My darlings, welcome to Momma Love's Movies with Momma Love! You see, I've always wanted to do movie reviews and such but my friends always say that I'm stupid for trying because I don't know movies. Trust me, I've seen a ton of movies. Sure they're not diverse but I know the difference between good and bad. So, here is where I will tell you which movies you ought and ought not see. I know that won't stop some of you from going to the movies and seeing these horrible things but, if you go, see it in 2D. There's nothing more disappointing that seeing a terrible movie in 3D, you waste money and you waste precious time.


Without further adieu, welcome to Momma Love's Movies!

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Hello all my movie loving friends!

So, as you've noticed I haven't posted a review in forever, and that's because (I haven't been here in forever) I've noticed something. These reviews are relatively shoddy and I'm going to go through and beef up every single one of them! They'll get a facelift, more info, more juice details (keeping them mostly spoiler free unless I'm doing a full analysis), and a banner from my photobucket because I'm sick and tired of the ones I'm using blipping off the cyber universe! >I

Look forward to it,
Momma Love

Catching Fire (2013)

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*Fans self* Dearies, this one's a doozy. It even took your beloved Momma for a whirl. It was everything a fan of the Hunger Games could as for, and more. There was... unf. I can't even. *sighs* Let me try again.

Being blessed with another sequel in the same season is truly spectacular. Never have I ever seen a book adaptation so true to its source, not even in the days of Harry Potter. This series has the luxury of an incredibly devoted fanbase in such a short period of time with less to work with than the aforementioned gem of ours days, J. K. Rowling's beloved Harry Potter books. What I mean by this is they don't have the curse of having too much source material. To squeeze out 2 1/2 hours of bloody fun you have to use everything you're given.

Granted a truly powerful and awesome part of the book was sadly cast aside. I'll let you moviecentric fans live on in bliss and I'll allow the readers of our trilogy to be as surprised as I was. It was a great little chunk and it wasn't in the final cut.

Onto the actual movie itself: beautiful imagery as usual, less shaky cam than the first, and an overall feeling of dread. Perfect for a series about a dystopian future where we sacrifice our young ones to fight to the death. The focus was taken off the drama of the romance between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta, and it really focused on how wrong society is, even now. How a young woman blatantly throwing around F bombs on live TV is censored when a 12 year old being butchered is played on loop for millions of people to see. Think of the last time you heard someone say FUCK on TV and then remember the last time you saw brain matter or intestines splattered on a hot city street.

Definite go see. If you can ignore the teenagers only interested in the romance of it all (I assume their Twihards looking for a new outlet), you'll definitely enjoy yourself. Do 3D if you can!

xoxo, Momma Love

Thor 2 (2013

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Ahhhh. Who doesn't love the smell of a sequel? One so action packed, witty, and even a little bit cute? Well, the truth is most sequels bear a scent of decay when compared to their predecessors. Not Thor 2. It still fell into some movie cliches, masking hard to understand logic with "alien technology" and "infinity stones", an overly dramatic and dark antagonist. Now I'm sure if I'd read every single comic then I would've understood what was happening with both our main villain and the mysterious power he wielded. But sadly I am like most movie goers and coming in with a blank slate.

Now, the movie itself is very entertaining. Great characters, wondrous visuals, and only one or two spots where I could tell there was a green screen. Loki is sassy and sharp tongued as always, irritating Thor and keeping him on his toes, Darcy is quirky and stubbornly independent and... crazy, Jane has more or less accepted her role as a "damsel in distress" (which isn't a bad thing I could go on all day about this), and Eric provides some zany humor that's never out of place.

Thor 2 is an improvement of the first movie in my eyes, in both Thor's eyebrows and character portrayals. Even location. Having half of the first movie on Earth was uproaringly boring. With traditional cameos from some of our favourite old geezers, you wouldn't be wrong to go see this beauty in theaters before it's too late.

xoxo, Momma Love

Frozen (2013)

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Ah! The latest addition to the Disney Princesses! I'm excited to give this one my two cents! Anna was portrayed to us in trailers as a quirky, awkward, charming young woman who tripped over herself and won over the hearts of others with the strength of her love. And that's just what we got. A bit more realistic than her predecessor (and look alike) Rapunzel, Anna won the day with her sacrifice.

Packed full with plenty of memorable songs there's plenty here for you to be excited for, and some twists for a Disney Princess that I was definitely pleased by. Memorable characters and stunning visuals. If you don't mind Disney movies where true love conquers all, you'll undoubtedly love this. And, let's face it, we're all Anna at heart.

xoxo, Momma Love

(Got Catching Fire, Thor 2, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on the docket)

The Wolverine (2013)

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Hey guys! Long time no review! I've got a lot of movies on the backburner, including Les Mis which was a request and I'm totally getting that done, but for right now I'm here to bring you The Wolverine! God this was a great movie. It was action packed, challenging for our favourite Australian ruffian, and not without it's twists and turns! It's a must see for Marvel fans, partially for the scene after the credits. This movie will gear you up so hard for X-Men: Days of Futures Past, it's not even funny.

This movie is classic Wolverine, bringing light to one of Logan's most defining points in his hectic life. Marvel fans will swoon and people like me will thrash in their seats with how great this movie was. Don't listen to the critics, they're all expecting some innovative turn of the century deal like The Avengers and downgrade the hero and fantasy movies when they're not (people who gave The Hobbit a bad review, I'm talking to you). You will enjoy this from start to finish. And, if you're a fan like me, you're going to be wondering who the hell the villain is for most of the movie. Hint: her hair is a different colour in the comics.

Wait are you doing waiting around for? Go! Go see this movie right now!

xoxo, Momma Love