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Wonder Momo Review

For some reason, this was among the worst rated anime of all time, I disagree, let's see why.

Momoko is a ditzy school student who dreams of becoming an idol, but is still chasing more popular idol Akiho; the situation changes when aliens led by Warudemon attack; another alien gives Momoko a new power transforming her into Wonder Momo, the perfect super hero to fight the hordes of Warudemon, however Momoko is a bit amateurish often being chastised by Akiho who is the hero Amazona, as her lack of experience shows even more, the Original Wonder Momo steps in who happens to be Momoko's mother, knowing that her own daughter is fighting Warudemon, she trains her up and joins her in battle along with the reluctant Akiho to form a new Superhero team, sadly the series ends before anything else can happen.
I see the issues this web series has, the original Wonder Momo was always a ditzy klutz so seeing her even more ditzy and klutz daughter doesn't make for a compelling character in 2014 when this mini web series was released, for many reviewers they usually can't get passed Momoko's design or her choice of actress and janky script, I'm not going to pretend it's some hidden misunderstood masterpiece, it's not good but it's hardly top 100 bad, effort was made, the animation is fairly decent, the premise works really well and the fact that the original Wonder Momo is Momoko's mother is a nice touch of continuity in a feanchise dying to get the side scrolling reboot that brought back Wonderboy, Streets of Rage and most recently Ninja Turtles.
No dub, it was more of a promotional web series to plug a comic strip series.
Final Verdict: The ditzy heroine Momoko doesn't really last in the modern era but the series doesn't deserve to be lumped with the traditional terrible anime crowd of Skelter Heaven, Mars of Destruction and Ex-Arm.

Top 100 Worst Anime 2022

We are complete, the Top 100 Worst Anime for all to see.
Now a live list that will change frequently.
Update: Twin Signal and Flame of Recca off.
Try Knights and Naria Girls new entries

1st: De:Vadasy
2nd: Skelter Heaven
3rd: Idol Densetsu Eriko
4th: Jungle De Ikou
5th: Kill Me Baby
6th: Diabolik Lovers
7th: Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
8th: Psychic Force
9th: Spiral Suiri no Kizuna
10th: X/1999 and Movie
11th: Pupa
12th: Rumbling Hearts
13th: Sister Princess
14th: Junk Boy
15th: The Super Milk-Chan Show
16th: Princess Nine
17th: Virgin Fleet
18th: Maze the Megaburst Space
19th: Mars of Destruction
20th: [email protected]
21st: Green Green
22nd: Cutey Honey Universe
23rd: Sekirei
24th: Queen's Blade
25th: Mawaru Penguindrum
26th: School Days
27th: Girl's Detective Club
28th: Psychic Wars
29th: Garzey's Wing
30th: Violinist of Hameln
31st: Sailor Victory
32nd: Twinkle Nora Rock Me
33rd: Blood-C
34th: Vampire Knight
35th: Abunai Sisters
36th: Midori no Makibao
37th: Kampfer
38th: Yume De Aetera
39th: Sword Art Online
40th: Tales From Earthsea
41st: Demon King Daimao
42nd: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
43rd: I Dream of Mimi
44th: Eiken
45th: Arcade Gamer Fubuki
46th: Venus Wars
47th: Darkstalkers
48th: Sins of the Sisters
49th: Dot Hack Sign
50th: Violence Jack
51st: Voogies Angel
52nd: Comic Party
53rd: Bleach
54th: Landlock
55th: Dragon Quest Movie
56th: Knights of Ramune
57th: Gundam F91
58th: Wish Upon The Pleiades
59th: Yumeria
60th: Vampire Princess Miyu
61st: Hunter X Hunter
62nd: Kyo Kara Maoh
63rd: Elf Princess Rane
64th: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
65th: Battle B-Daman
66th: Onegai Twins
67th: Doraemon
68th: Girls Bravo
69th: Ghost Stories
70th: Battle Skipper
71st: MD Geist
72nd: Odin
73rd: UQ Holder
74th: Sonic X
75th: Circuit Angel
76th: Redo of Healer
77th: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
78th: Xanadu Dragon Slayer Densetsu
79th: Relic Armour Legaciam
80th: Ellcia
81st: Mask of Zeguy
82nd: Tales of Vesperia
83rd: Disgaea
84th: RG Veda
85th: Busou Renkin
86th: Duel Masters
87th: Angel Sanctuary
88th: Fighting Foodons
89th: Ninja Resurrection
90th: Jinki Extend
91st: Art of Fighting
92nd: Akikan
93rd: Labyrinth of Flames
94th: Street Fighter Alpha
95th: Gravitation
96th: DNAngel
97th: Mahou Shoujo? Naria Girls
98th: Ex-Arm
99th: Chargeman Ken
100th: Try Knights

