Lucy felt a sharpe pain inside of her as if she was being ripped in two by the light. Suddenly the look of her body quatering like a jigsaw and light shinging through the jagged sides of her skin and other fibre's in her being, she eventually tilt her head back and screamed in absolute agony, the Wraith inside of her trying it's best to fend off the engulfing light, but not getting very far in its process. She cried, her eyes spreading tears of blood from each corner of each eye, then she looked back at Amarie and Ed, unable to move 'Thanku' She managed to say in a bare whisper. 'You freed me' She then went limp. All of her body glowing brighter then ever until eventually her whole body shattered into tiny pieces a huge light bomb and all that was left was the tissue floating back down to earth as if she was nothing more but tiny bits of smouldering debree that had been ignited and set off like a huge firework.

Amarie sighed a sigh of relief. and bowed her head in respect. She tried to ignore the stench of lingering rotting fresh, she was just grateful the whole episode was over. She stood there head bowed, for what seemed like an eternity, until eventually she turned to face Ed, her eyes red rimmed from trying to keep back her tears. She placed a soothing hand onto Ed's shoulder. 'It is finished. It's over now' She said soothingly. She felt like there was an air of calm in the court yard and was happy that they had a roof to keep them all safe from the UV lights of the sun. It felt like the calm after a storm, and it felt good. She let out another sigh of relief and turned towards Sessa and her teacher. 'You did good to Sessa and thanx for the diversion Mr.Durant'