Pictures of Me~

Here's what Eneko has drawn of me-nya:

When I was 10 (and I just started the club)
Fury Swipes and Thunder
Bite and Pay Day
Me and Onee-chan!
My Valentine's Tux <3
A Chibi
Another Chibi
Me and Moyasu-san
My Winter Sweater~
Me and Onii-san!
Me and Addy-chan
Me Being Upset about Something
I Wanted to Wear this Kimono!
I'm on the Banner! (Kitty-chan colored this)
You'll Say it Eventually-nya!~
Me Finding my Summer Shirt
Me Trying to Reach the Counter
A bust of me with my new spring shirt!
I'm in this, it's a pic of all the PGR males at snacktime :3
Me and Onii-san!!
Me wearing my new spring outfit!
Uh... this is me making a cake...
Me on my 15th birthday!
Me and Raimundo!
Me, looking older and stretching

And here's gifts from friends!!

By DixieWings
PGR Couples by Nae-chan
Nyarth and Nina by Moon-chan
Chibi by Blue-chan
By Val-chan
Ouran Highschool Gijinka Club by Afton-sama
Christmas Me by Fluffy Sama Fan
Me Undressing... by Kro-sama >////>
Me and Onee-chan having fun at the beach! by Nae-chan
Me as a Persian OwO~<3 by Kro-sama
By Clueless
Fast Forward by Clueless
Me and Patrick by Clueless
Secret Santa from Clueless
Me in a new otufit by Clueless
Me and all the guys shirtless! by Art-chan
Me using Fury Swipes by Promi-chan
Me as a girl by Blue-chan (I look so cute!)
Me when I evolve, by Toya!
Kiro-sama drew a chibi of me!!
Me and Raimundo dressing up for Halloween!
Me and Kiiro eating Popsicles!
Wh-what's with all the drawings of me shirtless?!? O//////O (by Danni)
A birthday picture of me by Yumei!
Jouan drew me in a cute uniform!
Me and the other PGR boys taking off our shirts >/////>
I'm in the middle of this one, taking a bath =////=
An older me!!
Yumei drew me shirtless...
CCC drew me and Fiona the Flaafy together! FEAST YOUR EYES ON THE KAWAII.
Kiiro and me in a Candy Coma!!