Top 250 Anime 2022

And this is the most up to date, some titles are off, replaced by newer ones.
This is a Live List so expect it to change over time.
Major Update: Increased to 250!

1st: Black Lagoon
2nd: Dirty Pair
3rd: Lupin the 3rd
4th: Slayers
5th: Precure
6th: Ranma 1/2
7th: Cowboy Bebop
8th: Fairy Tail
9th: Jing King of Bandits
10th: Nisekoi
11th: Riding Bean/Gunsmith Cats
12th: Little Witch Academia
13th: Zoids
14th: Girls Und Panzer
15th: Dominion Tank Police
16th: Card Captor Sakura
17th: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
18th: Log Horizon
19th: Shimoneta
20th: Shokugeki no Soma Food Wars
21st: Hidamari Sketch
22nd: Tenchi Muyo
23rd: Great Teacher Onizuka
24th: Azumanga Daioh
25th: Bubblegum Crisis
26th: Paradise Kiss
27th: Maid-Sama
28th: Ouran High School Host Club
29th: Nerima Daikon Brothers
30th: Ex-Driver
31st: Amagi Brilliant Park
32nd: Wangan Midnight
33rd: Ashita no Nadja
34th: Moldiver
35th: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
36th: Air Gear
37th: A Certain Scientific Railgun
38th: Inazuma Eleven
39th: Accel World
40th: Arakawa Under the Bridge
41st: Dragonball
42nd: Ancient Magus Bride
43rd: Hellsing
44th: Gundam Seed
45th: Haopy Lesson
46th: Onegai Teacher
47th: Summer Wars
48th: Is This a Zombie
49th: Sailor Moon
50th: Digimon
51st: Pokemon
52nd: Naruto
53rd: Super Sonico
54th: Trigun
55th: G Gundam
56th: Restaurant to Another World
57th: Medabots
58th: World God Only Knows
59th: Pumpkin Scissors
60th: Gurren Lagann
61st: K-On!
62nd: Kill La Kill
63rd: Yuri On Ice
64th: One Punch Man
65th: How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift?
66th: Gundam Wing
67th: Konosuba
68th: Martian Successor Nadesico
69th: Aikatsu
70th: Keijo!!!
71st: School Rumble
72nd: Full Metal Panic
73rd: Gosick
74th: Outlaw Star
75th: Goldenboy
76th: Soul Eater
77th: Big O
78th: Cyber City Oedo 808
79th: Paranoia Agent
80th: Kino's Journey
81st: Space Dandy
82nd: Sorcerer Hunters
83rd: Tiger and Bunny
84th: One Piece
85th: Battle Angel Alita
86th: Hamtaro
87th: Strike Witches
88th: Full Metal Alchemist
89th: 08th Mobile Suit Team
90th: Kaitou Saint Tail
91st: Excel Saga
92nd: Blue Exorcist
93rd: Rising of the Shield Hero
94th: Monthly Girls' Nozaki-Kun
95th: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
96th: HaruChika
97th: Carole and Tuesday
98th: Tamako Market
99th: Dash Yonkuro
100th: Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai
101st: Baka + Test
102nd: Yu Yu Hakusho
103rd: Violet Evergarden
104th: Yu-Gi-Oh!
105th: Demon Slayer
106th: Bamboo Blade
107th: Samurai Pizza Cats
108th: Goblin Slayer
109th: Beyblade
110th: Aware Meisaku Kun
111th: We Rent Tsukumogami
112th: Interspecies Reviewers
113th: Neon Genesis Evangelion
114th: Komi Can't Communicate
115th: Persona 4
116th: Hetalia Axis Powers
117th: My Hero Academia
118th: Fatal Fury
119th: Pretty Series
120th: Attack on Titan
121st: Rurouni Kenshin
122nd: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
123rd: Aggretsuko
124th: Grenadier
125th: Actually I Am
126th: Galaxy Angel
127th: Creamy Mami
128th: D Grayman
129th: Sengoku Basara
130th: Fate Carnival Phantasm
