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Little info about me
Well I'm British and I'm in to all things animated and nostalgia.
I've grown up with every cartoon going and have watched hundreds of anime.
Oh and to answer a question I was asked once, no I don't wear glasses in real life, I would wear Loke's sunglasses though.

Tribute List: Forgotten Mascots of Video Games

This originally started as a top ten but has now become a tribute list. While the likes of Mario, Sonic and Spyro (Damn you Skylanders) still manage to stay around many of their contemporaries fell by the wayside, this is my tribute to them....

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Top 10 Most Significant Cartoon Creators Today

Cartoons have gone through a surprise renaissance in recent years and we have these ten creators to thank for it. Give some applause to these individuals. (Updated with Honorable Mentions)

Honorable Mentions

Daniel Chong
Creator of We Bare Bears
A simple premise of three bears trying to function in normal society is one of the better attempts at incorporating modern day humor into cartoons. Hope to see more from this one.

Daron Nefcy
Creator of Star vs the Forces of Evil
I really wanted Amethyst Princess of Gemworld to become a series but I'll settle for Star vs the Forces of Evil, living proof that you can make a female lead interesting without the need for vomits of pink.

Disqualified: Skyler Page
Creator of Clarence
Skyler Page Disgraced himself by committing an act of Sexual Assault on another employee and has since been sacked by Cartoon Network.

10. Kyle A. Carrozza
Creator of Mighty Magiswords
This show only came out last week and already I'm hooked, this guy is a refugee from Nickelodeon's failed Random Cartoons project that came from the same stable as Adventure Time. While Mighty Magiswords is only a web cartoon at the moment there is hope of more to come from this show.

9. Sean Szeles
Creator of Long Live the Royals
A prominent writer of Regular Show, Sean Szeles has graduated into making his own show that hopes to carry on the same humor that Regular Show produced.

8. Rebecca Sugar
Creator of Steven Universe
A prominent writer of Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar's show about a boy inheriting gem powers has all the dimensions found from her time working on Adventure Time and is one of the best female cartoon creators since Lauren Faust.

7. Peter Browngardt
Creator of Uncle Grandpa
A major writer on Flapjack, and creator of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Peter Browngardt took out what didn't work in Fort Awesome and made Uncle Grandpa which did work.

6. Patrick McHale
Creator of Over the Garden Wall
Another writer from Flapjack and a contributor to Adventure Time, Patrick McHale created the biggest surprise of last year, the dark and mysterious Over the Garden Wall which set a new standard in story writing and atmosphere.

5. Benjamin Bocquelet
Creator of Amazing World of Gumball
A French born British animator who used to work in advertisement and the only one on this list without previous cartoon history. Ben's ability to blend his unique creations into an impressive and hilarious show makes him Europe's finest cartoon maker to date and one to watch for the future.

4. Pendleton Ward
Creator of Adventure Time
This guy put Cartoon Network back on the map along with the number 3 entry. A talented writer that Nickelodeon was stupid enough to ignore, is now regarded as the creator of Cartoon Network's most successful show.

3. J.G. Quintel
Creator of Regular Show
J.G. Quintel is a man who I can relate to, he successfully crafted a cartoon suitable for people of my Generation, basically anyone born in the 80s and made sure that the old Cartoon Network fan wasn't ignored.

2. Alex Hirsch
Creator of Gravity Falls
Alex Hirsch is a reminder that Disney haven't completely abandoned cartoons and can still create classics. Gravity Falls is the cleverest show on TV in all forms, not just cartoons, here's hoping he creates more.

1. Thurop Van Orman
Creator of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
But over half this list owe their pay checks to Thurop Van Orman who gave them their big break. Sean Szeles, Peter Browngardt, Alex Hirsch, J.G. Quintel, Pendleton Ward and Patrick McHale were all credited writers of Flapjack, the show wasn't the most fondly remembered in Cartoon Network's history but you all had to start somewhere and Flapjack is the Forefather of the Modern Cartoon Network.

Note: Nothing from Nickelodeon?
Kind of says a lot about their shows at the moment.

Cartoon Vault: Quack Pack

Okay back to cartoon reviews and I did promise more Disney so here is Quack Pack.

In the 90s Disney tried all sorts of different cartoons in order to keep up with the changing trends of the decade leading to the whole teenage rebellion phase which allowed this cartoon to exist, which followed on from the success of very similar program Goof Troop.
In this series, Donald and Daisy work as a cameraman and reporter respectively but also have to deal with teenage versions of the triplets Huey, Dewey & Louie as they pretty much act as more "extreme" versions of what they were portrayed in the Duck Tales cartoon. I use the term "extreme" loosely as it's more the 90s lingo over actual plot and development as you can copy and paste the triplets into several other cartoons of the era and get exactly the same cartoon.
To put it into perspective it's like the Ninja Turtles but all of them are Michelangelo, sure they do display a lot more noticeable personality traits that seem to separate them more but it never lasts any longer than a few minutes per episode and then they return to being their normal annoying selves, not made any easier by the whole super hero thing which seems like a forced decision on the directors part.
So to conclude I can say that this show had good intentions but ultimately tried to cash in on a trend that had already out stayed it's welcome and because of it, it has aged poorly, the only thing I can really salvage from this show is that this is probably the best version of Daisy Duck in cartoon and comic strip form that you'll ever see.

Anime Review Quick Guide

To keep up with everything I've ever reviewed since the beginning I've produced a quick guide saying which Anime and Cartoons I've reviewed, a one line synopsis and a one line verdict for each one. It'll be updated in the near future. Debut...

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Campione Review

Next up a hybrid of European and Japanese deity culture in Campione.

Godou Kusanagi travels to Italy to return a stone tablet on request by his Grandfather only to be confronted by an Italian woman in a large red dress named Erica Blandelli, their fated meeting triggers the events of the arrival of the god Verethragna who Godou kills earning him the title of Campione, a term used for people who slay god. Having taken Verethragna's power, Godou along with Erica and a harem of other women take on other Campiones and rogue gods in order to keep the world in balance.
This is a poor man's Tenchi Muyo; I get really sick of seemingly powerful male characters get completely overwhelmed by the women in his harem; it got so bad with Tenchi Muyo it became an in-house joke, while much of Godou's achievements get completely overshadowed by his inability to control the women around him. This makes the anime especially messy as there are far too many moments where you get the feeling they spend too much time messing about with typical cliche harem moments rather than keeping the story in check, there are moments such as Godou knowing and fighting the Campione Salvatore Doni despite never being seen on screen in the same place that needed some back story to explain. If they wanted to make a show with action and a hint of ecchi they should've gone all out and made a hentai; that seems like a strange criticism but in the state as it is, it would've done so much better as a hentai, it would've made some of the more awkward moments seem less awkward.
Added to the problems are bad cases of overacting by the dub cast, not enough time to establish a solid flowing story, characters that don't need to be there and a complete reliance on Athena to make up the bulk of the Villain role.
On the plus side, the way the gods are cut down to size is extremely clever, their authority gets overruled by their less than stellar histories which grants the Campione the power to slay them easily, so there is a good anime in there somewhere, just don't bother trying to dig deep as you'll only hit more mud.
Final Verdict: Yet another 13 Episode series with barely enough time to explain what's going on, along with poor acting, ecchiness over story and a cast of completely unlikable characters, Poor Man's Tenchi Muyo is the only term needed to describe Campione.