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Genji's Performance Part 2

As the show continued Genji appeared once or twice. She had a big singing part in Topsy Turvy but things didn't get interesting until the woman the club knew as Darcy came out.
"Now for the next part of our show we would like two volunteers." she said.
There was a storm of people waving their hands, including Tamaki.
"Oh, pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!" he said waving his hand around frantically.
The twins laughed at him. They didn't raise their hands. As much as they liked the show, they'd prefer to stay out of it.
"You two!" Darcy said pointing at the twins.
"Us!?!" they exclaimed.
"Them!?!" Tamaki demanded.
"Yes! You two with the orange hair. The twins." she said.
"But-" they began before they were hoisted up into the air by two acrobats. "WAH!"
The acrobats placed them onto the stage next to Darcy.
"Just play along." she whispered into their ears before running off.
'I'll get you for this Darcy.' Genji thought menacingly from her place off stage.
Just then the music began and performers in dark clothes marched out in time to the music with Genji at the forefront.
Then they began to sing while dancing around the confused twins,
"Maybe you've heard of a terrible place
Where the scoundrels of Paris
Collect in a lair
Maybe you've heard of that mythical place
Called the Court of Miracles"
"Hello, you're there!" Genji said enthusiastically.
"Where the lame can walk" -four people in make-shift wheel chairs then jumped up and marched arm in arm.
"And the blind can see" -four people in dark sunglasses marched arm in arm and threw off their glasses.
"But the dead don't talk." Genji broke in. "So you won't be around
To reveal what you've found!" At this point she took the twins by their collars.
"We have a method for spies and intruders
Rather like hornets protecting their hive
Here in the Court of Miracles
Where it's a miracle if you get out alive!"
At this point Genji shoved the twins to two big burly men who escorted them up to the gallows and placed a noose around each of their necks and gags around their mouths'. Their arms were also tied to their sides. At this point they were freaking out.
Genji then did a flip onto the gallows between the twins and continued, "Justice is swift in the Court of Miracles
I am the lawyers and judge all in one
We like to get the trial over with quickly
Because it's the sentence that's really the fun!" she said happily. "Any last words?"
"That's what they all say." Genji said to the audience before returning to the song. "Now that we've seen all the evidence-"
"Wait! I object!" the puppet exclaimed falling done from above to Genji's left.
"Overruled!" she snapped swiftly turning towards it.
"I object!" exclaimed the puppet as it moved to the other side of Genji.
"Quiet!" she yelled into its face.
"Sustained." the puppet squeaked.
"We find you totally innocent. Which is the worst crime of all." Genji said with a grave look on her face before it turned into a huge smile.
"So you're going to hang!" they sang.
Genji bowed as the song came to an abrupt end and the twins squealed as the ground beneath them disappeared. The lights went out at that same moment.
The twins hit the ground stunned. The rope around their necks was loose and no longer connected to the gallows. The two boys sat there terrified in a dark compartment.
Just then they feel the little room they're in move. A minute later a trap door opens above them.
"Well hiya boys." Bruno greeted with his huge smile.
The Hitachiin twins just shook and stared at him with dumbfounded expressions.
"Oh come on it wasn't that bad." Bruno told them, hauling them out of the box.
When the twins looked around they realized that they were backstage.
"So you must be the Hitachiin twins." a man in a grey jumpsuit with a broom in his hands and glasses.
"And you are?" Kaoru demanded.
"Tomo Tarot. The janitor." he said smiling.
"Wait. Tarot as in-" Hikaru began.
"As in the father of the jester that just hung you two at the gallows." Tomo finished.
The twins looked at each other.
"You guys can go back to your friends once the show is over. Until then you'll have to sit tight." Tomo continued.
"Do you guys do that to all your customers?" Hikaru asked annoyed.
"No. Usually we plant some of our own in the crowd but we made an exception today for you guys." Genji's father said warmly.
"Did Genji tell you guys to do that?" Kaoru inquired.
"Nope. This was just as much a surprise for her as it was for you guys." Tomo replied.