131st: Lucky Star
132nd: Inuyasha
133rd: Hajime no Ippo
134th: Read or Die
135th: Wedding Peach
136th: Bofuri
137th: Fruits Basket
138th: Vision of Escaflowne
139th: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
140th: Uma Musume Pretty Derby
141st: Black Butler
142nd: Your Lie in April
143rd: Ghost in the Shell
144th: Tsukikage Ran
145th: Haikyuu
146th: Yona of the Dawn
147th: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
148th: Urusei Yatsura
149th: Cells at Work
150th: Moomins
151st: Project A-Ko
152nd: Zillion
153rd: Kuragehime
154th: Gintama
155th: Kiss Him Not Me
156th: How to Keep a Mummy
157th: Baki the Grappler
158th: Space Adventure Cobra
159th: Minky Momo
160th: Goddamn
161st: Fire Force
162nd: Nurse Witch Komugi
163rd: Hime Otogi Lilpri
164th: Noir
165th: 7 Deadly Sins
166th: Cosplay Complex
167th: Death Note
168th: Durarara!!
169th: Baccano
170th: We Without Wings
171st: Irresponsible Captain Tylor
172nd: Street Fighter II Victory
173rd: The Sacred Blacksmith
174th: Ultimate Teacher
175th: High School DxD
176th: Chio's School Road
177th: City Hunter
178th: Show By Rock
179th: Angelic Layer
180th: Kaleido Star
181st: Nadia Secret of Blue Water
182nd: Pretear
183rd: Death Parade
184th: Mob Psycho 100
185th: Cat's Eye
186th: Welcome to the Ballroom
187th: D-Frag
188th: Kakegurui
189th: Zombieland Saga
190th: Kaguya-Sama Love is War
191st: Berserk
192nd: Rune Soldier
193rd: Spy x Family
194th: No Game No Life
195th: Porco Rosso
196th: Dragon Half
197th: Howl's Moving Castle
198th: Keroro Gunso
199th: Belle
200th: My Dress-Up Darling
201st: Ya Boy Kongming
202nd: Revolutionary Girl Utena
203rd: El Hazard
204th: Turn A Gundam
205th: Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out
206th: The Helpful Fox Senko
207th: Beastars
208th: Akame Ga Kill
209th: Re:Zero
210th: Overlord
211th: Gundam ZZ
212th: Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket
213th: Burn-Up
214th: Macross
215th: All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku
216th: Vividred Operation
217th: Rio Rainbow Gate
218th: Kyokai Senjo no Horizon
219th: Karas
220th: Yatterman
221st: Gatchaman
222nd: Wolf Children
223rd: Samurai Champloo
224th: Sega Hard Girls
225th: MM!
226th: Magic Knight Rayearth
227th: Kandagawa Jet Girls
228th: Infinite Stratos
229th: Kiddy Grade
230th: Shinesman
231st: Twin Signal
232nd: Sakura Wars
233rd: Virtua Fighter
234th: XXXHolic
235th: Redline
236th: Initial D
237th: Megazone 23
238th: Kimagure Orange Road
239th: Mahou Tsukai Tai
240th: Love Chunnibyou and Other Delusions
241st: The World is Still Beautiful
242nd: Mobile Suit Gundam
243rd: Elemental Gelade
244th: The Overpowered Hero is Cautious
245th: Midori no Hibi
246th: Date-A-Live
247th: Stein's Gate
248th: Code Geass
249th: Assassination Classroom
250th: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Top 10 Most Baffling Localisation Decisions

Depending on who you ask, localisation is a very dirty word amongst anime fans as it can make or break a franchise, with some of these decisions having consequences that still affect the series to this day.
Not all of this is censorship, keep that in mind.

