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Cartoon Vault: Mighty Magiswords

Post number 13 and we come back to today with MIGHTY MAGISWORDS!!!!!!! Yes more shouting titles.

Mighty Magiswords began as a web cartoon for Cartoon Network that became green lit as a full fledged series under two months ago, our leads are brother and sister team Prohyas and Vambre Warrior (Yes that's their real surnames) as they collect various Magiswords to complete quests that keep themselves from going broke and mainly because they want to use said Magiswords in their quests. Prohyas can be best described as "manly" (his words) but caring and nurturing like a mother especially around his Magiswords, he's also a music lover, playing the Accordian Magisword (Voice Actor an actual Accordian Player) he's also a big lover of Dolphins.
Vambre on the other hand is more action orientated, she hates pants and hates any suggestion of wearing them, she seems to have random conversations with her brain and for some unknown reason has a British accent. The gimmick of this cartoon is that Magiswords can be anything you set your mind to from Zombie Pumpkin Heads to Dolphins, from Tomatoes to Accordians anything can become a sword.
To best describe the action in Mighty Magiswords, it's bonkers!
Jokes come in thick and fast and there's barely enough time to pause and absorb the scene before the next one starts, it's a common problem with recent Cartoon Network shows, particularly gag comedies such as Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go and new Powerpuff Girls share the same problem but while those shows tend to suffer from it, Mighty Magiswords benefits from it as it suits the setting and the jokes and gags tend to land on cue which is not easy to pull off but it's a testament to the writing that they can pull this off.
Every episode I've watched, I've enjoyed so I wish the series great success as Cartoon Network's newest family member.

Cartoon Vault: Rocket Power

Post Number 12 and we look at the rousing world of punk rock and skater boys as we dive into late 90s Nicktoon Rocket Power.

Rocket Power is about a group of kids who indulge in extreme sports everything from Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Surfing to Ice Hockey, Roller Blading and BMXing.
Our team of extreme sports characters are Otto, Regina, Sam and Maurice; Otto is the reckless leader, Regina is the tomboy female, Maurice is the nerdy non athletic friend while Sam is the idiot friend. Together they compete in various sporting competitions while learning about the importance of friendship all set in a fictional take on a Californian Beach Town.
At the height of the 90s, Skater Punk was all the rage, Tony Hawk was at the peak of his popularity, Avril Lavigne wasn't a sellout and skate parks were the most popular places in the world, I to was part of that movement but like the era itself, it's very much a product of its time not helped by Klasky Csupo's animation style being heavily 90s.
Now looking back, yeah it's dated but it was okay, it was entertaining and it kept Nicktoons fresh but how is this any different to Rated A for Awesome? In basic terms they are the same right down to the cast consisting of three males and one girl, the lead and the girl being related and the other two being an idiot and a geek, but the biggest difference is timing, Rocket Power came out at the right time and absorbed alot of the current trends that were still in full swing. Rated A for Awesome came out at a time where the current trends they were trying to absorb were already waning so they looked pandering in comparison.
It's possible for these sorts of cartoons to work they just need the right timing, there are so many cartoons who did that who are now dated but at the time they were cult classics. Overall Rocket Power is okay, it's dated and the concept has been reused in other shows but this one had the balance to make it work.

Yu-Gi-Oh Movies Review

Post number 11 takes us back to anime as we look at not one but two Yu-Gi-Oh films.

Pyramid of Light
Okay, okay since this is Yu-Gi-Oh, any special or movie is going to boil down to defeat the bad guy in a card game, there's not much else to say on plot on this film or the other one. Pyramid of Light's villain is Anubis, an Egyptian god who seeks revenge on the Pharaoh for his imprisonment so his plan is to implant a card in the deck of Pegasus, Duel Monsters Creator designed to combat the Egyptian God Cards so when sore loser Seto Kaiba comes to collect this card he will use it against Yugi, but said card steals the souls of his friends leaving Atemu to duel Kaiba and eventually Anubis who takes over the battle, Yugi then uses the actual card Pegasus created to fight the Egyptian God Cards to defeat Anubis.
This film is cheesy, but that's only because 4Kids is so over the top with it's voice acting, everything else has been done to death before, Seto Kaiba vs Yugi? This has happened several times already and it's tiresome, it also barely gives any substance to the villain apart from look like an imposing figure so overall this is pretty bad and it's far too long of a film for what is essentially an extended anime episode.

Bonds Beyond Time
Again it's another defeat the villain in a card game but this time it features the leads of all three of the current Yu-Gi-Oh series at time of release. The villain this time is the unoriginally named Paradox who's causing havoc across time by stealing cards and trying to eliminate the game of duel monsters by killing the original creator thereby erasing the future. There are so many plot holes in this so lets list them.
1. I'm pretty sure Pegasus would train successors or at the very least foresaw something like this happening so he could at least keep his company going long after retirement or the possibility of another incident like with the Millenium Eye being stolen which so nearly killed him.
2. It's implied that there was meant to be more to Paradox's mission if Yusei's nightmare was anything to go by, may have given the villain more credit.
3. Judai doesn't recognize Yugi in person despite meeting him at the start of the GX series even though both he and Yusei have at least heard of him or know of him by reputation.
4. This is Yusei's story more than the others.
5. Yusei could've won that duel on his own, there's enough bull**** going on in the actual duel to pull off that kind of stunt.
6. Since when could Yusei time travel?
7. Since all Paradox's cards were stolen shouldn't Yugi have worried about what happened to Joey and Kaiba when Blue Eyes and Red Eyes were summoned by him?
You can tell this film was a rush job and a quick cash in, again I state that Yusei could've duelled Paradox on his own, having Judai and Yugi alongside him was basically fan bait. Also Paradox is one of those hypocritical villains. He wants Duel Monsters destroyed for good but is using Duel Monsters to accomplish that, much like a certain Pokemon villain team.
To the movie's credit it sets the right tone but it's still executed poorly much like the rest of the film.

