This is my world where I sporadically post about things that happen in my life, surveys, and extremely random things. And oh, I do mean sporadically.

My name is Kasa (well, not really, but it's been my nickname here for so long that it's basically become a part of my identity haha. I also go by Aly, but you can call me whatever you want), I'm 18, and I'm a freshman in college. Where? That's a secret. Unless you happen to be one of my friends from REAL LIFE. In which case, you know, so why are you asking?

I tend to obsess over a lot of things, and I dabble in the arts of video editing and occasionally drawing and writing.

I'm super lame and kind of unsociable, but if you can look past that, maybe we can be friends?


AMV Livestreaming! [OFFLINE]

In case you're interested in seeing the final products, here they are!


Hey guys! I just finished my last final of the semester which means I'M FREEEEE (and no longer a freshman, which makes me sad because wow where is my life going)

Annnnd since I'm done with tests and such, it's time to finally work on all my overdue MEP parts! :D (one is like 2 weeks late but in my defense I THOUGHT THE DEADLINE WAS LATER THAN IT ACTUALLY WAS-)

So uh, if you wanna watch me edit, come hither.

Since there's no sound on, if you wanna get an idea of what I'm editing with, I'll be working with these songs:
Are You Afraid of the Dark (Phrenik Remix)- Figure
Breath of Life- Florence + the Machine
Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy

All very different styles! So this will be an interesting evening. c: I'll probably be online for a couple of hours, so stop by whenever!

(Also, my YPIV is still open if you guys wanna request something! There's a post about it over here, or you can go check it out directly on YouTube here)

oh look

I redecorated.

idk I got bored and decided to do this instead of sleeping. I make good life decisions. And now I'm considering changing my username. I think it's time for bed.


(I am really good at titles and don't let anyone tell you otherwise)

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've written any sort of journal-y post, so I thought I'd let you guys know how I've been!

My first semester as a college student is over. I am 1/8 done with college. AND IT'S A REALLY SAD REALIZATION BECAUSE HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! I made some friends, had some fun, and my grades weren't awful. Huzzah! I even managed to not flunk my Economics class. I GOT A B-. A B-. I COULD KISS SOMEONE. I GOT A B ON THE FINAL AND (idk i think i technically had a B- all semester but I was getting D's on all of my tests so it DID NOT COMPUTE??? My professor did some weird weighting, that's for sure...)
My other classes went pretty well, too! I don't think I quite qualify for the Dean's List, but oh well. MAYBE SOMEDAY. Or maybe not. I'm taking Organic Chemistry next semester. /cries

And then there was Christmas. Ahhh, Christmas. It really didn't feel like Christmas this year at my house, but it was fun nonetheless! Since my grandma passed away last year, we ended up having dinner at our house this year and it was just my family and my aunt's family. We played Doc McStuffins Uno for uhhh 3 hours. It was intense. And then I lost Kids Sequence to a 3 year old. MY LIFE. I didn't even let her win. She just kind of did. skdfjl

Gifts this year came more in the form of practical things, like clothing/makeup/toiletries. I did get Persona 4 (PS2 version maaaaan), though, and that's been sucking up time for the past couple of days is it bad that it stresses me out? because I'm always like I HAVE TO SOCIAL LINK WITH THIS PERSON BUT I HAVE TO GO FIGHT/SAVE THIS PERSON AND WAIT MAYBE I SHOULD SOCIALIZE WITH THIS PERSON BUT THEN I ALSO HAVE TO RAISE MY SKILL STATS AND???? too many obligations, man. But yeah, I'm thankful for what I did get, so! c:

Being around my niece again is odd. She never wants to leave my side which is both really endearing and REALLY ANNOYING. Everyone in my family said she really missed me though and lksjflskj CHILDREN. On the plus side, though, I'm taking her to the movies next week to go see Frozen and I think I'm more excited than she is.

