Hello and welcome to Hano academy!

I am headmasterAble Rutherford The VI.
And I am proud to say that Hano academy is back in business, and classes will be gain soon!

Hano academy is a school for Humans, Vampires, Angels and Demons.
Those that join now will be giving 500$.

That money is for what ever you wish or need for you rooms, missions, extra classes, Field trips and such.
But of course you are giving those thing depending on your status with out using any of your money too.^^

Mission are events that must be taken care of.
There not to be taken lightly! The higher status you Obtain the harder your missions will be.^^

But not all mission are for ever one. As I said before, this school is for Humans. Vampires, Angels and Demons.
Even so if you truly wish to go on a certain mission that is not for your race, you may make a request and the teachers and I will over look it.-_^
Field trip are for all that wish to come and have a good time! Hopefully...
Some are payed for and some you will have to pay.

Now for your rooms, I am sorry to say but do to my horrid writing there....Well.... Rather tiny...So tiny that I don't now how I will make you all get room mates!...So please don't get mad at your room mate for steeping on your bed to leave the room.... But! If you two save enough money you may be able to get a bigger room. It is 3.050$. Boy, those constrain workers are so pricey! And again, if your status is high I will pay one for you. Let's just hope I don't lose my wallet again or flush it down the toilet....

Money is untanned by missions.
There are other ways of obtaining it but you'll just have to figure out...

Members~ Name- Level- Money

Darkittylove-Clovis .V. Seliongrave

Support Kira -Shimei Aoitsuki/Raphael et Sinclair-35 (1.000)
Sacred Moon
Macaiah-Miruki Iroku2-(1.000)
Black kitty doll-Neo Dimetrin-1(1.000)
SojiRem Eliot Hackheart-7 (1.000)
Kill Sasuke -Jezabelle Oread-38 (1.000)
AtticusPersona -Shori Benitsuki/Brenin-7 (1.000)
Elix3r-Skylar Dreylah-10 (1.000)
Duo Maxwell02-Ocean Tide-3 (1.000)
cheriblosomchibi-Meridan Uzuke-12 (1.000)
Dark Smile-Makoto Megami- 7 (500)
Ancient One-Rei Kiba-8 (500)
Shin Shadow-Shadow Daemon-1(500)
Kawaiihoneybunny0-Fuwa Fuwa Tsuroiro-1(500)
Wolfdemonchild9 -Sammie Hikari 1-(500)
Sumirechan-Aura Nightshade2-(500)
Junkodeer- (500)

Teachers for your use~
Grim Reaper-Magic, Valla Valkyrie-PE,Flyt,assist weaponry, Hana Flor-Cook, Summoning, Roku Shinigami-Shape Shifting, Berit-Mecha, The Docter

Class Schedules, etc & Rooms, Classes

I will be around always, so if you need anything I'll be glad to help!^^

(Updates Every Monday)


I got a bit bored and this place is kinda dead. So I made this. Please tell me what you think <_< unless what you think is "it's too dark, Ani!". Please don't tell me that XD I know already.

A Fond Farewell

Hi everyone.

First of all, I want to apologize that I haven’t had the time to keep up here. I loved this world, the story, and the people here. I do hope you all know that. ^^ Unfortunately though, this is the end for me in this place. I simply can’t keep up the way I used to with all of the things happening in my life currently.

I suppose...my characters can simply vanish in the fray of the village, if you so wish. Just don't kill them off please. T-T

Thank you all for being wonderful friends, and again, I apologize for being unable to stay…but it’s not fair for me to be so terribly inactive. I wish you all the best in life, and in all your endeavors, and don’t forget, if you ever wish to talk to me, drop me a PM. ^^

Take care~

Alone in the castle


The breeze picked up around the castle, it was almost like the world itself was preparing for the fight that my cousin Jezabelle was to engage in. However for myself preparing for classes that lay ahead was my main priority. I walked the halls; i do not know the classes being held now, but this time ment many of the dormitories where left open and free. I went to Jezabelle's and arranged her books. The room was tiny as anyother, no place for a pure blood.

Reaching under Jezabelle's bed my hands touched an object, solid and cold yet it burned like acid. I retracted my hand.... only one substance could feel like that.... Silver. I lifted the hem of the bed valance. My eyes lay upon a metallic colour, my stomach felt light yet heavy at the same time. I believed humans refered to this feeling as 'my stomach turning over'. Silver chains... she had forgotten her chains inside her room. I picked up her class back pack and felt the weight i was accustom to; the weight i had thought belonged to the chains that were under those sheets. Looking inside i found rocks the size of ones fist. She was lieing to my without even saying a word. She had let my mind fill in the blanks, I had let myself assume what i thought. I was trained not to assume and yet here i was. Standing in a tiny room finaly realising i had assumed the students at this school were to be safe, however they had been as much danger as a person who walked through the woods that surrounded this academy. The eyes, the power hidden in those woods was nothing.... what had the potential to be lose HERE in this SCHOOL.... that was beyond comprehension....

