Hi everyone!
Welcome to the Realm of the Lores world!!! It's a world dedicated to the lores that we are always in contact with in our daily lives and learn.

From Dictionary.com it defines Lore as a noun:
1.the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a particular subject: the lore of herbs.
2.learning, knowledge, or erudition.
3.Archaic .
a.the process or act of teaching; instruction.
b.something that is taught; lesson.

So it's pretty much anything from folktales, stories, fairy tales, myth, songs, ballads, pranks and more that you learn from your family, friends and anyone else who's in your life.

I decided to create this world because I am inspired by my American Folklore class. So here it is. If you would like to become a guest poster, i will be very delighted to add you! So please if you have something to share, pm me and you will be part of this list of posters below.

List of posters:



i haven't done much on this world...but that's okay cuz today i'm gona go to my children literature class :)
since i'm taking that, maybe the class could help provide me some stories to share with you all ^^

well, have an awesome morning/evening/night ^^


p-man :)

La Llorona

This is my very first post here!! It's awesome that i got more than 80 views on here even though nothing is posted. I am so skill :D So right here is a legend call La Llorona. In legends there are some truth to it, so i'm guessing ...

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