Bad News and Weird Things

It's been a long week and a half. In case anyone was waiting to see my next drawings for S M Pendragon's challenge, sorry to leave you hanging. My heart just wasn't in it, after my mom died. She was young, and it was unexpected, but it was also quick and painless, so for that we're thankful. I have no doubt that she's in the Lord's hands, and that we will all see her again someday. It's just going to be a long wait. I'm so proud of my family. They've been so strong and handled this whole ordeal with maturity beyond their years. Love you all! c(^_^c)

Like I said, I haven't been feeling much like drawing... until this morning, when I felt the need to draw something from a really weird dream I had. X)

I was hanging out outside with my siblings. We had found some artist online, and were scrolling through her stuff, which included but was not limited to Path of Radiance scenes recreated in watercolor, long YouTube videos with relaxing background music, and doodles of an old General Petrine. Then we had to get home and start packing to go out camping. We were bustling around the house and noticed it was starting to rain. CrazyOldReb and I remembered with dismay, that we'd left our sketchbooks sitting out in the grass! We asked for permission to stop packing so we could go rescue them, but our brother (not on TheO) said it was just too bad; we didn't have time. So the sketchbooks got ruined and we were sad. Then my husband and I woke up and he was late for work. Oops! On the plus side, I was inspired to draw something, so the artist's block has been broken and I'll probably be getting back to S M P's challenge again soon. :) On the minus side... it's Old Petrine. :P

Thanks for bearing with my weird ramblings. Happy Monday! ;)