I do not know how long i stood there, mere seconds or months. A gentle voice sounded from the door. Soft and gentle, with a hint of evil. It was the voice of an angel who knew they were more powerful and could pull you limb from limb.
"Sebastian...?" there came the voice again like a far off whisper. I looked up, long straight blonde hair, an angelic face framed by the fair hair. A straight fringe with a black bow in the hair like Alice from Alice in wonderland.

"Alice" I replied. She stood in a black dress that frilled out and stopped before her knees. The neck line hugged around her neck, stiff and straight, armless dress however she had elbow length gloves on. The only white was her socks that stopped before they reached the knees. The dainty feet that where in those socks were in shoes i could only see as yet another reminder of Alice in Wonderland. (Alice in wonderland as in the cartoon movie by Disney... or the pictures in the books)

"Sir, I am unable to find Master James."
"He is with Jezabelle. They have gone on a...." my mouth tightened, my cheeks sucked in... "school excursion. You need not worry until he arrives back."
"Understood sir." She ducked her head slightly, however instead of moving away she just stood at the door. I could feel she wished to ask me something but feared my answer... or my actions if she dared even ask. I looked at the ground and felt disgusted at my self.

"You may ask what you wish Alice.... I had no right to hurt you before. Please accept my apologies." i said without looking at her... the ground suddenly became the perfect place for my attention.
"You had every right sir. I failed and was incompetent at the task that was given to me and i..."
"STOP IT. I was wrong... I am no more above you then I am above James. You are my equal and I should treat you as such." i finally looked up to see her head bowed and her hands in a loose grip infront of her. taking a step towards her i asked as softly as my voice would allow.

"Please.... ask me what you wished."
"Yes sir, Thank-you sir... I was only to inquire why you are in Mistress Jezabelle's room?"
"I am merely being an inconvenience to her while she is away." a smiled spread on my face as my dry humour seeped out. Yet a frowned burrowed into her forehead and I returned the furrow in my own brow.

"Yes sire... Do you think I should too do this in Master Jame's room?" her head still bowed to the floor.
"You need not. I do believe he has a room mate who might not appreciate such intrusion. Also, Jezabelle and myself have a close connection, we have known each other since we were babes."
"As have we sire...." she spoke in the softest whisper, i was unsure whether my ears were even correct upon their hearing of her words. She left and went on her way. And i was left standing there wondering what had happened and what i should do about Jezabelle's indifference to her fellow students safety...

Killing, and maiming


We walked into the gates. Slowly and purposly we walked underneath the gates. our Teacher hung back his gaze boring into the back of our heads. Instinct took over and i followed closely behind Makoto, my knees bending into a small crouch, my fangs nipping at my lips.

Makoto was the first of our small group and mantained his lead at the front, i was to the left of him and Shori a slight bit behind me and to Makoto's Right. Shimei was following behind Shori closely a fearce look in her eyes meanwhile James was staring at me, i could just feel it. I took a quick glance behind me only to see the shining example of Pure Blood breeding that was within all the cells of James's body. Standing tall, eyes a hypnotic blood red, hair almost illuminated from within and a feirce expression on his face that in all my time i have known him i have never seen. A determination and anger that only seemed to adhere him to the senses and make such a frightening look be branded into the mind of the beholder.

Looking back to the front of our "pack" you might call it, i took a deep breath. The presence of looming danger swallowed us as building by building we creeped past undesturbed. A rustle. Then nothing.

Another building. Another harmless shadow. A Shreik and flash of claws. Before the blink of a human eye, Makoto had grabbed the demon that had tried to ambush him and slammed him onto the ground. Dead or Not was of no concern as we were flooded with the beasts.

From every shadow, opening and direction in the sky they came onto us. There was no time to think of team mates, of plans of attack, all that was was reaction and action. Slicing a set of jaws apart i high kicked the bottom and sent the razor-sharp mismangled teeth through the top jaw and thus through the skull and into the brain. Another came, stabbed in the heart cavity and then pulled the knife in a down motion slicing open the guts. James stood behind said beastie and was almost the next THING to be cut down, just as i was millimetres away from being his next target. Blood ran down his chin making him unreckonisable.

A glint of reckonnition in his eye before he lunged at me, avoiding his fangs, they sank into the neck of the demon behind me. His hand grabbed my arm with a force unknown for James. He pulled me back, my own back hitting into his. His arm then dropped from my arm and rested around my waist.

"Stay, Back to back." was the small growl i heard, more felt, come from him.
I did as told until my eyes caught Makoto.

