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Little info about me
Well I'm British and I'm in to all things animated and nostalgia.
I've grown up with every cartoon going and have watched hundreds of anime.
Oh and to answer a question I was asked once, no I don't wear glasses in real life, I would wear Loke's sunglasses though.

Cartoon Vault: Nerds and Monsters

This is your lucky day, I've got a second review prepared, this time it's Canadian cartoon Nerds and Monsters.

The story is about three nerds and a jock who end up stranded on a Monster Island when their school bus crashes into the ocean, the kids then have to use their book smarts to survive the constant onslaught of monsters that want to eat them or cause them pain.
Very much like the other crappy cartoons that get dug out of YTV's channel, it's terrible. It actually shocks me that it won an award for screenwriting when the cast showcases some of the worst qualities in nerds, which by this era the term "Nerds" should've been discarded along with the Millennium Bug.
If you're familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, the nerds always act like that one kid who can't stand losing and makes up impossible rules to avoid defeat, they are utterly obnoxious and lack empathy for everyone, even people who share their common interests, this makes the only Jock character Stan the big elephant in the room and makes us sympathize with the monsters who just want to be left alone and the idea of this cartoon is to support the nerds, so yeah the creators kind of missed the point there. You do get some amusing moments but the narrative leading up to these scenes are not worth the punchline in the end.
The sad thing is, the idea is actually genius but the execution is terrible and makes anyone who fits the Nerd Persona look like terrible people.
I wouldn't bother watching it, there are far more interesting cartoons out there.

Cartoon Vault: Super 4

Cartoon Vault is back with a unique toy franchise series from France, it's Super 4.

Super 4 is a CGI cartoon featuring characters from the German made Playmobil building block toy franchise. The idea was to try and jump on the bandwagon of the overwhelming success story that was the Lego Movie and it just so happens that it's Playmobil's 40th anniversary.
The cartoon takes place in a multi-themed land of medieval, magic, pirates and futuristic as they are the building sets that sell the best. The characters are Alex the Knight, Gene the Secret Agent, Ruby the Pirate and Twinkle the Fairy as quite often the characters find themselves saving Alex's Kingdom more than the others with occasional back stories and inventions gone wrong scenarios.
It's no where near the same quality as Lego shows as it seems to lack comic timing and most of their adventures are far too safe to really get kids interested, and despite being a cast of four main characters, it's Ruby and Alex who steal most of the spotlight as Gene feels like he doesn't want to be in the cartoon while Twinkle has the attention span of a canary in a mirror shop.
To give the show credit, it's a valiant effort and caters for all tastes but doesn't quite do enough to really tempt any viewers away from Lego and the lack of suspense and comedy doesn't make the show all that intelligent. The show is available on TV in most European Countries, not sure if it's licensed for North American release.

Kirby Anime Review

It was Valentine's Day yesterday but I'll spare you any romance themed blog entries and move onto a 4Kids anime.
(In case you haven't guessed yet I didn't get any Valentine's Cards and I'm taking it out on a 4Kids Anime)
So now give a warm welcome to Kirby.

Now the games don't offer much insight into Kirby's backstory so this anime cleans it up by saying that Kirby is one of the last star warriors of his kind and crash lands on Planet Popstar because he was drawn to it due to recent monster activity from the mostly villainous King Dedede. The bigger bad guy is Nightmare, who spreads his chaos around the universe by getting people like King Dedede to invest in his monsters sold by a weird smooth talking human who acts like the owner of a used car company. So for a hundred episodes watch Kirby fight a different monster every week along with friends Tiff and Tuff, and some support from the Spanish sounding Meta Knight.
Yeah Kirby is a monster-of-the-week style show and it knows it, I've only watched four episodes of this anime and I don't need anymore, this anime is so predictable that you don't even care what monster it is Kirby has to fight, it doesn't help that Kirby is known for being nigh invincible and that his feats and achievements make many of his Nintendo stable mates jealous. Thankfully Kirby doesn't talk because 4Kids were very quick to leave their trademark stamp on the anime; Meta Knight speaks with a Spanish accent which totally isn't ripping off Puss in Boots from Shrek and we have King Dedede sounding like a more refined Foghorn Leghorn, and yes I had to watch the dub that's all the Nintendo Anime Channel offers but I digress, Kirby is at the very least entertaining even if it is really predictable and uses some god awful voices but saying that 4Kids has never made Nintendo look bad since it did so well with Pokemon and you sense when watching Kirby that it was much easier to adapt than say Legend of Zelda or Metroid.
Final Verdict: It's tolerable in small doses and plays a lot of safe cards but it still showcases itself as 4Kids trash, slightly better quality trash but trash none the less but Kirby never loses any of his charm because of it. Depending on your taste in anime, I'd say take it or leave it.

