He was tall and thin. He introduced himself. His name was Mylo and he was Mrs Miller’s husband. They sat a sofa. Mrs Miller pushed girl who was playing atari. Girl looked their quests. She put her atari on the sofa. “Sorry, I didn’t realized that you came. My name is Lola.”
Mrs Miller smiled.
“Why aren’t you showing your room to our quests? After this, you may play together.”
Aunt Samantha supported her.
“Yes, let you go Lola’s room and play together.”
Terry, Ryan and Syphenx stood up at the same time. Lola stood up too. And they went Lola’s room.
They sat Lola’s bed. Lola asked: “What are your names? I said mine.”
Ryan introduced himself and the others.
“My name is Ryan. She is Terry and she is Syphenx.”
Lola was suprised.
Syphenx explained.
“My mother is interesting in mythology.”
“But this is a pyramid name?” Lola asked.
“My mother had gone Egypt before I was born. She had visited Syphenx because of she wanted to get information about Egypt mythology. She loved there so much and…You know.” Syphenx said. And she smiled. “But, let’s look on the bright side. Noone’s name is Syphenx just like me!” Lola laughed. “Yes, we can think so. I liked you three. I know a game what can been played by four people.”
When the door(not Lola’s room’s door) knocked, they was playing third hand. Syphenx asked that who had come. Lola answered, her brother had come. Terry hadn’t liked Lola’s sound at that moment. But asked: “Shall we ask him that if he wants to play with us?” Lola answered: “He doesn’t want to play with us. He has got a lot of toy and something to play.”
“But, anyway, I think that we must ask him.”
Lola shrugged.
“Okay, you can ask.”
Ryan hesitated but he stood up. One or two minutes later, he arrived with a small boy. “He must be Lola’s brother.” Terry thought. He didn’t look like Lola. He had got orange-light brown hair and blue eyes. Terry thought that he musted be 6 years old. “How old are you?” was her first question. Terry realized that this question was stupidly later. She wasn’t knowing his name yet. Boy looked Terry and thought.
“I’m… nine.”
Ryan looked Terry like saying: “Stupid.” Terry laughed.
“Sorry, wrong question. What’s your name?”
“You must be our neighbours. I’m Quentin.”
Lola looked like she was bored.
“Okay. She is Syphenx and he is Ryan. Yes, you can go your room.”
Everyone were suprised. “Why? He can play with us.” Syphenx said. Ryan supported her. Lola shrugged.
“Four people can play this game.”
Terry looked at Lola’s face.
“We are able to play other games.”
“No, you can resume your game. I am going my room.” Quentin said. Terry didn’t think that Quentin wanted to say this. “Why?” Syphenx asked. Lola looked like she was starting to be angry. “Because of he wants to go his room, how question is this?”
Terry had started to understand something. First thing, Lola didn’t like Quentin. Second thing, Quentin was knowing this. Quentin looked his sister first. He looked Syphenx second. “I…I must do my homework.” He went out of room and closed the door. Terry didn’t believe that he had got homework. But she didn’t say anything.
Noone wanted to go home when Aunt Samantha said that they musted leave. Syphenx promised Lola that she would come and play with Lola everyday. Lola smiled and said thanks.
Syphenx really went Lola’s house everyday. She and Lola were playing Lola’s dolls and were playing with Lola’s atari. Syphenx sometimes was go Lola’s house with her cousins.
They were playing a table game at those times. Syphenx sometimes was thinking about Quentin. Wasn’t he want to play with them or wasn’t he bored when he was alone?
Good days finished one day. A red car crashed Lola when she was arriving home. Syphenx learnt that driver was drunken.

Chapter 1

Terry was playing hide and seek with her cousin who visits her mother after funeral. Her cousin had come to visit her mother with her aunt. They(Terry and her cousin)both wasn't understanding what was happening. Everyone looked sadly and everyone was crying. Ryan(Terry's brother) was sitting in the presence of his aunt. His aunt was mumbling herself. She was saying same things, her sister(Ryan's mother) had gone bathroom but she hadn't come back.
Terry's cousin accepted that Terry would hide. Her cousin would count.She started saying what was she know.
"One, two, five, four, ten..."
Terry started looking somewhere to hide. At last she decided to hide in washing machine. She went to bathroom. She was'nt know that her mother was in. So she opened the door. She saw her mother. Her mother was liying on the floor. She was holding a knife. Blood was divorcing from one of her wrists. She looked like she trying to pluck up her courage.
Mother saw Terry at that moment. The knife fell from her hands.
Terry hadn't liked her mother's view. She didn't understand what was her mother doing.
"I want to hide in washing machine mom. Please, dont say this to my cousin. But...what are you doing mom?"
Mother stood up by using her healthy wrist. She looked like she could cry soon.
"Come here honey."
Terry go to the next to mother. Mother hugged Terry tightly. Terry saw that mother was crying.
"Take care of yourself. Take care of Ryan, your cousin and your aunt too. Okay?"
Terry was trying to understand what was happening but still she couldn't. Her mother used to say: "Take care of yourself. Take care of Ryan and daddy too." when she would go somewhere.
"Will you go somewhere mom?"
Mother hugged her daughter tighterly.
"Goodbye honey." She holded Terry's hand. "Go into the washing machine. Close the lid. And close your eyes, okay? And don't open. Never."
Terry comfirmed. Cousin's sound was heard.
"I'm coming to find you!"
Terry hide into the washing machine quickly. She closed the lid and her eyes. She could hear her mother's breathing sound when she was in there. She could hear other sounds too. A bird was warbling in the garden. Her cousin was singing a song when she was trying to find Terry. And Terry heard a sound clearly. Iron sound...