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Lovely card above by the incredible Angel Zakuro!<3 Thank you!<3

Hiya everyone~ ^^ Welcome to my little world!
This is probably just a place where I'll put my posts and such~ otherwise, probably not much is going to happen here ^^;
And the rest, I'll leave to you guys!~ Enjoy~

Art trades: Closed(sorta)
Requests: Closed
Gifties: Open(but only at my discretion, naturally)

A bit of information about me:

Name: Sayura/Sayura-chan(so friends call me)
Birthday: October 14th
Age: 20
Hobbies: Drawing, golfing, archery, playing piano, singing(some) and some other things ^^

Likes in no particular order(manga/anime/movie/game-wise):
Howl's Moving Castle-Howl/Sophie
Final Fantasy Series-Cloud/Leon/Tidus/Yuna/Vaan/Rasler/Ashe/Serah
Kingdom Hearts Series-Cloud Strife/Riku/Roxas/Namine
Hana Kimi-Izumi Sano/Mizuki Ashiya
Code:Breaker- Ogami Rei/Sakura SakuraKouji/Hitomi/Toki/Hachiouji Rui
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee- Gauche Suede/Lag/Jiggy Pepper/Aria /Zazie
Claymore- Miria/Isley/Clare/Riful/Teresa/Raki
Bleach- Kuchiki Rukia/Kuchiki Byakuya/Kurosaki Ichigo/Ishida Uryu/Toshirou Hitsugaya
Heart No Kuni No Alice-Blood Dupre/Julius Monrey/Alice Liddell
Gakuen Alice-Mikan Sakura/Natsume Hyuuga/Imai Subaru/Ruka Nogi/Tsubasa Ando
Rurouni Kenshin-Kenshin Himura/Sojiro Seta/Aoshi Shinomori
The Gentleman's Alliance Cross-Takanari Togu/Haine Otomiya
Alice 19th-Kyo Wakamiya/Alice Seno/Frey
Shugo Chara-Ikuto Tsukiyomi/Amu Hinamori
Yu Yu Hakusho-Kurama/Hiei/Yusuke
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle-Fai D. Flourite/Syaoran Li
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion-Lelouch Lamperouge
Gundam SEED-Athrun Zala/Cagalli Yula Atha
Watashi Ni XX Shinasai-Kitami Shigure

The list goes on to pretty much anything =P I've read many more manga so if you want to strike up a discussion about a mangaka/game/anime/movie creator on this list, don't be afraid to ask! I've looked at many works by each of the above authors/artists!

-My Deviantart(active)

Something random you should know: I LOVE it when people draw the character's personality is intact(in other words, unchanged)~ it really gives the picture a better feel because they act the same as they were made to be.

Need a little more time.. >__<

Hello everyone! Long time no see, huh?
I made a post on DA and I also realized I needed to make a post here as well. >__<

Basically, I returned from my year-long study abroad trip to Japan about 3 weeks ago, and I'm still getting adjusted because I miss Japan so much haha. But along with that, I have a lot of things in my life that I need to sort out, so I'm really really sorry, but it's probably going to be a little while longer before I can return to being active on here again.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me up until now and continues to support me!! I really can't express my thanks to you guys enough.

My art has also been suffering immensely due to what's been happening lately, so...while it may be a little while before I explain, just know that I haven't forgotten about this place and that I DO plan on coming back.

I love you all so so much. Please wait for a me a little while longer!

See you guys soon <3 Take care!

The New Year!