His back to me, desposing of the demons in a quick and bloody manner. One came towards him yet was splinter by the throw of my dagger. I then went to slicing these beasts open with my hands and fangs. A grissly business and not to mention their blood had a distinct metallic taste to it, like trying to drink molten metal without the intense heat.

As i took out a demon that went straight for me i caught a quick snatch of the fighting style of our teacher, as he stayed were he originaly was behind our group. One came for my left side and I grabbed it and ripped it in half, Thats when i saw Shori and Shimei, working in a team, as though this was a coriographed routine. Barly a drop on then. Thats when my temper went to overload HOW DARE THOSE NOBLES STAY CLEAN WHILE I WAS COVERED???!!!!!

My intensity and killing rate quickened. I lunched at anything with a pulse near me. I could feel the curse within me start to come out, my shoulder started to adjust and changed underneath my cloths. Then before my curse could go any further James pulled at dress, he intended to get us back to back again, but i wasn't going to have it. That little cry-baby could get SOMEONE ELSE to watch his back for him. As he pulled i twisted and when i was close to his back, jumped over him and slashed at the demons infront of my path. I launched forward and started killing a path towards Makoto.

He had gotten further and further away from the group but that was going to be okay with me. I moved forward in a zig-zag death path. One step forward, Kill the demons to my left, another step froward, kill the demons to my right.

I got close to Makoto and now could see the pure pleasure in his face over the blood and torture he was inflicting.
"Do you know how HARD it is to tell YOU from these things?"
"It must be hard for someone as weak as you."
"Watch it Demon," i disembolwed then decapitated two demons at a time, "OR that could be you."
"You don't scare me Bella."
"Well..... I should." i smirked and felt the curse flowing back into the depths of my being. The crowd of demons thinned until we were standing there in a giant pool of blood.

We all looked around at each other, blood speckled Shori and Shimei's cheeks but they could have worn white if they had wanted to. James had blood on his sleeves, chin and front of his shirt. Makoto was the same, perhaps without the blood on his chin.

I was drenched my entire dress had now turned red, the tips of my hair clumped together and my chin and cheeks where covered in blood that was slowly falling towards the ground with gravity.

The fighting with Demons had stopped but I wasn't done.
"WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING??" i rushed at Jezabelle my arms open trying not to grab her and shake her about.

"I HAD YOUR BACK!! and you decide that you wanted to go alone??! What about our clan? You want it to go without a pure-blood female?!!"
"OUR clan?? It's MY clan i would like to remind you..."
"Until we marry THEN it's OURS."
"Who says WE are to marry? I might find another, more SUITABLE fiance."
"WHAT... Like your Were-wolf Lover? Like that F***ing Demon there?"
I could see the blood rushing to her cheecks, There had been that breif shock and embarrasement but Jezabelle wasn't like that. Shock, embarrasment, sadness... whenever she felt those emotions.... ANGER is what took it's place instead.

"I have taken you into my clan, protected you. EVEN DEFIED my elders.... and THIS is how you repay me. You little FOOL. I don't need YOU... i have a clan, a home and now i know there are more PURE bloods then expected in this world. YOU need ME. Without me, you have NO CLAN, NO protection..... and NO HOPE. Remember that you...."

I grabbed her thoat and held her high
"Are you really sure about that?" i whispered in her ear so that no one could hear.

And there we go.... i SHOULD be stopping a little after this,...... but don't you just think it's a PERFECT spot to stop??? hehe, Cliff-hanger....

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Hope I'm not interupting. ^-^ Alen's profile~

Name: Alen Hansen

Gender: Male
Age: He's around seventeen, I believe...
Height: 6'2" (( He's quite tall and lanky. c: ))
Race: Human
Birthplace: Minsk, Belarus
Hair color/style: Blonde with a bit of pink streaks, his hair reaches down to his ankles and is usually down or in pigtails.
Eye color: Hazel
Clothing: Alen wears a small black coat complimented with a white T-shirt, navy blue jeans, white sandals, and a black choker with a bell along with it.
Personality: He can be quite stubborn at times, refusing to do jobs sometimes, but he's naive to so you can trick him into doing all sorts of things. All in all, he's quite a sweet guy... Even if he loves the cries of pain and hits people with hammers...

Other: Alen absolutely loves hammers, I'm not joking on this.He loves all types of hammers, he sometimes carries a sledge hammer with him that he named 'Mary'. He'll even attempt to hit you with a hammer once or twice.
Junko: Alright, Alen! Introduce yourself NOW. >:I
Alen: Hum? Alright, well I'm Alen it's nice to be here... Isn't that right Mary? ^u^ *huggles his sledgehammer*
Junko: ... .__.;