Name: Uzumaki Naruto, often called the Orange Hokage, Hero of the Leaf, the Child of Prophecy, or the Saviour of this World
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Strengths: Wind Affinity, Kage-Bunshin, different variations of Rasengan, senjutsu derived techniques, summoning, Tailed-Beast Transformation
Weaknesses: Ramen, my friends, the village, Kurama, Sasuke, Ino
Goals: Peace
Alignment: Good/Konoha
Relationship Status: Single


(Liberties taken as an RPer: Naruto is a bit more mature nowadays, smokes and drinks, and becomes more like Minato as he gets older)

Merry... Something - Naruto

Merry... Something - Sasuke

"Mmmm..." Naruto mumbled as he woke up in his usual daze.

On autopilot he stood with his blanket still wrapped around him and made a pot of coffee. He then moved to the bread bin and made himself some toast. When his usual breakfast was done he turned around and headed back to the table while sipping his coffee when he noticed something odd...

There was a tree in his apartment. 'Why is there a tree in my apartment...?'

That's when it hit him like a brick wall. It was Christmas! How the hell'd he forget that? But more importantly, he had no idea where that tree came from. Still, he set down his coffee and jumped onto his couch. A couch that was occupied by Sasuke.

"Wake up, Sasuke! C'mon, wake up! It's Christmas!" Sasuke stirred a bit but didn't wake. "TEME. WAKE UP!"

Naruto could tell that Sasuke was awake but purposefully ignoring him. He sure did hate waking up in the morning. But it was Christmas and Naruto wasn't going to let his friend get away with it. So Naruto got off of Sasuke and sat on his bed. He bit his thumb and summoned one very chubby Gamatatsu.

"Narutooo, what do you waaant?" The small toad whined.

The blonde smirked. "I need you to do me a favour."

Gamatatsu seemed unsure of helping his summoner, as he always did. He stared up at Naruto with his slitted eyes and frowned. "Will there be snacks aaaaafter?"

Naruto nodded. "Plenty."

"Yaaaaaaay, I love snaaaacks!" The small toad smiled.

"Yeah, Gamatatsu, I know. Now I really need you to do this for me." Naruto tried to calm down his summon with a devious smirk on his face, excited for how things were going to play out as he leaned down and whispered his plans into Gamatatsu's ear.

Merry... Something - Naruto

Merry... Something - Sasuke

"I am not wearing any of those."

"... why're you looking at me like that..."

"N-Naruto! Wh-!"


After dragging Sasuke back to his place and laying out an assortment of "festive headgear", Naruto managed to wrestle his friend into a modest Santa hat. And though it got him a swift kick to the ribs, the blonde deemed the outcome completely worth it.

They decorated his meager apartment with the few decorations he had. Busted icicle lights, some garland, a few ornaments for his little tree, and other little bobbles. The decorations were a little pathetic but he didn't care. It wasn't about the quality of the items but the ideals they represented. He never liked being alone around the holidays, it made him sad. A sadness he usually covered up with fireworks and by getting drunk.

When they were finally done they plopped down on Naruto's old couch with hot cocoa in hand (well, hot cocoa and peppermint tea). They were a little tired out from yelling at each other, wrestling, running around, the usual pre-Christmas shuffle. And just in time for bed too.

"You're exhausting." Sasuke mumbled.

Naruto snickered into his frog mug. "I know. But your life would be boring without me."

That earned the blonde a well deserved glare. He just laughed it off.

"Well, I'm going to bed." Sasuke stated, finishing his tea and pulling the blanket off the back of the couch.

Apparently against this, Naruto gasped. "But you need to open your Christmas Eve present!"

Sasuke lowered him a confused look. "My what?"

Naruto scrambled from his spot on the couch over to reach under his bed. "Your Christmas Eve present! Every year I open my one present on Christmas Eve so I have it going into Christmas!"

Sasuke didn't really know how to react so he waited for Naruto to return with two poorly wrapped packages. One he handed to Sasuke, the other he kept for himself. When Naruto started ripping it open Sasuke sighed and started to do the same, though a little calmer than his old teammate.

