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Furious WIP

I loved doing the crosshatching in this. THE ANATOMY SUCKS THOUGHT ...

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Trying Inktober, Despite Life

Hey there, short post since I don't post anything for a while, but that's life fault! I've been busy searching a job or a class or something to do with my useless life, but I still didn't found it! AFTER THREE FRICKING YEARS, but I hope for the fu...

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Painful cheap art supply

Aaaaaahhhhhrgh! I make this post to talk about art supply, to be more specific cheap art supply. I have to be honest, when I use cheap art supply I actually have more fun, and I'm more proud of my work because if I'm able to pull it o...

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I'm aliveeeeeeh! (plus draw WIP)

Just like the title says I make this post to inform you that I'm actually alive, breathing and all of my organs are correctly functioning it seems. That being said I'm sorry for the inactivity! Ugh I like to comment on stuff and try to post...

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Draw WIP

I like to make those, so sorry for the spam! Usually I just sketch and then ink directly on the same sheet of paper, but here the anatomy and proportions were just awful, so in the end I decided to just fix and retrace it, to make it a lit...

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