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Lovely card is by Angel Zakuro<3


Welcome to the TheOtaku Secret Santa Event for 2011!

I, aragorn1014, will be hosting the event this year ^^ I hope it'll be a fabulous Christmas this year!<3

NOTE: This Secret Santa Event is only for drawings/fanart!

Here are some basic guidelines on the process to start off if you don't know how this works!

How It Works
BEFORE YOU ASK TO JOIN, READ THE RULES. Then PM me or comment here on this World and I'll compile a list of all members that wish to participate in this event here on this World. From there, I'll randomly partner up each person with someone they must draw for after all post their wishlists.
Each person participating in this Secret Santa event must DRAW a MINIMUM of ONE picture for their person by December 24th-25th, 2011. I can't allow graphics(cards, wallpapers etc) for the purposes of this event, sorry!

The rules are all listed in the first post HERE!
If you are too lazy to read the entire thing, I went ahead and put the important parts in bold. Just read the parts in bold at least, please. >.<

You can find a list of everyone who's participating in this event HERE!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Best wishes!<3

Final List part 3!

Happy New Year everyone!<33 As promised, I'll be posting the final list of all of the Santas/recipients for you all to see along with their gifts!

So without further ado, here's the (almost) final list! Click on the Santa's name to see the gift they made for their person!

Ryuchu- littlepooch
KeybladeMewKasa- MangaKid
harvestmoonluvr- angluvdeath
littlepooch- Sesshomaru22212
xXxShiaxXx- Sage of Magic
ponyochan- KeybladeMewKasa
MashMadness- fluffy sama fan
StarsSmile[sub]- ItachiSasuke
StarsSmile- AngelBest Dream
icefoxchan- HalfwayVamped
IgneousRocks- SaxGirl
Sakaira- IgneousRocks
Natsu nii- MoonsMedly
Wakusei Aoshi- Kaijin89
Sesshomaru22212- ponyochan
ReiKiba- rosel D
Sage of Magic- TheBitterRose
superstarpanou[sub]- harvestmoonluvr
moonlit dream- otakufangirl
rosel D- 15385Bic
ItachiSasuke- Allie Elric
RSRKingdomstars- DixieWings
King-sama- AlexaClyne
Saerily- MashMadness
UnknownRumors- King-sama
Ellenor Mererid- Team Plasma N
IyamiNaHamusutaa- Brunette
TheBitterRose- FUNimation
FallenAngel 01- StarsSmile
angluvdeath- mewmewpudding
superstarpanou- MeepoSan
infinatelove42- ReiKiba
mewmewpudding- Ellenor Mererid
MoonsMedly- Ryuchu
Alchemic Mushroom- Prince Kayden
Allie Elric- xXxShiaxXx
otakufangirl- RSRKingdomstars
Sora Hanaki- SnowP
DixieWings[1] [2]- FallenAngel 01
AngelBest Dream- Yours Truly
Brunette- UnknownRumors
byakuyarox1- Mitsune Amai
Yours Truly- Wakusei Aoshi
MewChero- Saerily
SaxGirl- icefoxchan
fluffy sama fan- byakuyarox1
KiKaiya- Sora Hanaki
15385Bic- LoveKouichi
AlexaClyne- moonlit dream
MangaKid- infinatelove42
FUNimation- niwarabbit
niwarabbit- Alchemic Mushroom
aragorn1014- MewChero
SnowP- superstarpanou
MeepoSan- aragorn1014

The list is not yet complete, because there are still some people who haven't received their gifts, but this is pretty much almost the whole thing.

Thank you everyone for a FABULOUS Secret Santa event!! I got MANY requests by some of you for me to host the event again for Christmas this year xD So I'll think about it and see what happens this time around. I had an AMAZING time being the host, and I hope you all had a fun time being a part of it! The gifts were all beautiful this year! ^^ Love you all so much, and good luck to you in the new year! ^^

Merry Christmas!!<3

Merry Christmas everyone!! ^^ I see that most of you have submitted in your gifts, which is fabulous!<3 From the feedback I got from the last post, I've decided that I'll try to get the full list together of everyone's Santa/recipient and the respective gifts by each person.

There's still quite a few hours until today ends, so people who haven't gotten your gifts yet, there still might be a possibility that it'll be given to you today!

For those of you that haven't gotten your gift yet and I haven't sent you a notice about your Santa, please send me a PM if you haven't gotten your gift by January 1st. I want to be sure that everyone gets a gift, so if you haven't gotten yours by then, let me know!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas day!<3

Happy Christmas Eve!<3

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!<3 I know quite a few of you said you'd probably be late with your gifts, but no worries for those who are ready to post because you can start posting today! ^^ I can't wait to see everyone's lovely gifts! >.<

Also, what do you all think of my posting a complete list with who everyone's Santa/recipient was after the event? I think it'd be cool to let everyone see who everyone had and their respective gifts. ^^

Have a fabulous Christmas Eve everyone~ Christmas is only a day away!<3

Gifts due starting tomorrow!

As the title says, it's almost Christmas eve!~ You may start submitting your gifts starting tomorrow and through Christmas day(or after, if you're late)! I'm VERY excited to see everyone's gifts!<3 I hope you all are too!

3-4 Days until gifts are due!

Hello everyone!~ Christmas is coming soon, and you know what that means: gifts! ^^ So I hope everyone is having fun with his/her gifts if you're still working on them, and for those that have finished, congratulations!~
I hope you all are having a fabulous winter holiday!<3 Can't wait to see everyone's gifts soon ^^

EDIT: If you need to post your gift early/late, please notify me first so people don't start freaking out and feel like they need to post their gifts up as well. xD Thank you!~