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ATTENTION ALL!!! this is an urgent messagge. If any of you know two guys that took a pictre with a puppy being held up by a string tied around its neck, report them to the police at once for animal cruelty. Thank you.


Here and Now

Love this song.|3 I hope you all like it as well.:3 Here and Now by Seether Enjoy~ ...

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Chinese New Years dance

its all in chinese so idk wat its sayin

XD this is so cool

i found this on youtube and thot i shud share it XDD http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=A67ZkAd1wmI


Jensen Ackles singing~

For all you Supernatural/Jensen Ackles fans/fan girls x3, I present a video of him singing. oAo I mean seriously, he has an amazing singing voice..and I went, "Jensen..Y U NO PROFFESIONAL SINGER?! I'd listen to his music any day. All day." xD

Hope you all enjoy~ :3