The twins glanced at each other and then turned to watch the show.
Tomo turned his attention to the show as well and smiled softly.
"You know, she talks about you two often." he began.
"To complain?" the twins assumed.
"No. Well not usually. She's quite fond of you two."
"Really?" The twins turned around to look at him confused.
"Oh yeah. I think you two remind her of someone she knew." he said cryptically.
Just as the twins were about to ask who, they hear a familiar voice.
"Hey Tweetle-Dee and Tweetle-Dum! You did a nice job up there." I said as I ruffled the twins' hair.
"Thanks." the twins replied dryly.
"You're doing a good job out there Genji. Keep it up." Dad praised me.
"Thanks Dad. These guys aren't causing you too much trouble, are they?"
"No. They're quite nice lads." he replied handing me my bottle of water.
I shrugged as I took a swig and then said. "If you say so."
"Genji! Come on!" Cora urged.
"Oops." I tossed the bottle back to Dad and said to the twins as I left. "Duties calls. I'll see ya after the show."
"Whatever." was their monotone remark.
"Good luck Honey." My Dad called.
"Thanks." I said as I rushed back on stage.
We finished up the rest of the play without a hitch. Too bad we didn't have many people there to see it. Not as many people came to the circus as they used to. Of course the loudest person clapping there was Tamaki.
"Yahoo! Great going!" he was shouting.
A couple of my fellow performers snickered at him. I acted like I was deaf.
Afterwards I met up with the host club in back.
"Wow. These commoner performances are quite amazing considering the budget you guys have to work with." Tamaki exclaimed.
"Thanks...I think." I replied.
"You have to come perform at the club some time Gen-chan!" Honey urged from atop Mori's shoulders.
"We agreed to keep her background a secret from the rest of the student body remember." Kyoya interjected.
"Awww..." Honey complained.
"Oh you must reconsider!" Tamaki said taking my hands.
"Letting a talent such as yours go to waste is such a crime!" He continued.
"But it's not going to waste. I perform almost every weekend..."
"Plus if you do this, you'll have the host club protection, but that's beside the point, everyone will love you!"
"Look! I'm not going to be some performing monkey!" I snapped remove my hands from his.
"We'll pay of course." Kyoya added.
I looked at him. "Like a little club like yours has enough money to pay me worth my time."
He then held out a slip of paper that had a yen amount on it. My jaw dropped when I saw the number.
"That's definitely worth my time." I said astonished.
"So you'll perform for us?" Honey asked excitedly.
"I don't know..." I began.
I wasn't sure if I could trust them completely but the money they were offering...
The circus was getting a little tight on cash and the tent needed some repairs. Not to mention my lack of a college fund. This money could go a long way into cleaning up the place.
"...okay." I replied unsure.
"Yay! Oh! It'll be so nice to see a commoner performance. The ladies will love it!" Tamaki exclaimed.
"I didn't just sign my soul over to the devil did I?" I quietly asked Haruhi.
"Pretty much. Just a much happy, go-lucky, idiotic version." she answered.
"I guess that means we'll be seeing you a lot more often." Kaoru blandly stated.
"Yeah. Too much." Hikaru added.
"Oh you'll get used to me." I assured them.
"Pretty sure we won't." they answered.
I just stuck my tongue out at them in response. Out of the corner of my eye though, I saw my Dad smiling at us...

The next day of school was when I went to the club to check out where I would be performing.
"Tomorrow we'll be in the gardens and you'll have to do an act on this." Kyoya informed me as we walked out.
When we got there I was greeted by I tight rope five stories high. I felt the color drain from my face.
"This won't be a problem will it?" he asked.
"N-no...it shouldn't take too long to write a will..." I stammered.
And that's when I vowed never to make a deal with rich people again...If I was going to live past this next performance to make another deal...

Genji's Performance Part 1

"I heard your friends were coming to the show today." Asher-the ring leader and co founder- said to me as I was doing my stretches before the show.
I looked up to the orange, spiky haired man. Like usual he had on his brown suit with matching shoes and blue sunglasses.
