Ok so this is a world for all of you to learn more about me by the songs I listen to lol :P Enjoy

I love songs because of the instrumental and the lyrics I listen alot to the lyrics

Music of the Night- Phantom of the Opera

Another fave :D


All I Ask Phantom of the Opera... one of my faves ^_^

I love the Phantom of the Opera.

And the Phantom and Raoul remind me of too favourite people on here of mine atm

This is the duet of Chistine and Raoul When Raoul is consoling her over her fears of the Phantom. Who she cares for but he is a little bit of a rogue...and scares her a little. The Phantom throughout the story is hurt by his history and see's Christine as solace. He does some hurtful things to Christine who he cares about very much. And to the theatre company in which he runs within the shadows. Even killing to get his point across to Christine and everybody who treats him as a joke in away. Though Christine never does see him as a joke. She is quite fearful of him though but also intrigued and cares for him to. So Christine runs off scared and Raoul follows along with The Phantom who hides in the shadows and see's what has been sang,

He gets upset when she says she wants Raoul, and due to this get's into a jealous rage as he wants her with him, to keep her song going and give her the fame of a singer she deserves. he puts alot of money in her, because of his love for her. Everything he has done has been for her in mind. And to hear she is scared and trusts Raoul over him hurts badly for the Phantom and he ends up going on a rampage and losing it completely.

But yeah its a very good story and with whats happened on here lately... kind of reminds me of this. Only different to... as in circumstances etc

I don't actually know why it reminds me of my current situation... but it does, and because it does this certain song has been giving me solace. So I am happy that it has been here for me.

I thought I would share it.

I hope you like


Mat Baynton-Dog Ears


Red RidingHood Soundtracks


Black Veil Brides

A big thanx to Nana for introducing me to this awesome rockband