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Ok, in this comic, the main character is Ryan( as you know). Story begins like this: when Ryan sits on his bed Lola comes to visit and give a cake as a gift to Ryan with her brother Quentin. When everyone sits on the rug and starts eating, computer opens on its own. And Ryan sees a blue bright light. It is the last thing that Ryan saw before he faints. And his life changes forever.

It's been four or three years since I started to write a book about Ryan. And while i was writing, I also wanted to see it as a comic. But as the time passes by my book's summary have changed a lot. That was one of the reasons why i stopped submitting this. New storing doesn't needs any change about the pages i submitted before but i need to change the paraghraph which is italic right now. I'm so sorry about that. And if you defavorite this i wont be angry really(changing the summary is too much, i know...)
New summary is quite different: Our main character is Ryan as it should be. Story runs on two different times. In the first time Ryan is 12 year old kid. When a car crashed to him he suddenly finds himself in a cage like in prisons. There are guardians and prisoners and soon he realizes that he's kidnapped. Experiments are made them by scientists. After a month, Ryan decides to escape with his prisoner friends. In the second time period Ryan is at the age 19 and doesn't remember so much about his previous life. Just a few cutscenes from the times he didn't even kidnapped and a prisoner girl's name: Aria.

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