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Lovely card above by the incredible Angel Zakuro!<3 Thank you!<3

Hiya everyone~ ^^ Welcome to my little world!
This is probably just a place where I'll put my posts and such~ otherwise, probably not much is going to happen here ^^;
And the rest, I'll leave to you guys!~ Enjoy~

Art trades: Closed(sorta)
Requests: Closed
Gifties: Open(but only at my discretion, naturally)

A bit of information about me:

Name: Sayura/Sayura-chan(so friends call me)
Birthday: October 14th
Age: 20
Hobbies: Drawing, golfing, archery, playing piano, singing(some) and some other things ^^

Likes in no particular order(manga/anime/movie/game-wise):
Howl's Moving Castle-Howl/Sophie
Final Fantasy Series-Cloud/Leon/Tidus/Yuna/Vaan/Rasler/Ashe/Serah
Kingdom Hearts Series-Cloud Strife/Riku/Roxas/Namine
Hana Kimi-Izumi Sano/Mizuki Ashiya
Code:Breaker- Ogami Rei/Sakura SakuraKouji/Hitomi/Toki/Hachiouji Rui
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee- Gauche Suede/Lag/Jiggy Pepper/Aria /Zazie
Claymore- Miria/Isley/Clare/Riful/Teresa/Raki
Bleach- Kuchiki Rukia/Kuchiki Byakuya/Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryu/Toshirou Hitsugaya
Heart No Kuni No Alice-Blood Dupre/Julius Monrey/Alice Liddell
Gakuen Alice-Mikan Sakura/Natsume Hyuuga/Imai Subaru/Ruka Nogi/Tsubasa Ando
Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin Himura/Sojiro Seta/Aoshi Shinomori
The Gentleman's Alliance Cross-Takanari Togu/Haine Otomiya
Alice 19th-Kyo Wakamiya/Alice Seno/Frey
Shugo Chara-Ikuto Tsukiyomi/Amu Hinamori
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kurama/Hiei/Yusuke
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle-Fai D. Flourite/Syaoran Li
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion-Lelouch Lamperouge
Gundam SEED-Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Atha
Watashi Ni XX Shinasai-Kitami Shigure

The list goes on to pretty much anything =P I've read many more manga so if you want to strike up a discussion about a mangaka/game/anime/movie creator on this list, don't be afraid to ask! I've looked at many works by each of the above authors/artists!

-My Deviantart(active)

Something random you should know: I LOVE it when people draw the character's personality is intact(in other words, unchanged)~ it really gives the picture a better feel because they act the same as they were made to be.

13 Free sketches finished!

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EDIT:My amazing friend, Ryuchu is offering 5 more free sketches so GO REQUEST AWAY!!

Hello everyone!! Just a quick short post to say it feels GREAT to be posting artwork again! <3 I've really missed posting here haha. It's been 4 months since I last posted, so I have much time to make up! But I promise I'll do my best >.<

I hope you all take a look at these because I really took my time with them! It's split into two parts, so I'd love it if you could look at both~ And thank you to everyone who requested~ I'm now feeling more inspired than ever!!<3333

Take care everyone!! ^^ And thank you to those who have given their support so far!<3

Summer voice meme!

Hiya everyone!<3 Sorry I've been posting so often lately ^^; but since it's summer for me, I've decided that at the (indirect not really) request from someone (MSN GET!), I've decided that I want to do another voice meme ^^

And now that I'm not sick, I'm gonna try singing a better song(s) for you haha! >.<

So ask away!<3

It won't be as much of a surprise this time LOL since those of you who heard my last voice meme know what my voice sounds like, but I think it'll be fun to do nonetheless!

Take care everyone!<3

WIP+ 4/13 sketches done!

Hello everyone!<3 Just a super short post to let you know what some of the things I'm working on are ^^ I was super inspired the other day, and so I decided to work on a picture that I thought turned out really well in my sketchbook:

In the meanwhile, I'm also working on two other art pieces that I've spent FOREVER on and the 13 sketches I've got! I've finished 4 so far...so I'm sorry it's going a bit slowly, but I really want to make them look nice and practice as much as possible ^^;

I hope you all are doing well! Take care!