"Yeah I hope that's not a problem. They are paying half. I can spot them the other half." I replied.
"No, no, no. It's just that you've never brought friends here before. Even when-"
"They'll be here soon so I should probably go out front. At the very least I can jazz up the customers." I said moving to leave.
"Genji!" Asher called.
I turned back and he held out a small stereo to me.
"I wasn't thinking about what I was saying. I'm sorry." he apologized.
"It's okay. You didn't mean it." I said taking the stereo. "So what music is in here?"
"Move your body by Eiffel 65." he answered with a small smile spreading across his face.
"Awesome. But sometimes I think you chose that song just so you can watch a bunch of girls dance around." I joked.
"Della always said I was a bit of an odd ball." he replied laughing.
I laughed as well on my way outside. I made my way through the other performers and the customers until I made it to the ticket booth.
"Hey Marg. They show up yet?" I asked the small woman with gigantic glasses that made her eyes look huge and frizzy yellow hair.
"Nope. They've yet to arrive." she answered.
"Knowing them they'll show up fashionably late. Anyway tell me when they show up 'kay?"
"Course dear."
I nodded then walked onto the fringe of things. Once I got to a nice spot I put the stereo down and pulled out the three juggling balls hidden in my back pocket. Then I hit play.
*When the song first began I started with simple juggling tricks. As the song went on the tricks got more and more complicated. After that I started adding flips and other acrobatic tricks to the sequence. Customers that were waiting in the short line watched with rapt attention. Conner and Kase- two of the younger performers- grabbed their juggling gear and joined in. It didn't take long for the customers to get rattled up. Everyone was clapping and the children were laughing and giggling. We let the children join in at different points in the mini show and they all had a blast. Once the song finally finished everyone applauded and we took our bows.
As people started moving through the lines again some gave a tip for our pre-performance.
"We'll take the stereo back inside." Connor said.
"Cause it looks like your friends are here." Kase said as they took their leave.
I looked around and found seven familiar faces. I cart wheeled over and said, "Welcome to Circus Della Wonders." bowing.
"Show off." the twins mumbled.
"That was amazing Genji!" Tamaki exclaimed.
"Thank you." I answered.
"If that was a reflection of what your show will be like today then I'm quite looking forward to it." Kyouya said.
"Well we yearn to please at Circus Della Wonders." I replied. "Speaking of which, I better go and mingle with the other customers. We wouldn't want anyone to feel excluded."
With that I somersaulted off.
The line was half way through when I went to the back of the tent and changed for the show. A few minutes after Darcy came in to the dressing room.
"You ready?" she asked.
"Yep." I answered throwing on my hat. "How do I look?"
"Like a female Clopin. Now come on the shows starting."
I nodded and rushed past her.
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame?" Tamaki questioned.
"Yes. That's what the flier said the show was." Kyouya answered.
Just then the lights dimmed around them.
"SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's starting." Honey hushed.
**Just then a soft music played. Then majestic, bold, and loud music roared as the set was flashed with an array of lights. The lights showed a towers and a church with a tight rope high in the air.
After that the music quieted to a twinkling as a girl came out on a ball. Amazingly she kept her balance as rolled out to the center stage atop it. She was dressed in a joker's outfit of purple and golden yellow. Her face was painted white with purple lips and thick black eyeliner around her bright green eyes.
"It's Genji." Haruhi exclaimed.
And then she began to sing,
"Morning in Paris, the city awakes
To the bells of Notre Dame
The fisherman fishes, the baker man bakes
To the bells of Notre Dame"-village people of all sorts began to come out from the shadows and dance to the song.
"To the big bells as loud as the thunder
To the little bells soft as a psalm"-now performers fell from above attempting wonderful sequences from red ribbons.
"And some say the soul of the city's
The toll of the bells
The bells of Notre Dame"-at this point she addresses the audience and a small puppet in similar dress falls from above and floated next to her.
"Listen, they're beautiful, no?