10. Jelly Filled Donuts
A classic anime meme, as Pokemon's Brock calls rice balls, donuts; this is not an isolated case as other food gets edited around in Pokemon. Pretty low on the list as it's the official meme of Lost Pause.

9. Allowing Central Park Media to License MD Geist
I've brought up this story before, so I'll keep it brief. CPM liked this anime too much and kick started the ultra violent era of anime, this has always given older fans a bitter pill to swallow compared to younger generations of fans.

8. Next Dimension/Shadow Realm
Death was hard to sell for any network, especially when it had to be on TV. This was more the Ocean dub of Dragonballz as Funimation played it more straight seeing as death is merely a slap on the wrist anyway, Yu-Gi-Oh was much worse for it, particularly in Season 1.

7. Painted Bikinis
Tenchi Muyo's run on Toonami came with some strange forms of censorship, the weirdest one being the clearly MS paint job bikinis, although this had a more beneficial effect as early internet otaku sought out the uncut version, I know I did.

6. Naming HoroHoro Trey Racer
Shaman King despite being localised by 4Kids kept a fairly unchanged cast naming until you get to the whole Trey Racer moment, the funny thing about it is, it's used as a nickname as his actual name is kept, wouldn't mind digging up a back story for this.

5. Making Big Cheese a Rat
Tell me, what animal this is below.

If you said fox, you are right, if you say rat, you are as blind as the people at Saban. I know they had very little to work with but seriously?

4. Making Uranus and Neptune Cousins
A classic bit of early censorship, only it just made the whole thing creepier in context when it was more obvious that these two were much closer to the point it couldn't be ignored.

3. Giving One Piece to 4Kids
How and why this decision was made is still a mystery, the aftermath has caused it to slip behind other Shonen Jump powerhouses over the years but on the other side it made the series more adult back in Japan to avoid a repeat of it happening ever again.

2. Renaming Pretty Cure, Glitter Force
The sad thing about this one, it was already in English as Pretty Cure is the English translated title anyway, the Canadians got it right why didn't Netflix? Glitter Force is a stupid name and because of this disaster, Precure may never see localisation ever again.

1. Inserting American Political Commentary
This is an uncomfortable trend that started in the height of the Trump administration, Funimation were the main culprits for this. Within a few of their dubs, first noted in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, the dubbing team would go off script to bring up a political subject or something woke which has no context in the anime at all and was never referenced in the original script. Basically they've taken Japan's property and inserted political propaganda that has nothing to do with Japan, this is the type of bullshit I expect from Russia!
This is also why I don't watch dubs anymore.

Abunai Sisters Review

Trust me, the image I've used is the least offensive thing this show has done.

Abunai Sisters is a series of CGI shorts revolving around the lives of real life celebrities Koko and Mika Kano, the two are nothing more than tabloid celebrities who appear everywhere more for their sex appeal and glam rather than actually being proper celebrities with tabloid, think Paris Hilton with a boob job.
The actual anime, although calling this an anime is kind of offensive, sees the titular girls play as secret agents who protect the source of their power known as the Boobie Stone from villains. The gem giving them really busty bodies and able to manipulate them further by weaponizing the over sized mammaries.
The production is cheap and nasty, the sisters themselves look like even sluttier bratz dolls, the plot basically boils down to how quickly they can weaponize their tits and it was dubbed into English just to rub salt into the wound. A benefit to subtitle versions is not hearing how bad the script is.
It's original run was cancelled after two episodes, even Japan thought this was terrible. The only way I even knew about this series was while searching for the worst anime of all time and this would easily be a contender.
Final Verdict: Someone thought this was a good idea, someone greenlit this show, someone actually dubbed it in English, this is the truest definition of a dumpster fire.