It's time to draw again!!

Hello everyone!!~ The final exam that haunted me is now OVER!! I didn't do as well on it as I wanted, but I'm happy given the time I had and how much I worked on it. ^^


I'm SUPER excited that I have free time again, so be prepared!!

My 10 free sketches will be first!(13 actually to be exact haha, perhaps more!) Here are the people I've gotten on my list:

1)Yours Truly- (surprise!) character from gallery
2)Ryuchu- bird character or Emizel with teddy bear ears<3
3)moonlit dream- (AMAZING CLOTHES)Segran
4)SaxGirl- (MUSIC<33) Shyla
5)Aria Sky- girl in Akagami no Shirayuki hime-styled clothing
6)harvestmoonluvr- (Young and amazing) Hope from FFXIII
7)Angel Zakuro- (asdkghalsdg) Setsu or Adagio(I have yet to decide...)
8)mewmewpudding- Surprise surprise<3 Unless you want someone specific ^^
9)thelostsindar- Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
10)yumei hearts u- Minami and Hideki
*11)superstarpanou- Amane<3
*12)SnowP- (Adorable scarf-wearing) OCs
*13)15385Bic- Aura Beast! (Surpriseee!<3)

I've also picked up Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee and I really am liking it so far!

Short post is short, but I'm very excited!^^ I have one more final to go(Japanese) before Summer REALLY begins! So take care everyone!

Let's go!

Amazingspectacularall-good-very-great day! AND 10 free sketches![closed]

EDIT: Wow, post titles really can be a deterrent, can't they? xD

^If any of you get the reference in this title, I applaud you!

Hello everyone!! really long time no see, huh? I apologize for being away for so long, but you all know how busy it gets as finals draw near >.< And especially with my lovely mix of horrible classes, I decided to overwhelm myself without even knowing it T__T So I'm sorry about that!

BUT good news is, it was all pretty much made up by the AMAZINGNESS of yesterday!!

So yesterday, me and my friends in Japanese class went with our senseis(professors) to the 2012 Mid Florida Japanese Skit and Speech competition! We were the only UF students there out of a MASS of USF students(the competition was held in Tampa on USF campus so...), but we really had a great time!!

Of course, we happen to compete in the year that they have the most participants ever in the competition, so lol that was not really in our favor but...


Usually only 2-3 groups compete in our category but this year we had 6 LOL, so we really thought it was a tough year! We lost to the first place winners by ONE point!! JUST ONE POINT, and my friend who competed in the Speech competition got second as well!

But our senseis were proud of us anyway, so I'm just really really happy. They are just the MOST adorable and kind people ever, and I'm so happy we got to spend the day with them. We even ate dinner together at California Tacos(really sketch place, but anyway..) and they bought dinner for ALL of us(us being me and my three other friends)! >.<

AND we got to hug them, even though hugging is culturally inappropriate in Japan hahaha, they made an exception for us today! It was great!! <3

So yeah, it was just an overall great day! We worked really hard in about the span of a week to finish writing, refining and practicing our skit, so I'm really proud of how we did! I DEFINITELY want to compete again next year so maybe we can win!

There's lots to look forward to in the coming months! ^^
Summer is on the way!<33

OH and now for what you've all been waiting for!

First-come-first-served basis: I get to choose what kind of picture I draw for each, so all will be wild card sketches(might be a chibi, fullbody, bust, whatever I feel like)!

Request away! CLOSED! Sumimasen >.<

1)Yours Truly
3)moonlit dream
5)Aria Sky
7)Angel Zakuro
10)yumei hearts u

I need practice...I haven't drawn in SO long >.<

Also, Snow-san, Bic-san and Panou-chan, if you want something from me, say so, and you'll get an auto slot as thanks for what you've drawn for me already for the sketches whether or not this list fills up >.< <3

Take care you guys!! I hope all is well and good luck with finals!!<33