Hey, man! Welcome to my personal blog. Go ahead and read! I don't bite... hard. ;D

♥ Name: Jenaé
♥ Nickname: Naé-chan (or just Nae) Naomi-chan, & Lilly
♥ Age: 19
♥ Birthday: January 13th
♥ Gender: Female
♥ I'm quite friendly!

DeviantART #2
Gaia! :D
Encounter.. chapter One & Two .


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Thank You ^_^/ Back to School

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!
If you're wondering, I had a great birthday with my friends!

I am NOW 19 years old!
I'm hoping the feeling will kick in soon.

It just seems like now I have to grow up...............

I'm back in Valdosta, Georgia for college and the first day started on Monday, my birthday.

h. Guess like it's back to stressful classes!

<3 Nae


*confetti* :DDDD
Yaaays! 2014 is finally here!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday!
Make this year a great year guys!

Christmas Eve!

Doesn't even feel like it! Does it? Well, I'm still happy anyhow. ^__^ Like every year I'm in New York for Christmas, with family. Hope everyone is having a lovely time with their families! As for Secret Santa gi...

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New Gijinka

Alright so Audino isn't a Kalos Pokemon. Damn I really thought.. Oh well! I'm still creating my two Audinos! ...

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Nao Yoruichi

Sooo. I gots purple hair now :3 Just call me Nao-Yoruichi XD (Not really!) ...

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