to my little blogging world.

I'm still having troubles with what to write in the intro so yeah.
This one is mostly based on my life I suppose but there are other thingys I write about. Anyway, hope you'll be amused, entertained or touched by my posts.

Enjoy your stay :)


Yelling at a parent

This sounds bad considering the title. Anyway:

Today is my volunteering day. I was alone with the prof. there, sooo we were two on a bunch of children. So two sneaked out without us noticing really. Suddenly two kids came in, saying one was hit by a car. We of course ran there to see what happened. As it turned out, the car stopped so the kid hit the car and not the opposite. They were chasing each other on the school property and ran out on the street. Luckily, no one was injured. Well the kid who hit the car was alright but confused, the other one whom chased him was in a really bad state of shock. He was apologizing, crying, couldn't breathe and was truly upset. As the prof. who actually works there had to deal with the police and parent I went to comfort that other kid. As he couldn't breathe we went out to catch some air. After a while kids started to gather around and suddenly the kids that hit the car dad came and he started to yell at the other child, yes child who's 5th grade now or so. He started to yell at him things like. "He could have died!!" or "He could have lost a leg or something!" etc..as it made the kid more upset I tired to comfort him but it didn't work(the kid has a heart condition too), and I couldn't take it anymore and I looked at the dad and said something among the lines (idk what exactly, I don't remember): "Alright, nothing happened, can you stop yelling at the child now?!" And the dad looked at me and was like "Oh so now nothing has happened but if something has what then?!" and I replayed something but idk what it was. I believe I was focusing on making clear to him that he can't just yell at someones child that's obviously upset right now.. so we pretty much kept yelling at each other until I believe I said something among the lines: "He's still a child, don't you see that he's upset (or) don't you see what you're doing to him?!" as the child kept crying. The parent suddenly stopped though and he left as the kids behind me were silent and the prof. came after a while and we all went inside.
After that she called the crying kids mother who came and picked him up and the kid kept crying as he was scared to be hit I think but his mom didn't seem like she'd do so though.
Anyway after that another kid asked me why didn't I beat his dad up and I was like What?! He'd break me like a twig if I tried..so we laughed a bit and the atmosphere calmed down.

So, I do believe I did the right thing. I certainly hope so.

Take care and stay safe


Things I love

Since I made a hate post I should make a love post too. So except my family and friends here are things I love:

- I love my boyfriend. I love and adore him. He is one of the sweetest and dearest people I've ever met. (To me at least :p)

- I love when I get a good grade even though I didn't study enough. It makes me feel good because I either had some good luck or I really understood what's going on in the units.

- I love food. I love to eat. I truly enjoy it.

- I love my morning coffee. I just love it with some cookies. It's the perfect precollage breakfast.

- I love my noon and afternoon coffee. Either with cookies or sandwich or doughnuts. I love coffee.

- I love water too. I drink a lot of it. I must too because of my low blood pressure. But I enjoy it. Water is good.

- I love people who listen and respect other people opinions as they have good arguments ofc.

- I love children. Especially my little cousin. He's the sweetest thing ever.

And I'll stop here since I've work to do.

Take care


Things I hate

Alright, lately I've caught myself saying some thing I hate. Daily I think or notice at least 1-2 such things. For some hate is like a big words so I may just stroongly dislike some. Anyway they aren't numbered by the amount I hate or dislike, just by what I remember.

Let's start:

- I hate it when someone makes an appointment with me and then doesn't show up. I don't mind if the person cancels it, even an hour before we should meet, just PLEASE inform me that you won't come. Considering all the social media and technology it can't be that hard, can it?!

- I hate it when my friends talk to me ONLY when they feel bad and need someone to talk. Like some never remember to send me a cute or funny picture or video or share some good news with me or God beware go to coffee with me so we just talk and have a nice time. No, it's always the same. I don't mind to listen to their problems and give an advice or comfort but people, I'm not only your shoulder to cry on.

