Part I

Kagome comes running out of the temple shrine completely overjoyed, Inuyasha follows her calmly
She runs into her house.
"Mom! I'm home!" Kagome yells.
"Kagome come int o the kitchen," Kagome's mom replied from another room.
Inuyasha is standing behind Kagome. She turns to him and holds out her backpack to him. "Can you take this to my room ? " she asks.
Inuyasha takes the backpack from her hands and just says, "What ever." Then Kagome takes off running through the house towards the kitchen.
In the kitchen Kagome sees four plates set at the table, Sota is setting at one and her grandpa at the other.
"Wow mom! How did you know I was coming? Thanks alot! Im starved!" Kagome says setting down to the other plate.
" I'm sorry dear, but that plate is for some one else." her mother replys, smiling.
"huh? but who..?" Kagome asks confused.
Suddenly a scream echoes from down the hall. Kagome stands quickly and runs to her bedroom. She sees that Inuyasha is lying with a huge bump on his head in the floor,but her eyes are drawn away by a woman standing over him in her underwear and bra. The woman is a few years older than Kagome wit h long raven hair that reached to her ankles and eyes as dark as ebony. Her face shows a wild blush that seems brighten her complexion.
"You jerk! Who do you think you are walking in on a girl like that while shes changing clothes?!" the woman screams to Inuyasha.
"Owww!! Who are you?!" Inuyasha asks angrily rubbing the wound on his head.
"Shion?!" Kagome crys.
The woman slowly raises her eyes from Inuyasha to Kagome. A bright smile lightens her face , "Kagome!" She screams enthusiastically.
Kagome run past the injured Inuyasha and towards the woman. They hug ignoring poor Inuyasha.
"Shion is it really you?" Kagome asks.

Who is this girl and what does she have to do with Kagome?What is she to her, a relative, classmate or an enemy in desguise? Find out next time on The Master of the spirit jewels.