So many colors of sound, so many changing moods
Because you know, they don't ring all by themselves"
"They don't?" said the puppet in a high squeaky voice.
"No, silly boy.
Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower
lives the mysterious bell ringer.
Who is this creature?"
"Who?" repeated the puppet appearing on the opposite side of her.
"What is he?"
"What?" repeated the puppet appearing on the opposite side of her again.
"How did he come to be there?
"How?" repeated the puppet appearing on the opposite side of her.
"Hush, and Clopin will tell you
It is a tale, a tale of a man and a monster."
There was a flash of bright white light then all the other performers were gone. The set was washed over with a blue light and the only performers on stage were the Clopin character and five others that looked like peasants in a boat. The boat rolled out looking as if it was actually sailing.
Genji continued with her song,
"Dark was the night when our tale was begun
On the docks near Notre Dame,"
"Shut it up, will you!" said the man rowing the boat.
"We'll be spotted!" said a man with a large mustache and bigger hat.
"Hush, little one." said a delicate beautiful woman dressed like a gypsy.
Once again Genji's voice was dominate,
"Four frightened gypsies slid silently under
The docks near Notre Dame."
"Four guilders for safe passage into Paris." demanded the rower as they all got out.
"But a trap!" cried Genji as an arrow was shot at the gypsies. "Had been laid for the gypsies
And they gazed up in fear and alarm
At a figure whose clutches
Were iron as much as the bells"
"Judge Claude Frollo" gasped the mustached man in horror as a dark, tall figure approached them.
The figure rode a horse and was surrounded by half a dozen guards.
"The bells of Notre Dame" Genji sang.
"Kyrie Eleison..." sang an invisible chorus.
Genji continued with a grave look on her face,
"Judge Claude Frollo longed
To purge the world
Of vice and sin"
"Kyrie Eleison" sang the chorus again.
Genji continued,
"And he saw corruption
Except within"
"Bring these gypsy vermin to the palace of justice." ordered Frollo.
"You there, what are you hiding?" questioned one of the guards to the woman.
"Stolen goods, no doubt. Take them from her." drolled Frollo.
"She ran." Genji said in a wispy voice.
The young woman ran with Frollo behind her as the chorus sang,
"Dies irae, dies illa
Solvet saeclum in favilla
Teste David cum sibylla
Quantus tremor est futurus
Quando Judex est venturus"
At this point the woman had climbed up the tall poles to the tight rope and Frollo had dismounted his horse to climb after her. The woman went to the center of the rope and banged at the church doors screaming, "Sanctuary, please give us sanctuary"
Frollo had caught up with her and she tried to run but he grabbed her by the arm. They struggled and Frollo shoved her away pulling the item wrapped up in cloth from her. The woman fell from the rope as the audience gasped. When she fell she fell into a red hoop and hung there dramatically as if she was dead.
"A baby?" Frollo questioned examining the item wrapped in the cloth. Then he gasped and cringed in disgust. "A monster!"
Frollo looked around then-as his spot light turned red- he held the child over the edge of the rope as if he were to drop it.
As his grip loosened and he was about to completely let go there was a loud, "Stop!"
"Cried the Archdeacon" Genji narrated.
"This is an unholy demon.
I'm sending it back to hell, where it belongs." Frollo explained.
"See there the innocent blood you have spilt
On the steps of Notre Dame" the Archdeacon sang as he motioned to the woman daggling from the hoop.
"I am guiltless. She ran, I pursued." Frollo defended.
"Now you would add this child's blood to your guilt
On the steps of Notre Dame" the Archdeacon scolded.
"My conscience is clear." Frollo reiterated.
"You can lie to yourself and your minions
You can claim that you haven't a qualm
But you never can run from
Nor hide what you've done from the eyes
The very eyes of Notre Dame..." the Archdeacon sang dramatically.
"Kyrie Eleison" the chorus sang.
'And for one time in his life
Of power and control," Genji sang.
"Kyrie Eleison" the chorus repeated.
"Frollo felt a twinge of fear
For his immortal soul." Genji continued.