I want(ed??) to get a lot of stuff done this break. I wanted to start rewriting pieces of my novel, wanted to get a start on Reaper's Game, wanted to make some videos, do some art... BUT PRETTY MUCH ALL I'VE DONE SO FAR IS SLEEP AND PLAY ZELDA (guys I've finally almost beaten Ocarina of Time. IT'S BEEN 8+ YEARS) AND PERSONA. I mean I've still got 2 weeks but blagh. (idk i decided that the first week of break would be sleep catchup, second would be LET'S GET UP AT A DECENT TIME and third would be LET'S START PREPARING FOR THAT POTENTIAL 8 AM NEXT SEMESTER GO! so getting up earlier will probably help in the productivity department haha)

ALSO, on an unrelated note, I opened up a You Pick, I Vid on YouTube. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means... exactly what it says on the tin. I pick a song and split it up into different parts, and YOU pick what fandom/pairing/etc I use to fill that part in! You can find it here, and if you'd like to request something, you can leave it in the comments here or on YT. The list of fandoms I can edit with can be found in the information section But if nothing catches your eye, don't feel obligated to request a part because honestly this video is on death row because NONE OF MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE REQUESTING ANYTHING AND I'M LIKE LSKJFLKSJD one step away from deleting it.

Anywho, today I'm going to meet up with some old high school friends (HAHA I HAVEN'T LEFT THE HOUSE IN LIKE 5 DAYS I AM SO SOCIAL), so I should probably go get ready.

Happy New Year!

Secret Santa Wishlist 2013

Dear Secret Santa,

Here is my list to you! I'd literally be okay with anything from it. I gave you a lot of things to choose from, and I'm not that hard to please. Really, if you have any other ideas, I'd even be okay with those!

1) One(+?) of the boys from my white/silver haired boys harem (Because let's face it. I may or may not have a problem. This list doesn't even cover half of it, as these are just my current fave characters)
Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
Komaeda Nagito (Dangan Ronpa 2)
Accelerator (Index/Railgun)
Sion (No. 6)
Shiro (K)
Joshua (The World Ends With You) (okay his hair is kind of blonde, but-)

2) One(+?) of the boys from my black haired boys harem (ALSO A PROBLEM?)
Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts)
Zack (Final Fantasy VII)
Nezumi (No. 6) (his hair is black in everything but the anime)
Percy (Percy Jackson)
Nico (Percy Jackson)
Kuroh (K)
Hiromi (Kyoukai no Kanata)

3) Female characters that I currently like lots: (has nothing to do with hair color, alas c:)
Nanami Chiaki (Dangan Ronpa 2)
Namine (Kingdom Hearts)
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)
Mikasa (Attack on Titan)
Mirai (Kyoukai no Kanata)
Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Last Order (Index/Railgun) (BONUS POINTS IF YOU DRAW HER AND ACCELERATOR DOING CUTE FATHER/DAUGHTER-Y THINGS but keeping it in character ya dig?)

4) Something Dangan Ronpa related? I've been kind of obsessed with it lately! Favorite characters in the series are Komaeda, Nanami, Souda, Sakura, Togami, Hinata, Matsuda, Kirigiri (and Naegi for good measure because he's a cutie pie) (i also really like some others but they're spoiler-y, so :c)

5) If you've been keeping up with me, you know how into planning my TWEWY rp I've been lately. So drawing Cade, Macy, Eliza, and/or Di (I have no ref of him right now, but one should be coming eventually haha) would be pretty cool!

6) Other OCs of mine that'd be cool are Kasa, Takari, Amara, Ela, and/or Sam.

7) Something festive? Like people decorating a tree or something? idek

i am a loser

i'm roleplaying with myself hELP

edit: i'm going to bed so OLD STUFF HAS BEEN DELETED

But yeah. This definitely happened.

i feel like i'm gonna have to wait to truly test the chat thing when someone else is around to do it with me. especially if i wanna test a battle system and mission/wall system
The main problem i see with it at this point is time zone differences and the fact that a free room only holds 10 people and I HAVE FIVE ACTIVE CHARACTERS FOR THIS THING WTF. BUT, if anyone is interested in the RP being held this way, I'm willing to shell out a few bucks to make the room premium for a while. owo
Doing it this way is tooootally a ripoff of the tumblr one I was in, BUT IT'S A LOT OF FUN THIS WAY AND REALLY INTERACTIVE AND POTENTIALLY BEAUTIFUL AND SDFLKJSDF i just don't know

One part of me really wants to do it this way, but another part really wants to do it with the traditional writing group style AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHICH PART IS GOING TO BE THE WINNER.

Thoughts from you guys who were/are interested?