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What has been seen...

As always, to start: Newest adventure log. Now to life matters. Been busy with work, they seem to like to make me work weekends which is also usually ...

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Holiday nothings

Hope y'all had a good Labor day. Mine was busy with food. Mainly sushi. It had been awhile since I last went out for sushi with my brother. It was nice. I also spent it trying to make Oblivion look better and try and get more costumes for m...

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August leaves

The end of Lythria's revenge. Serious. So very serious.

Now on to life.

My sister is visiting on break form culinary school and has sampled my Horchata. I passed with flying colors. so here is the recipe that I finally used:

(These are the amounts I used in all my experiments so I just used them again in the actual batch)

1 1/3 cups long grain white rice (I used Jasmine)
4 to 4 1/2 cups water
1 stick of cinnamon
ground cinnamon
Vanilla Alomond milk (My sister is lactose intolerant, so you can use regular milk if you want)
1/3 cups sugar (it's more to taste but that is what I used)

cheese cloth
fine mesh strainer
bowl to hold mixture.

The prep:

Put the rice in a blender and add half the water. Pulse a few times just to break up the grains a bit. Pour into a bowl big enough to hold all the water and rice. Use the rest of the water to help get whatever grains of rice are still clinging to the blender.

Next crush the stick of cinnamon and add to the rice water mixture. Shake some of the ground cinnamon in as well. Remember that it is a to taste and to know the strength of the cinnamon stick and ground cinnamon so you don't over add. Then mix a bit just to get it all together. Cover the bowl loosely with plastic wrap and let sit for 9 hours or so in the fridge. If you are home all that time you can leave it out on the counter for about 4 of those hours before putting it in the fridge.

After the rice has had time to steep, put all the water in the blender and as much of the rice/cinnamon mix as you can before you over fill the blender. Make sure to clean out the bowl as you will need it again. Add the sugar and blend for around 20-30 seconds or so. Strain in to bowl through three pieces of cheese cloth and the strainer. It takes a few minutes and some squeezing to get all the rice water.

Pour from the bowl into a pitcher of any type of liquid container. At this point you add the milk. Again it is to taste. And that's it. Let it chill and be sure to shake before you drink.

Hope you enjoy.

Dual Spiritual Power

Luddite, I hope not.

First, as always- The next part of Lythria's revenge So, as to the title of this post. Up until Sunday, the phone I've had and been more than comfortab...

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Flash, Ahah

Newest adventure post. It's all about revenge, it will be a three parter if my pic count is right.

As for the rest of the week, I've started a new recipe experiment. This time it is not food, but drink. I love good, authentic Mexican food, and so does my sister. One thing we both have a love for is horchata. Now, with many chains and restaurants the best anyone can expect is mainly the mass production or instant variety. Mainly because making the drink from scratch takes time, like at least 8 hours of wait time, time. The basics of horchata is soaking white rice and cinnamon, straining the warter and then adding milk or vanilla or both. The thing of it is, like many foods, it's all about what that region/family has done for ages. Some will also soak almonds with the rice, some use brown rice, some add lime, the soak time changes, whether you pulse the mixture in a blender before you strain or before you soak or pulse at all. The type of cinnamon, the type of vanilla. How much sugar.

It's all so variable. But I will continue on experimenting till I find something that I think my sister will like. Granted I have only till August when she comes back on break from culinary school. No pressure. XD

And to continue a thought I started with the last post.

I had commented that Cure Rosetta had a pretty gangsta hand sign. I may have been wrong.

It would seem Cure Diamond is the most gangsta of them all. I mean she's Cure F-ing Diamond.

Gotta give the girl props, ya know.

Sparkle! Twinkle Diamond