"What must I do?" Frollo said shaken.
"Care for the child, and raise it as your own." the Archdeacon answered.
"What? I'd be settled with this misshapen...?" Frollo began."Very well. Let him live with you, in your church."
"Live here? Where?" The Archdeacon questioned.
"Anywhere," Frollo answered.
"Just so he's kept locked away
Where no one else can see
The bell tower, perhaps
And who knows, our Lord works in mysterious ways
Even this foul creature may
Yet prove one day to be
Of use to me..."
Genji continued on with her narration from her spot on the ground.
"And Frollo gave the child a cruel name
A name that means half-formed, Quasimodo
Now here is a riddle to guess if you can
Sing the bells of Notre Dame
Who is the monster and who is the man?" at this point the chorus joined Genji. "Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells of Notre Daaaaaaaaaaame!"
As the music continued to a dramatic close fireworks and a flurry of lights showed the stage. When the song ended with the thunder of a drum everything went dark.
The audience began to applaud loudly. The host club however sat the stunned for a moment.
Tamaki was the first to break their silence with, "AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!"
The host club then joined the rest of the audience in their applause.
"Wow. Genji's voice is amazing." Hikaru mused.
"I know." replied Kaoru.
The clapping died down as the story continued. And the host club watched with rapped attention.

To get the gist of what the music was like play these videos at the parts where you see the appropriate *s. For The Bells of Notre Dame imagine that Clopin's voice is a teenage girl's. ;3
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUx_rpG1XGo&feature=rec-HM-rn
** http://www.viddler.com/explore/waifine/videos/1/


whatever happened to the fruits basket rpg??

Genji's Explanation

"HOLY CRAP!!!!!! GENJI!?!?!" they exclaimed and the twins dropped me onto the ground in surprise.
"Genji what are you doing here?" Tamaki questioned in surprise.
"What does it look like? I'm performing." I said snatching up my mask and wig.
"I should have known when you handed us tarot cards with our names on them Ms. Tarot." Kyouya stated.
"And we..." Hikaru began in horror.
"We actually..." Kaoru tried to finish with equal horror.
"Is it really such a mortifying notion that you were actually attracted to me?" I asked.
"Speaking of which, what was up with you earlier?" Haruhi questioned.
"I just wanted to give tweedle dumb and tweedle di a taste of their own medicine. Or rather Tamaki's. His technique was the easiest to replicate." I explained.
"Hey! My technique is not EASY!" Tamaki complained. "It takes time and hard work to get my technique down. Although if you weren't a girl you would make a fairly decent host."
"Haruhi's a girl and she's a host." I pointed out.
The entire host club stood stand still.
"What would make you think Haru-chan's a girl?" Honey asked nervously.
"I'm a professional performer. I know when people are acting. No matter how good they are at it." I replied.
"How long have you known?" Haruhi asked.
"Since my first day. Oh and yesterday the twins accidently called Haruhi a she." I said.
"You two. I should have known." Tamaki growled at the twins.
"We swear we didn't mean to boss." the twins defended.
"But don't worry. Your secret is safe with me." I said bowing slightly. "Even if you don't keep mine."
"Yours?" Tamaki questioned.
"I would really appreciate it if you guys keep this between us." I explained softening my expression.
"Why would you want to keep this a secret? What you do is cool Gen-chan." Honey asked.
"I live and work in a circus. People have made fun of me for it for years at my other schools. Ouran is filled with rich people that wouldn't be caught dead in Circus Della Wonders and I know Haruhi is too much of a book worm to come so I thought that I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore. Please don't say anything to the other students at school." I begged.
"Why would we want to do anything for you?" Hikaru and Kaoru demanded.
"Please." I quietly asked again and pleading with them with my eyes. "I can't take another year of being the circus freak. Please."
Tamaki took a step forward and held himself like a wanna-be-prince and said, "Genji, we are the host club. It is our duty to help a lady in need. You're secret is safe with us, Ms. Tarot."
"Thank you." I replied solemnly.