Hello hello everyone!! Happy Belated New Year! haha <3

I'm going to keep this post short because I have a bit of a busy day today, but I just wanted to ask how you all have been! I'm back in the US for winter break, so now I have Wifi like normal again, and hence I'm writing this post xD But all in all, I'm SO so sorry for the lack of updates and art and everything! T__T I promise that I HAVE been working on things-- after all, I DID take a manga class this past semester and I drew my first manga ever (only 12 pages, but believe me when I say it really WAS hard work doing everything by my hand and meeting super short deadlines haha)!! It even got compiled into a book with my classmates' work (and I designed the cover!), so I was really excited to see it and hopefully I can scan in all the pages for you guys when I return to Japan! My manga teacher has offered to let me use her scanner, so I can hopefully post up a bit more for you guys! >__<

In any case though, it's been hard getting back into the art site rhythm being in Japan, but it really is more beautiful than anything that I've ever imagined! The study abroad experience is just...words can't even describe how great it has been haha. I really encourage you guys to do it if you ever get the chance!

I still have another semester in Japan left, so I'm really excited to head back in around 9 days to resume life there! I'll try to keep up better with activity on here, but I can't guarantee anything, sorry! T__T I'll do my best!

Love you all so much and take care!!

Just a little hello!

Hello everyone!! ^^ How have you all been? It's been a really long time, hasn't it?

I haven't had much time to use the Internet at all except maybe aside from Facebook, mostly due to lack of Wifi haha but I hope you all are doing well! I was shocked that I was still getting messages and gifts for my birthday on here and on Deviantart haha, so thank you all SO SO much!! <3 I'm so so grateful for all of you and I can't thank you guys enough for all the support! >.< <3 Also, message me if you're interested in being friends with me on Facebook and we'll work it all out!

It's been hard getting art up in general because I don't have a scanner here in Japan, but I'm figuring out ways to scan and copy my art, so hopefully I can show you all what I've been working on here! I've been so busy with my manga class at my university here in Japan and all of my midterms just finished last week, so it's been non-stop busy if you couple that with being with a host family and traveling!

I have class in a little bit, so I only have a little bit of time to write while I'm here in the computer lab, but I just wanted to say thank you all so much and I'll try to come back on here more often to check up on updates! Love you all so much and take care! <3

Japan life!!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Seriously long time no talk, huh? >__<

I've been in Japan for only a week now, but prior to that, I was in Korea and with serious lack of WiFi here especially so...it's been really hard maintaining my status on dA and theO to keep you all updated but I hope you all are doing well! Things have been busy here like no other-- I met my homestay/host family today and just moved in with them and classes start for me tomorrow HERE, IN OSAKA, JAPANNNN!! <3 It's really unbelievable that this is all happening, but I really want to make the most of it, so yeah!

Don't worry, I've still been trying to squeeze in some time for sketches and you know what else? I brought my tablet and all 132 colored pencils with me! LOL >__< So yeah! I'm hoping I still have some time here to draw and such because it's always so busy everyday. T__T

But I guess yeah, just rest assured that I'm still alive and hoping to get back on here again now that I'm settled in and about to really start my new life in Japan now that I'm all moved in to the house I'll hopefully be staying in for a year! I watched Princess Mononoke the other day with my former roommates and it got me into wanting to do some sketches, so I'm going to try to get back into the art scene again! >__< I'm even actually taking a manga class here LOL so we'll see how that goes but...I hope you all are doing well and I guess take care! <3

Really long life post: Why I've been away.

Hello everyone!! Gosh, it's been WAY too long since a World post or even an art post, huh?? >.< I'm so so sorry! I've been away with sooo many things--there's just too much to prepare for Japan and Korea! @[email protected] It's still kinda unbelievable that I'm gonna be there for 9-10 months before I come back to the States again (though my father is now saying he might just want me to come visit the States during winter break haha), so it's gonna be a lonnnngg while! I'm just hoping it's a fun experience and that I can truly make the most of it! I plan on bringing my art supplies with me and everything, so yeah! ^^

I'm currently cleaning my study room in preparation for my dad's arrival to the house lol, so it's been a bit busy (and I really need to pack too still and waahhhh! @[email protected]), but everything has overall been fantastic! I have to make some special mentions to Kaijin and Panou-chan for their amazing packages/letters!! >///< <3333 I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I'M GONNA SEND AN ADEQUATE RESPONSE BACK, I PROMISEE! BUT PLEASE JUST KNOW I RECEIVED THEM AND THAT I LOVE THEM LIKE NO WORDS CAN EXPRESS AND THAT I'M HOPING TO REPLY TO YOU BOTH IN THE COMING WEEKS!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOO MUCH!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333

