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Lovely card above by the incredible Angel Zakuro!<3 Thank you!<3

Hiya everyone~ ^^ Welcome to my little world!
This is probably just a place where I'll put my posts and such~ otherwise, probably not much is going to happen here ^^;
And the rest, I'll leave to you guys!~ Enjoy~

Art trades: Closed(sorta)
Requests: Closed
Gifties: Open(but only at my discretion, naturally)

A bit of information about me:

Name: Sayura/Sayura-chan(so friends call me)
Birthday: October 14th
Age: 20
Hobbies: Drawing, golfing, archery, playing piano, singing(some) and some other things ^^

Likes in no particular order(manga/anime/movie/game-wise):
Howl's Moving Castle-Howl/Sophie
Final Fantasy Series-Cloud/Leon/Tidus/Yuna/Vaan/Rasler/Ashe/Serah
Kingdom Hearts Series-Cloud Strife/Riku/Roxas/Namine
Hana Kimi-Izumi Sano/Mizuki Ashiya
Code:Breaker- Ogami Rei/Sakura SakuraKouji/Hitomi/Toki/Hachiouji Rui
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee- Gauche Suede/Lag/Jiggy Pepper/Aria /Zazie
Claymore- Miria/Isley/Clare/Riful/Teresa/Raki
Bleach- Kuchiki Rukia/Kuchiki Byakuya/Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryu/Toshirou Hitsugaya
Heart No Kuni No Alice-Blood Dupre/Julius Monrey/Alice Liddell
Gakuen Alice-Mikan Sakura/Natsume Hyuuga/Imai Subaru/Ruka Nogi/Tsubasa Ando
Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin Himura/Sojiro Seta/Aoshi Shinomori
The Gentleman's Alliance Cross-Takanari Togu/Haine Otomiya
Alice 19th-Kyo Wakamiya/Alice Seno/Frey
Shugo Chara-Ikuto Tsukiyomi/Amu Hinamori
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kurama/Hiei/Yusuke
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle-Fai D. Flourite/Syaoran Li
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion-Lelouch Lamperouge
Gundam SEED-Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Atha
Watashi Ni XX Shinasai-Kitami Shigure

The list goes on to pretty much anything =P I've read many more manga so if you want to strike up a discussion about a mangaka/game/anime/movie creator on this list, don't be afraid to ask! I've looked at many works by each of the above authors/artists!

-My Deviantart(active)

Something random you should know: I LOVE it when people draw the character's personality is intact(in other words, unchanged)~ it really gives the picture a better feel because they act the same as they were made to be.

Winter Break and freedom(for now~)~

Hiya everyone! I'm back after a mini absence! =P
My dad just came home a few days ago so I've been spending lots of time outside and such golfing, shopping and other things ^^ I've been having lots of fun with him so yeah, that's pretty much why I've been gone~
The best part I have to let you guys know is MY ARTISTS BLOCK IS GONE!! BWHAHAHAHAHHA! So now I'm drawing like crazy xDD My first up is my contest entry for Ima-chan(because the deadline is in like 3 days xD) and then my art trades are coming up~
I'm REALLY sorry I haven't been commenting but I'm getting around to them today!! So be on the lookout! Take care everyone and see you around! ^^

December 14th~

Hiya everyone!!! ^^ It's officially 1 hour past 12am and it's December 14th~!

Sorry sorry sorry everyone T___T I died like WHOA this week...I just haven't had ANY time at ALL to go on...and the week before this one I had the busiest weekend of my life to top it all off! T__T I feel awful for neglecting you guys and I really apologize...sorry~
I'll give an update on what I've been doing and how I've been to compensate for my lack of updates for now ^^:

To sum up this week it's really been alllllll about school...no kidding. ALL of the teachers assigned NEW chapters that WILL be on the midterms so now I have to study 2 extra chapters for each session! *sighs*
BUT yesterday everything turned around! ^^ I had the FUNNEST night playing basketball with my friends and also the moon was at its brightest of the year yesterday!! ^^ So the court was still really bright even in the darkness~! I'm really excited to play some more basketball now because my friends taught me how to play better offense(and some new techniques~! ^^)~not to mention I'll probably be able to own Chris at basketball now! *winks* ^^