"But in return," Tamaki continued.
I should have known. A catch. Once a snob always a snob.
"We would like tickets to a showing at this Circus Della Wonders of yours." he finished.
Well this was a shocker.
"You want tickets to Circus Della Wonders?" I asked in shock.
"Yeah! We loved your performance today." said Honey.
Mori nodded in agreement.
"Of course we are willing to pay full price for our tickets." Kyouya said.
"Genji, come on. We're loading up." said Bruno walking up. "Well, look who it is. So you're the host club huh?"
"Yes. You must be the talented driver that's been losing us these last few days." Kyouya said holding out his hand to Bruno.
"Ah shucks. I wouldn't say talented. You guys are just bad at tailing people." Bruno replied shaking Kyouya's hand.
"What exactly do you do at the circus?" Honey asked.
"I do all the heavy lifting." Bruno answered flexing his huge muscles.
"And he moonlights as one of the clowns." I mumbled.
"I do not." Bruno whacked me in the shoulder.
"Now, now Brunni what have we talked about playing nice." said a delicate voice from behind us.
A woman in a bright pink outfit and long, flowing, blonde, hair came walking up.
"Hey babe." said Bruno pulling her into his arms and lightly kissing her.
"Oh get a room." I said.
"These must be your friends from school." she said eyeing the host club.
"Yeah. Guys this is Cora. Cora this is-" I began.
"Oh let me guess." Cora interrupted. "Tamaki, Kyouya, Haruhi, Honey, Mori, Hikaru, and Kaoru."
"He's Hikaru and he's Kaoru." I corrected her at the same time as the twins.
The twins stared at me.
"How do you know?" they demanded.
"I just looked at you." I pointed out like it was obvious. "Look, we have a show tomorrow at noon. I can give you tickets half off as long as the other half of the ticket goes towards Haruhi's debt."
"How do you know about Haruhi's debt?" Honey asked.
"The twins told me." I answered.
"YOU TWO AGAIN!?!" exclaimed Tamaki.
"We're sorry boss but we swear she's a trained interrogator." they protested.
"I have to go now but here's the address." I said handing Kyouya a flyer. "There are also some other times on there but I suggest the one at noon tomorrow."
I turned to leave but then Haruhi said, "Did you want to join us Genji?"
"Yeah we're going to go get ice cream next!" Honey said.
"You mean you don't mind if I come along?" I asked surprised.
"We would be honored if you came along." Tamaki said.
"Yes. I would like to talk to you about performing for the host club on occasion as well." Kyouya said.
I looked to Cora and Bruno.
"Go ahead kid. We'll tell your Dad and Asher where you went." Bruno said taking my mask and wig.
"Thanks." I told them joining the host club.
"Aren't you going to change?" Hikaru asked.
"Nope." I answered giving the twins a noogie.

"Well I'll be damned." Cora said as she watched Genji walk away with her friends.
"What?" Bruno asked.
"Don't you see?" she asked.
"See what?" Bruno asked confused.
"Genji is trying to re-connect with her past." she replied taking her husband's arm.
"How?" he questioned still confused.
"Never mind. If you don't see it, you don't see it." she said leading him away.
"See what?" he asked exasperated.
Cora laughed at her husband's frustration. As they walked back to the others she couldn't help looking back at Genji and the twin boys.
"Good luck." she whispered.
"Good luck? Good luck with what? Seriously, the animals make more sense than you some days!"

Genji's Secret Finally Revealed!

"Why do the twins want to see me?" I asked Haruhi.
"I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you locked them in a rat infested warehouse." she answered.
"Oh come on. That was over a week ago." I reasoned as we walked to the third music room.
"Well you've locked them in a whole bunch of other places since then."
I smiled to myself thinking of all the fun I've had messing with the host club. It was just yesterday that I trapped them all in their own music room.
"Yeah. That was fun." I mumbled.
"Well I'd be careful because one of these days they might just break." she warned opening the door to the third music room.
As the door was pulled open there was a flurry of rose petals. What was up with that seriously?
