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Been a long time otaku (if you use that word in a nice way), traveled to many exotic places, been shot at in at least two, and have a habit of writing short stories to pass the time.

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Your hand is a turkey

Tis that time of year again when Christmas music and decorations fill our shopping experience. It makes my head hurt. Anyway, with the family holiday coming upon us I have been preparing for the meal. Last year it was my brother who took th...

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Bond Villian-itus

Over this four day weekend in celebration of Veterans Day I had a moment. It was a brief moment, but a moment that bears remembering. It is a habit of some restaurants to give free meals to veterans on that day. For the past couple years th...

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Do you remember when we....

Time is a fickle mistress that is so the dominating type. One minute she’s giving you energy, the next she’ll drain you drier than the Gobi desert. But the one constant she give ya is experience. I’ve been away from the si...

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Insider trading

S'up TheO!

So, I haven't been here since, oh, April. But that's just life.

As most of you know, the job market sucks and some commissions haven't worked out. Which is okay in the long run. According to my unit, I have some more schooling I need to do. I like when I get paid rent so I can pay rent. In the mean time I've been working construction and what not. With a side of things at free clinics to get in my clinical time and stay certified.

In my spare time I've been cooking, alot. I love food as much as the next gal, and when I can make something better than the restaurants I've been to... Big time awesome.
I've also been working a few short stories. One being a prequal to Samsara, a Zombie one and a surprise one if I can manage the challenge.

This is the longest I've been state side in a while, I think I'm getting ansy.

Hello out there in TV-Land. (Yes, TC, TV-Land)

Of Life, Love and the Journey to Maturity

At this point, with only two episodes left on a release schedule of uncertainty, Madoka Magica stands as a show that, regardless of how it ends, I will have no regrets with. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! **** Within a black and white world of ...

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