Today I had my piano rehearsal for the recital tomorrow and it went REALLY well! ^^ (and a certain person was there xD) Along with that I also had my piano lesson afterwards so I ended up having to stay there for something like 4 hours xDD
I'm okay though! ^^;
Tomorrow is the ACTUAL recital and it's going to be pretty interesting~! I can't wait to play tomorrow because it should be amazing!<3

What's been happening with me? Well this might sound a bit ridiculous but one of my friends showed me her favorite Yu Gi Oh card that she found and I realized how much I really loved the missed the show...so currently I'm very into it right now xDD And in truth I've never ever seen the entire series ^^:; so I'm watching it a lot nowadays on Youtube...I'm on episode 202 and there's only 224 episodes so I'm sad that it's coming to an end soon T__T
But along with that I've found my OLD OLD Yu Gi Oh cards(from 5th grade 0__o) and I'm throwing together a deck xD It'll fail(I know I'm such a weird anime fan ^^:;) but I want to experiment a bit =P
Along with all of that I've been getting more into the modern music and catching up with the times which is great~ and of course sticking with traditional Disney music as always =P

1 more week until Winter Break!! ^^ I hope you all have been doing well~! So take care!!


I am VERY VERY SORRY everyone for not being online AT ALL for like the past 3-5 days!! T___T This week has been BY FAR the BUSIEST week I've ever had in my LIFE, and I'm leaving you guys a post right now to let you know I probably won't be on for this weekend....which means no art this weekend gomen ne T__T
I really hope that you all have been doing well...I miss being on here SOOOO much and I feel like I've been neglecting you guys T___T
After this week is over things will ALL return back to normal! So all in all I'm letting you all know that I'll be gone for the next 2-3 days...
I'll be back you guys, I promise! *super hugs you all* Take care and I'll see you all when I return! ^^


xD I LOVE Goofy~ in fact, I love all of the Disney characters in general!

Hiya everyone!! I got back from Disney World a few hours ago(explains why I've been gone for the past day or two...)~ and it was absolutely fantastic!! ^^ I was reminded again about just how much I loved Disney(I'm a Disney fan...agreed Innocent-chan? =P *high fives Innocent-chan*)~
-Which reminds me, thankies SOOOO much Innocent-chan for the avatars!! I LOOVVEE them!! ^^ I will be using them lots~ so credits to her for the beautifully amazing avatars~!-
Anyways, I got to stay at a Sheraton Safari Hotel!! ^^ It was soooooooo nice!(even though it lacked basic amenities...like a microwave and fridge xD and no continental breakfast..but that's okay! =P) The beds had LOTS of pillows and it was soooo comfortable!!~
I went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot(my favorites<3) and it was fantastical~! ^^ I rode all of the rides, of course =P And the Wishes fireworks show at Magic Kingdom was DEFINITELY my favorite part of the night! ^^ The castle had christmas lights on it and Epcot was decorated with a HUGE christmas tree which was absolutely wonderful ^^

It was GREAT coming home and the most RANDOM thing happened LOL
There was this FREAKISHLY HUMUNGOUS spider sitting in the study room, and my mom was vacuuming the house and she SUCKED IT UP in the vacuum xDDDD And she didn't even know it until she realized she was suffocating it in the charger! LOL I felt kinda bad for the spider but man it was HUGE! @[email protected]
On top of that I've got a HUGE load of homework that could crush the spider any day and new art that hopefully I'll post soon but seriously I've been going through an art slump because I've drawn LOADS of sketches that I haven't had the patience to finish xD I WILL finish this one though!! Count on it!
Take care everyone!!~ ^^

Gah! @[email protected]

Whoa I SERIOUSLY temporarily died on here for a second!! I haven't been on in days!! T___T Sorry sorry sorry!! *runs around in panic*
I hope you all have been doing okay! I've been so tired and lazy with comments and such so I hope you all forgive me for that as well! T__T
Yesterday I played basketball with a lot of my friends and it was REALLY fun~ and I'm not even that good at basketball xD
But anyways, I'll try and be on more but until Thanksgiving the next 3 days will be quite busy...
I'll get to pms soon, I promise! Take care everyone~