And now that I'm dong spazzing... xD

Goodness, where to begin? Well I've been volunteering in the beginning Japanese courses again this summer-- so I've made many new friends and am currently in the process of making some new life changes for myself as well! I exercise 4-5 times a week with my friends in my amazingly fit friend's intense fitness program LOL and though I probably shouldn't because it's not good for my heart (long story, I'll explain later xD), I do it anyways because what will really help a person get into shape aside from good diet and exercise? Not much. xD

And goodness in the art realm...well I think I had a serious period of just being exhausted with trying to attempt so many big pieces and not finishing any one of them, I think I just need to take them each one step at a time. I've been slowly reviving my desire to get back onto the online art scene again by flipping through art books and finally reading Fruits Basket thanks to my friend letting me borrow the books! (I know, I know, I'm late coming on to the Fruits Basket scene, but still...better late than never, right? xD) So that's been a bit inspiring, I think!

I need to be a bit truthful here-- I've actually been experiencing some serious personal struggles in the past few months (namely the past month or so, but it's been a general thing over the past couple of months), and they've mostly been what's been hindering me from doing...well mostly anything haha. The main things I think have been struggles with friends and family, but overall I've started going to counseling as an outlet for my stress along with journaling and, of course, drawing and music haha. It's been really difficult trying to get everything straight with so little time before I leave for Korea and Japan, but I think I'll be alright! It helps me a lot to be around the people I care about and love most of the day, so I'm usually out socializing and with friends nowadays. I'm starting to find more and more that it's difficult to come home because of my mother's demeanor and other things, but I know that I'll be in VERY different circumstances soon, so I'm staying hopeful and optimistic as much as possible.

In other random news...well, I finished watching my first Korean drama (from beginning to end) ever: My Name is Kim Sam Soon!! Have any of you heard of it? It's WONDERFUL and I like that it's so real haha. It also gives unrealistic expectations about love like most dramas/anime/manga LOL but I think everything will fall into place eventually and am just trying really hard to remain patient. There's no use being desperate for a guy when I already have so much on my plate to worry about! xD I can deal without a man for now! =P

Anyway...I'm about to leave for a family trip to Atlanta, GA and the Smoky Mountains tomorrow, so I'm really hoping for a fun time!! I've been thinking about something else for a while, too, and that is...what do you guys think about my making a sketch/video blog for my Korea/Japan travels? I'm really horrible at making nice-looking videos lol but I'd put in the effort for you guys or at least for my own records if no one was interested. xD I just really want to keep a good record of my travels, I think! The sketch blog part would probably just be me drawing pictures inspired by my experiences or something like that haha.

I really have to clean up this room LOL so I should probably get back to business with that but...I realized that I had a TON of explaining to do and when I was sorting through some old letters people had sent me that I never replied to, I realized that maybe I was taking what people sent me a little too much for granted. I'm going to work hard on sending letters and more-than-adequate responses back to those who have sent me things! >.< It'll take a while, but I think it'll be good for me to do haha. I owe a lot of people a lot of different things--not just materialistically speaking, but just in general. I'm a really lucky person, I really am.

Also, on another random note-- I've seen Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness and Now You See Me along with The Croods and I HIGHLY recommend all of them (particularly the first two haha)! So go watch them, if you haven't! (I still have yet to see Iron Man 3 though lol so I'm a bit behind on the times but...)

Overall, thank you all SO much for the wonderful support and comments~! I really REALLY am grateful to you all and I can't say it enough. I'm SO sorry that I haven't commented or anything in response, but please PLEASE know that I've read them! I love you all so SO much.

Take care!