"Haruhi it's nice to-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tamaki screamed when he saw me and hid behind the couch he was at. "STAY AWAY ME!!!!!"
"Nice to see you too Tamaki." I said.
"Genji over here!" Hikaru called.
I walked over to the table he was at with his brother. They were alone. That was surprising I thought they would have customers like everyone else.
"So why did you want to talk to me?" I asked them.
"Please sit." said Kaoru pulling out a chair for me.
"Um...thanks..." I said hesitantly sitting down.
"Here, have a piece of cake." Hikaru said serving me a piece of cake.
"And have some tea." Kaoru then poured me some tea.
I sat there stunned. What was going on?
"Go on. Eat it." Kaoru whispered into my ear.
"Drink it, Princess." Hikaru whispered into my other ear.
Princess!?! What had gotten into these idiots?
"Will you eat it if I feed it to you Princess?" Hikaru asked lifting a fork full to my mouth.
"Hiiikaruuu..." Kaoru whined.
"Don't worry I'll save some for you Kaoru." Hikaru said leaning towards is twin. "Later we can play your favorite game."
Kaoru leaned closer as well so that I was squished between the two twins. I heard some girls squealing across the room. It was embarrassing. The worst part was that there was a part of me that actually enjoyed having the twins so close. So close that I could feel their muscles under their uniforms, that I could feel their warm breath rush over my skin, so close that I could just...WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING!?!?!
"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU IDIOTS!!!" I shouted pushing them away and standing up knocking them to the floor.
"You're kidding me that didn't work." complained Hikaru.
"What!?!" I demanded.
"Well she's blushing so we must have done something right." Kaoru said.
"What are you two talking about?" I exclaimed.
"We were trying to charm your secret out of you." explained Kaoru.
"Why you..." I trailed off furiously.
Instead of straggling them like I wanted I took a deep breath, picked up my bag, and turned to leave.
"Where are you going?" Hikaru asked.
"HOME!"I shouted as I slammed the door.

"Nice going." commented Haruhi.
"It's not our fault she overreacted." said Kaoru and Hikaru.
"Actually it kind of is." Honey replied.
"Haruhi, what's this?" Tamaki asked pulling a flier out of Haruhi's bag.
"Oh, it's just a flier for the local festival tomorrow." she answered.
"A commoner festival?" Kaoru questioned.
"I wonder what its like." said Hikaru.
"Haruhi! I insist you take us to this commoner's festival!" demanded Tamaki.
"Fine. It starts tomorrow morning at ten." sighed Haruhi.
"Alright!" exclaimed Tamaki, Kaoru, and Hikaru.
"Look Mori, it says that there's going to be lots of sweet shops." said Honey.
"Tomorrow we'll come by your house to pick you up." Kyouya told Haruhi.
"Do you think you could come in a less conspicuous car?" asked Haruhi.
"Don't count on it." Kyouya answered.
"Thought not." Haruhi sighed.

The next day at 10:28
"This place is quite delightful! Where should we go next Haruhi?" Tamaki asked excitedly.
"There's a performance being played in two minutes. It's supposed to be an acrobatic play." said Haruhi.
"Let's by the ice cream cone stand first!" cried Honey.
"Honey that would be your thirteenth ice cream cone." said Mori.
"Not if we get the ice cream cake instead!" Honey answered excitedly.
"Well if you want to see this performance then we'll have to leave now otherwise we'll miss it." said Kyouya.
"Off we go then! Lead the way Haruhi!" exclaimed Tamaki.
"Sure." groaned Haruhi.
"I wonder what it'll be like." Kaoru asked his brother.
"Probably low budget no doubt." Hikaru answered.
"Yeah. No doubt." Kaoru replied.
The club sat down in the front row of the stage. The set was decorated to look like a swap and tall poles were placed across the stage.
"It says here that the performance is of the story of a young lord who gets lost in a swamp and runs into the inhabitants." said Haruhi reading the pamphlet.
"Sounds boring." Hikaru commented.
"And stupid." said Kaoru.
