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Draw photos!

In the end I decided to take a few photos of my last draw since I think it better shows the real colors, the photos didn't came to bad! ...

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Taking a break

Hi everyone, small announcement, lately I've had problems with my art, it's just feel wrong, I don't like it too much, it's not as fun as before, stuff like that. Not really an art block, more like "I draw but meeeeeh I don't like this stuff" so I...

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Love the internet sometimes, must share

If it's not showing (cause Theo it's a party pooper when it come to showing videos) here's the link

also, I'm a desperate need of an eraser, like this it's all the eraser I have left. I make a lot of mistakes...

That's all the useless informations I've for now.

OC Profile Pictures Completed!

Nngh If you wondered why I've been quite idle on the art posting, it's because I was too busy finishing my stupid OC profile pictures! I've been working at this for so long! I've posted the first redone picture in November, and unfortunately when ...

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...and yet another TheO post (Groovy Boar Edition!)

Ugh. UGH. Yeah I'm gonna write something about the site too. I didn't wanted to since we all know what's going on, but yeah in the end I want to say a couple of things too. Feel free not to read if the topic it's becoming boring XD ...

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