In the wrapping paper was a set of pajamas, perfectly normal pajamas. They were a pair of matching dark bluish gray shirt and pants. Something Sasuke might actually wear. After the talk of "sexy elves" he was ready for the worst. He looked over at Naruto as he hugged a fuzzy pair of yellow pajama pants patterned with frogs and swirls.

And then Sasuke's face contorted from peace and calm to horrified in a second as Naruto started stripping down right there in front of him. His right eye twitched and he muttered a quiet, "What the fuck are you doing."

Naruto looked up, confused. "I'm changing my pants?"

"I can see that." Sasuke returned. "But why are you changing in front of me."

Naruto hiked up his new pajamas and rolled his eyes. "We're both guys, aren't we? It's not like I'm going commando or anything."

"I've seen more than enough of your skin to last me a lifetime." Sasuke glared. "Remember when you streaked through the village?"

"You won't let me forget." Naruto chuckled. "Besides, it's not like I was waving my junk around in your face. Chill out a little!"

Sasuke couldn't stop his right eye from twitching yet again. Naruto was too calm when he said those sort of things. And he said them way too often for the Uchiha's tastes. He thought it was best to just ignore him as always.

"Goodnight." Sasuke said pointedly and turned away from the idiot.

Naruto chuckled to himself as he grabbed his comforter from his bed. He dragged it over to his low bearing table and tried to fall asleep beneath it.

Merry... Something - Naruto

Merry... Something

With a huge grin on his face and reindeer antlers on his head, Naruto walked through the cold, greatly enjoying the holiday season. The village was decorated with twinkling lights and recently made snowmen, the air slightly scented with nutmeg and cinnamon, the blonde Hokage couldn't get enough. Christmas was by far his favourite holiday... next to Halloween, of course.

He trekked down empty streets, watching families hurry into their warm homes from the cold, and feeling a little... lonely. He usually did around that time of year. He was used to it. But that never stopped him from having a good time. He would grab the spray paint and gave the Hokage's faces a bit of holiday cheer.

When he finally came to his apartment building and was about ready to jump to his floor, he suddenly stopped. He was feeling a little down. But he knew one thing that never failed to lift his spirits.

He turned around and rushed through the village until he came to a dark and dreary apartment wherein an even dark and drearier shinobi lived. Without really thinking he kicked in the door and grabbed that dark shinobi's hand and dragged him through the village.

"N-Naruto! What're you-" He yelled out.



That was fun.

The Ban - Naruto

The Ban

With a throbbing headache, Naruto yawned himself awake. He sat up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. In a daze he looked left and looked right. He had no idea where he was. It definitely wasn't his apartment. He decided to check his condition. There wasn't anything all that wrong with him but... he wasn't wearing any clothes. Luckily he was covered in a blanket... but why wasn't he wearing any clothes?!

And he still had no idea where he was.

He couldn't sense any threatening chakra so he tentatively stood while keeping himself covered. Then as he used every ounce of his ninja training and was planning on tiptoeing the fuck out of there when...


Out of a steamy bathroom a large woman appeared clad in only a towel... Naruto didn't stay a moment longer.

'Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.'

He remembered drinking and he was naked in some woman's house. Even he could put that together. Though he was having a hard time remembering what happened in between, maybe there was a reason for that. Some things were better left forgotten.

So through the streets of Konoha he ran, desperately clinging to the blanket around his waist. He managed to get to his apartment and quickly jumped through an open window. Once he was safe and sound in his living room/bedroom/kitchen he headed straight for his liquor cabinet.

"I need a drink..." He muttered solemnly.

Though when he opened it he found it to be empty. That was weird... he didn't remember drinking that much. He stared at his empty cabinet when he saw a yellow post-it note out of the corner of his eye.

"It's all in the trash." - S

".............................." Naruto sat wordlessly staring at the note... several expensive bottles of scotch, wine, absinth... down the drain... how the hell was he going to survive?