- I also hate when this above happens often and I'm once in a bad mood and don't listen or reply sharply no one ever seems to have some understanding for me. Seriously people, I'm human too.

- I hate it when guys are trying to buy me with drinks. No, I'm not that cheap or desperate.

- I find it horribly pathetic when a guy talks shit about me after I decide not to go out with him for a drink.

- I find it incredibly funny when I see mom in high heels barely walking as they hold their 2 to 7 years old child on their hand.. yeah.. xD

- I also hate it when a child crys and makes a scene and their parents seem to be embarrassed of it so they give them whatever the child wants so it shuts up. Again, parenting.

- I hate it when I block and when a tourist asks me for the direction all I know to do is say: "there" as I show the direction xD

- I hate it when a shitload of tourists come to my village and take over our mini beach mid summer. I WANNA SWIM TOO! But in a clean sea and not one that's brownish from the tourists stampede.

- I hated one night in my life where I was out with a girl I know since we were little and she literally begged a guy (her friend apparently) to pay her a drink... it as truly embarrassing.

- I also dislike when people mock me when I'm mad and make me smile like that.

- I also dislike people who have no ability to see what they are doing and the consequences of their behaviour. No perspective about themselves at all.

- I also don't like public displays of love. When I see those pictures on fb where people are kissing and look so incredibly happy it always makes me wonder if they are proving their happiness to other people...

I think I'm done for tonight. Even though I feel like there is something stuck in my throat but I can't figure what, so I'll stop this post here.

I do feel better and less hating now lol. I'll do those posts more often.
Well, if someone reads it, I'd like to know what you hate or strongly dislike so that I can agree hehe.

Take care


External Image
I feel like that usually hen I'm mad. I smile and think to myself how much I want to strangle someone. :D

Bragging (and fail) time :D

So, today I was volunteering again ( I started yesterday). And I was helping a little one that goes to the 6th grade now with her german.
It was funny. Every lesson she was like: "Ah, I don't like this lesson. It's haard" and when we were done with every lesson she was like: "Already?" *wondering*
And then we got to the grammar part. I had a bit troubles with the grammar part. I failed so much when I realized that I can't remember the german declination of the articles. I'm on the 2nd year of collage studying germanistics!!! xD Anyway, I decided to make her a table with the 3 genders and falls. And I wrote the masculinum in blue, femininum in purple and neutrum was green. Another fail was as I had no idea how to do plural (as in how to declinate it). So the girl and I searched across the book and we found G and D but Acc we couldn't find.
-Note to self: look up the freakin declination again-
And since I also forgot which question each answers I felt like I was in trouble since I hadno idea how to explain it to her. Then as I looked through her book I have realized that they don+'t learn it that way, but get rules. For e.g. the word 'mit' always goes with Dativ. So we wrote those rules out (4 rules on 5 chapters lol). As we were done she went again all like: "That's it?!" *state of light shock* and I'm like, yes, that's it. And it was so cute and I felt accomplished.
I can't wait for the next Wednesday to go there again :)


Why people drink

So, tonight my friend found out why people drink. And here it goes...

I felt meh because I was watching singers performing live and it tends to make me meh at times (esp if they are singing well as well). And no matter how (un)productive (the 'un' because I didn't do much for myself today as in study or so) I was today I still felt so meh and normal [as it goes when you watch talented people while you have no talent for that thing (singing in this case)].
Anyway our conversation:
I: I feel so meh.
She: Why?
I: Idk, it's just I feel so normal/average/trivialand kind of useless even though I was volunteering today..
She: Well that's a weird way of thinking, especially since you volunteered (see what she did there haha)
I: Hahhaa, true. If I had some alcohol I'd soo drink now..
She: And that's the reason why people do alcohol and drugs. They felt like you. Haha
I: Hahah thanks for the psychological enlightenment hahah
She: That's why shhhs now

Hahah yeeeah. Got to love her. She makes me feel better while mocking me.

Well it's raining and late so I'll go to sleep now. I love to sleep while it rains. It's calming. Good night everyone.