Just then a juggler came out onto the stage juggling what looked like human heads. The performer had short black hair, a mossy green outfit that looked like moss, black lipstick, a white mask that covered the upper half of his face, and looked no older than twelve. Then a fog swirled around on the stage.
"Welcome weary travelers. Listen well and learn from this story." he said.
"For if you get lost in a swap you could meet the same fate." said a ten year old girl in a matching costume.
Then she tossed glitter out to the audience and the juggler threw the heads to the audience as well. The children moved away from the severed heads and so did the host club. When the heads hit the floor though they cracked open and a bunch of bouncy balls came out spreading across the audience. Everyone in the audience squealed with glee.
"Look Mori it's a pretty colored ball!" exclaimed Honey.
"Yeah." Mori answered.
"Haruhi I got a bouncy ball." said Tamaki happily.
"Hey look." said Kaoru motioning towards the stage.
They all looked on as the performers came out and preformed the story of the young lord. The audience looked on in awe. Even the Hitachiin twins were mildly interested. Their interest wasn't fully sparked though until the queen of the swamp made her appearance. The Queen Imp was dressed in black spandex from neck to toe, brown-green ribbons were wrapped up her calves and her arms, a white mask that covered half of her face revealing murky green lips, and her hair was neon pink that went to her waist in a messy array. To the twins delight they noticed that she had pointed ears and fangs. She danced atop the tall poles flipping and jumping from one to the next. Each time she landed on one it bent back with her weight and propelled her to the next. Suddenly in the middle of the show she jumped to the pole in back which threw her to the one in front. That pole bent under her weight and lowered her so that she was in arms length of the front row of the audience. In fact she reached out and ran her index fingers up Hikaru's and Kaoru's neck like Tamaki sometimes did with his customers. And like the customers Hikaru and Kaoru turned bright red and forgot how to breathe. Then she leaned in so that they could feel her warm sweet breath. And just when they thought that she would kiss one of them she was propelled back onto stage. As the performer went back to the play the twins took this time to faint.
"Mori I think Hika-chan and Kao-chan have been bewitched." Honey commented to Mori.
It didn't take long for the twins to come back around and they intently watched the play. Or rather the Queen Imp. They didn't know why but they simply had to figure out who she was. They had to figure out who the bright green eyed performer was behind the mask. Eventually the show came to an end with the young lord being dragged into the swap by the Queen Imp. Once the stage was empty the two performers from the beginning came out on stage.
"And no one ever saw him again." the boy said.
"At least no human." the girl said mysteriously and smirking.
"So if you come across a swap and a little bird tells you to leave," began the boy.
"Leave otherwise you might meet the same fate." finished the girl.
"And so concludes our tale." They said in unison.
Then everyone that was featured in the play came out on stage and took a bow.
"If you would like to see more of our performances please come see us at Circus Della Wonders." said the performer that played the young lord. "And if you would like to meet us then please come around back."
With that the performers left the stage.
"Hurry we have to meet them!" cried the Hitachiin twins.
"Don't you mean you have to meet her?" Kyouya questioned.
The twins ignored him and ran to the back of the stage. When the host club arrived they found the Queen Imp signing the autograph books of two five year olds. Once she sent the children off with a smile Tamaki approached her.
"Excuse me Miss Queen Imp but may I-" Tamaki began before the performer cut him off by holding out seven tarot cards. "Oh thank you."
"Wait a minute these already have our names on them." Kyouya observed.
"Oh! Are you psychic?" Honey asked.
The performer simply smiled. Then she took a step back as if to leave but then a group of kids ran into her and she fell forward.
"Whoa! Gottcha." Hikaru and Kaoru said as they caught her.
The twins may have caught the performer but her wig and mask clattered to the ground. She looked up at the two people who caught her and the twins eyes connected with the bright green ones. They saw her pale face and the color of her real hair. It was dark brown and burnt chest nut.
"HOLY CRAP!!!!!! GENJI!?!?!" they exclaimed and the twins dropped Genji onto the ground in surprise.