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Been a long time otaku (if you use that word in a nice way), traveled to many exotic places, been shot at in at least two, and have a habit of writing short stories to pass the time.

Hang around a bit, you might find something you like.

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Windows X XXX

So, after a couple weeks of use I've come to really understand Microsoft's new OS. First and foremost know that the system I am now working with has a few things the average computer buyer probably doesn't do or look for in regards to thei...

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Wait... Where did I leave my satchel?

Life is a bitch and not the kind I sometimes like.

Stress piles up and having to move earlier in the year all because the apartment complex wanted to resell mine for $150 more than I was paying. The place wasn't even worth the $720 I was paying. Shit whore the lot of 'em.

Then just some life choices slapped me in the face and I hated being me for a while.

Then my computer said it wanted to break up. So I had to find a new girlfriend.
That took a while.

Life is stabilizing a bit, but there are still things that suck. I'm working at dealing better than earlier this year when my goto action was hermitness. Luckily the world has evolved enough that I can be a hermit without having to live in a cave.

I'm still getting my computer game ready and I have to do my Oblivion reload and hope it works. So hopefully soon I can get back with my adventure logs and remember the fun of writing.

Beautiful Gate of Heavenly Moisture Number Six


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

Enjoy your food and family.

Drink to our brothers who are never to fall

The Life of Brine

Finally back in some semblance of action. The Adventure continues. So, life has been kicking me ass lately, but mostly with work and...

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Dig Dug

No Adventure today. Misplaced the pictures and I'm just not feeling the creativity flow. Later maybe. So last post I mentioned reviews. I'm two episodes into the shows I have currently chosen to follow. I'll start with the borderline drops....

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