I often post moderation related stuff on my main world. However, I thought it might be nice to have a world that deals directly with stuff like that. I can answer questions that come up here and I can also debunk some of the myths and misunderstandings that I come across when working on the site.

Moderation is something that is often vastly misunderstood, mainly because people make assumptions instead of trying to find out the facts. Second hand knowledge that is floating around and passes from member to member should always be treated with caution. Just as one should also be careful about determining how things work when they themselves are not a moderator.

Chat Administrators

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Current Chat Mod Rotation Crew

Immortal Queen | Chee | RedJ

*These members are regular staff for theOtaku. This means their site duties come first so they help out with chat if they have time. They are not required to. Naturally this includes Adam since his priority is for the site, not for chat. Overseeing chat is my responsiblity.

~Terms of Service

Ad Update

One of the things members like most about premium is the lack of ads while browsing the site. However, it was brought to my attention that they were still seeing the special full site skin ads when we have them for a few days.

Since they were paying for the premium service they felt that they shouldn't have to see these ads either. So after reviewing this with Adam he agreed and has since updated it. Now premium members will not see the full site skin ads when we run them.

Thank you to everyone who brought this up and mentioned it so I could pass the concern along to Adam.

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