Final Verdict: Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't hold up well in film format as the concept of the story in most episodes is character A duelling character B and having a slightly bigger earth shattering duel fit into such a small time frame doesn't make the film any bigger compared to the series. Pyramid of Light is cheesy with a tired plot that's been done a thousand times already while Bonds Beyond Time is a hack job littered with plot holes and too short of a feature to make the great big duel between Paradox and the Protagonists effective.
So overall both films are crap.

Cartoon Vault: Minions

Post number 9 and we come back to cartoons as we look at the film Minions.

If you’ve avoided the sea of merchandise here’s a rundown, Minions are small yellow creatures that were made to serve evil masters; they originally appeared in the two Despicable Me films working for evil scientist Gru. The Minions themselves have relatively mundane names such as Stuart, Bob and Kevin and communicate using a speech pattern that sounds like gibberish; they serve the two films as comic relief but their popularity expanded beyond their original film which is why we ended up with their own movie.
The story begins as an origin story which contradicts Despicable Me as in that film Gru created the Minions but in this film they’ve been around since the dawn of time and have served every kind of evil mastermind from Dinosaurs to Napoleon with little to no success usually accidently killing their master; when all hope is lost the previously mentioned Stuart, Bob and Kevin, travel to the civilised world of 1968 to try and find a master they can serve, as luck would have it they stumble on the Villains convention where a showcase from Scarlet Overkill persuades them to join her.
Scarlet wants to steal the crown jewels and asks for the Minions help to do it, but a series of unfortunate events ends up making Bob King, but immediately abdicates in favour of Scarlet, but Scarlet feels betrayed enough to take revenge on the Minions and locks them in the dungeon but after escaping and trying to apologize to Scarlet they interrupt her coronation leading to a final fight between Scarlet and the Minions.
What Minions does right is the opening sequence and the Minions themselves despite being comedy relief could actually hold a film together but are plagued by other poor design choices.
Scarlet Overkill has a bad case of over acting, she started pretty well but gradually got worst as the film went on and choosing to set the film in 1968 is a strange choice as most people old enough to remember that year are probably not the target audience for this film so references are wasted here, but is it a good film?
It’s stupid fun. That’s all it needed to be and it at least achieves that goal; it’s not ground breaking, nor does it rely on a complex narrative, it’s just about yellow pill shaped creatures trying and failing to serve an evil villain and that’s all it needed to be and that’s what it achieved.

Keijo!!!! Review

Post Number 6 and we look at an anime that is getting quite some interest in the wrong places, our next anime is Keijo.

Now I’m fully aware that Keijo is a current anime that has not long started and there could be changes in opinion in the future but from the three episodes I did see, I pretty much have a fair assessment on what to expect.
Keijo is about a combat sport in which women using their breasts and butts try and knock each other into the water, it’s very much the same as a typical pool party game but some genius decided to make it a sport and give the anime it’s typical over the top flavour it does to all its sports anime, think of it as Hajime no Ippo swimming pool version with girls, our heroine is the gymnast Nozomi Kaminashi who gives up her dream on the Olympics due to Keijo being a sport that can win her more money quickly if she turns professional, joined by other girls, Nozomi will try and turn pro and defeat many major players along the way.
This anime is silly and everyone with a sense of humour knows this and the anime is self aware of this fact, to take some key moments from episode two, the students at the sports college do exercises to improve their butt strength and technique while also learning about and I’m not making this up Asstrology and Boobology, there are also techniques like Butt Guillotine, Butt Gatling Gun and Vacuum Butt Cannon as if it were Monkey D Luffy stretching his butt instead of these girls so if the anime isn’t taking itself seriously then why should anyone else? Well some people do take it seriously unfortunately.
I get so sick and tired of the whole sexist argument when it comes to fan service style anime and while it is appealing to the male audience it’s designed in a way that is not sexist at all.
From three episodes there has only been one male character seen and he has no impact on the story so far and I doubt he ever will and I don’t even think he has a name, that’s important to note, even harem anime has at best one male character and depending on the series said male character is an abuse victim when he’s constantly mistaken for a pervert which is a painfully tired cliché.
People who write and make these shows are not stupid; they know full well that there are people all over the world watching their shows at any one point due to the availability of services like Crunchy Roll and they have to make it for everyone not just a set audience and they are painfully aware of the criticisms it might receive so it does its best to minimize the impact and Keijo would not only pass the Bechdel Test with flying colours, it never showcases the cast doing this sport against their will, each character wants to achieve great things from this sport and as silly as it looks, this is no different to every other sports anime, which makes it painfully predictable but the formula is tried and tested and worth the paper it was written on, Free, Kuroko’s Basketball and Yowamushi Pedal are rated some of the best anime of today and use the exact same formula but with the opposite gender.
Again it’s just a silly anime about a harmless swimming pool game and if you still think this anime is sexist then go watch Eiken, because that is a sexist anime and the worst anime in the world then you’ll see that in comparison this is tame!
Final Verdict: its silly fun at its finest using a formula that is tried and tested, I’m open to an opinion change but I kind of already know what else to expect so I don’t need any more time on it. This show is not meant to be taken seriously and the anime knows this along with 90% of the Otaku community, if you do take this seriously then sorry I can’t help you.