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How do I grade movies?
Originality + creativity (if it's been done before and how original this interpretation is): 2 points
Actors (acting and if they fit the parts): 2 points
Soundtrack (if it stands out, blends in, impresses me etc.): 2 points
Special effects/Natural flow: 1 point
How much I enjoyed it: 3 points

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Amber Alert (2012)

Why do I keep watching movies that have low scores? Scroll down for a small update and discussion fuel! ...

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So I watched the "50 Shades" trailer

Trope checklist, engage! See it here and laugh with me!

Check all that apply:
[ ] quiet, mousy, has-no-hobbies, unfashionable-but-slightly-hipsterish girl who eventually comes out of her shell
[ ] tall, dark and handsome guy
[ ] pure girl x hedonistic guy. Guy ends up kinkifying girl, girl ends up "spiritually purifying" guy.
[ ] guy works in a corporation, probably on the 40th floor, in a huge office with windows for walls and nothing blocking the view
[ ] guy is stinking rich
[ ] guy is interested in/excels in both business and the arts
[ ] guy either frowns or cocks one eyebrow (heh, "cocks")
[ ] guy's face appears more often than the girl's
[ ] at least 3 consecutive seconds of intense staring and double entendres
[ ] slow, sensual music building up
[ ] sexual tension out the yin-yang
[ ] guy goes shirtless at some point
[ ] girl is always covered up (clothes, sheets etc.) - 'cept that one time her back is visible for a split second
[ ] quick collage of images/snippets of scenes at some point
[ ] trailer goes on for a minute longer than it should
[ ] trailer reveals roughly 80% of the movie

A comment on YT: "All the women want to watch this, now my girlfriend is gonna be obsessing over this and im gonna end up getting dragged to the movies to watch this and then be compared to whoever the main guy is...again thank you for fvcking up my day"

Nothing can top Ellen Degeneres reading it, though.

Note that I haven't read the books, but I probably will. I hear they're hilariously bad erotica. ("secret gardens"? really?)

Harry Potter 4 (2005): an accurate review

This review not only sums up the movie itself, but also my thoughts on it. ...

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