Top 10 Sonic Moments Worst than Sonic Boom

Well Sonic Boom has been out for a while now and the overall verdict is overwhelmingly negative as many note it as Sonic's greatest failure since Sonic 06, but on my personal opinion, the game is nothing more than a half arsed Rayman game with numerous frustrating moments but at the very least functional game but being 28 Years old and older than the franchise itself I can think of ten moments that trump anything Sonic Boom ever came up with.

10. Early Sonic Concepts
Think about what Sonic could've been before Sonic 1. The idea was that he would have his own band and a human girlfriend looking like a strange fusion of Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit. Other early concepts including those for the TV Series depicting Sonic as a bit more scrappy in design were also turned down and don't get me started on the headaches that the early Sonic Boom concepts caused. Speaking of human girlfriends.

9. Princess Elise
Sonic 06 could've been forgiven if not for the introduction of Princess Elise, a character so into the damsel in distress part that it would make Princess Peach slap her. However her creepiest moment is kissing Sonic back to life which the Sonic Shorts web series put into context by saying "I don't know what's creepier? The fact that she made out with an animal or a corpse". Speaking of humans again.

8. Chris Thorndyke
I get that humans have been in the Sonic Universe before but they don't need to be the main character. Sonic X, the only proper Sonic anime. (Wait Sonic OVA?) The only proper Sonic anime! Chris Thorndyke didn't need to happen, this even more jail bait Sora from Kingdom Hearts knockoff is annoying, obnoxious and a little too attached to Sonic.

7. Tails Sky Patrol
A poor Game Gear spinoff featuring Tails using a hook ring to navigate stages and fight bad guys using precise gameplay and harsh difficulty curves that really punish you if you make one mistake. One would hope for a dogfight game with a name like Sky Patrol but sadly Sega forgot that Tails is a pilot.

6. Sonic 3D
With all the complaints about Sonic being in 3D many overlook his first attempt; using an isometric view and painfully slow gameplay along with a mechanic that forces you to fight enemies is not a good start for a 3D series, even Sonic R was fully 3D which many consider a weaker game.

5. Sonic Lost World
I consider this worst than Sonic Boom. They used gameplay from a cancelled game called Sonic Xtreme, then most of the story is calling out Sonic on how much of an arsehole he is and finally the stages are so long that you need an hour just to get through the entire first level set and that doesn't include all the times you die.

4. Sonic Free Riders
Should never have been attempted. Sonic and extreme sports is a good thing but using an X-Box Kinect that has barely had time to get going isn't. Sonic Riders have always been a mixture of painfully hard to easy, then again going back to hard, there's never been consistency with the series and the dialogue is very painful.

3. Sonic Shuffle
In Mario Party you destroy friendships, in Sonic Shuffle you destroy Dreamcasts as the computer is programmed to troll you every single time you roll the dice, not to mention that it insists you watch the whole mini game even when you lose first.

2. Sonic Labyrinth
Another shoddy Game Gear game, this time supposedly based on the old Marble Run games, to this day this is the slowest Sonic game ever made.

1. Sonic 4
But this game was the ultimate betrayal to the fans. Sonic 4 was meant to be a true sequel to the classic games, but what we got was a polished Sonic Advance title. The fact that they went to so much trouble to try and convince us that Sonic is back to his former 2D glory only to pull the rug from underneath the fans and give us this. Other games have their problems, the Werehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom, Sonic Drift and every cartoon not SatAM and even the unmentionable Sonic OVA but we knew what to expect from those things, what we got from Sonic 4 was a lie, a betrayal of trust that has not sat well with the fans since and will never get back.

Bonus: Still the treatment given to Knuckles in Sonic Boom is still worst than everything I've just listed.

Things I Won't Review

I'm rewriting this to re-clarify some of the things I won't do on my blogs.

Anime Reviews

Android Ana Maico 2010: Again it's so boring there's nothing to pick from it that I can review.

Akira: I still won't review Akira as I have to invest a lot of time into the film.

Ghost in the Shell: Nor will I review this one for the same reasons.

Spirited Away: Or this one as well, again same reasons.

Video Game Reviews

Final Fantasy: I won't cover Final Fantasy as I don't have enough experience of the franchise to do it justice.

Kingdom Hearts: I hate Kingdom Hearts with a passion but I know a lot of people like it so to avoid a backlash I won't review it.

Video Game Politics: I want to avoid it like the plague so I won't mention anything to do with Gamergate or any other controversies.

Fantasy Zone

UAFC Battles: I will not use Bleach characters.

Hopefully that makes things a bit clearer although despite me not doing anything to review these shows, games or use characters, they are still all eligible for any top ten list.