A Reminder to Stay Safe

I am sure many of you remember the post I put up last year about staying safe on the Internet. If you do not, please take a moment to go and read through it.

Staying Safe on the Internet

Now, I simply cannot stress enough just how important this is. And since the member from that post is still attempting to get around the ban by making new accounts (I banned a new one they made just a few days ago) I felt it was important to remind everyone about being safe. So I’m going to just go over a few things that all members should keep in mind while using the Internet.

  • First of all, never, ever give out your full name or phone number. It is very, very easy to take that information and get your full address and location.

  • Be cautious about giving others copies of pictures of yourself.
  • If you are a minor, never agree to meet someone without your parents’ permission.
  • If you are an adult, then think about ways to be safe. Like meeting in a very public place instead of inviting someone you’ve never met into your home.
  • If this person is saying things that indicate they know where you live or if they have threatened you. Do not hesitate to talk to your parents or local authorities.

Now for the predator who simply refuses to accept that he will not be welcome here at theotaku… I have additional advice for everyone.

  • If you encounter this person under a new account or have issues with someone else making inappropriate advances towards you, block them immediately and report them. Do not attempt to talk to them at all.

  • Please do not give them access to an older account you are no longer using. If I find out you helped someone who knowingly preys on minors get back on the site, I will have to ban you from theOtaku as well.
  • If you are being contacted via e-mail by them, report it as spam and never read or reply to it.
  • Do you use other accounts like Facebook? If someone who has repeatedly bothered you here is now bothering you there, report them to whatever system Facebook has.

Bottom line, simply do not associate or talk to this person at all. The moment you realize it is them is the moment you should block and cut off all forms of communication and report them where applicable.

Stay safe and feel free to spread this around to others.