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Sixty-Eight Years Later . . .

Thought I'd drudge up some memories for today . . .

This was a photo taken exactly 5 years ago at Juno Beach in Courseulles-Sur-Mer in Normandy. The gentleman in the photo with me was there to remember the time he had come to that beach exactly 63 years prior.

It was a very windy day, and several chairs set up for the D-Day ceremony had blown completely over. Thinking it would make for a good moment of wit, I asked this gentleman (who happened to be nearby as we all noted the chairs), "So how would you say the wind today compares to sixty-three years ago?"

Classic British response: "Well to be perfectly honest I wasn't thinking about the wind at the time."

He was a British engineer who landed at Juno Beach with the Canadians during the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944. I never asked him his name, but I'll remember him all the same.

It's a good day for remembering, I suppose.

Random musing . . .

I read a lot of Kotaku, and they tend to be my first source of gaming news and stuff - hell, most of the news I posted at this site came through them at some point first.

Seems to be a big stink over in their community about a commenter getting starred and de-starred and what have you. Some people enjoy his being there to spark discussions, others calling him out for being a bit of a dick in doing so. I can see both sides of it, though I can't deny that I'm looking at the setup with a slightly skewed point of view.

The guy's handle is "Shinta".

Anybody who was around here long enough to remember a couple instances of article drama can probably see where I'm thinking here. Probably a coincidence, probably completely different people. But still . . . makes you wonder, y'know?

Latops, Errrrwhere!!!

Diablo 3 gathering at my place last night:

External Image

Worth mentioning that I didn't play Diablo 3 during this time. As can be seen, I am not sitting at my computer.

All good, though. Got to coach the newbie in the front. I don't feel bad about that.

(In other news)

Fuck, have to wait two weeks for more Korra!

Guilt . . .

I'm sorry, Star Wars: The Old Republic.
I'm sorry, Mass Effect 3.
I'm sorry, unopened case of Skyrim.

But Jed' got me a copy of Diablo 3, and I'm going to give that my time for the next little while.

I feel bad about it, honest.

Curious Liquor Thingy . . .

Apparently they have invented clear whisky. Some Canadian distillery has been reaping huge thingies with theirs recently (called "White Owl Whisky").

It's different. Kinda reminds me of vodka, but with that woody whisky sense to it. Not bad.

Adam, I bet you'd enjoy it - people say it's very mixable. You should find some if you can - bottle is quite pretty spiffy, too.


Fucking Legend of Korra. Fuck. Haven't been so involved in a series in a while. Holy fuck.

That is all.