Well, here I am. People who know me love me whether they like it or not. It's a burden since I dislike most people. You can find My actual Life HERE. I have many fandoms, and many likes but I have yet to find passion in a past time. You are welcome as long as you behave.

I figure as long as STAN can live here, I can too. Here's round two.



Fictitious things

Steve Martin Is the Best Dentist

Have you seen Little Shop of Horrors and Steve Martin's dentist character? If not, then go do it right now.

I haven't been to the dentist in almost 10 years. Even with insurance, dental work is expensive. I can no longer avoid it. I have a molar that has been painlessly broken for almost 2 years. I keep it clean, we're all hunky dory. Tuesday it decided my Karma is all bad and I deserve ALL THE MOUTH PAIN. I've been brought to ALL STOP tears a few times in the last few days. Now I need to find a new dentist (one of the reasons I stopped going was that my dentist that I loved moved away and I'm lazy when it comes to these things), and hope for an immediate appointment. Then pay for a root canal, and listen to a lecture about prevention and yadda yadda, be told my wisdom teeth need removed (they don't) and schedule an all day visit to take care of my other issues that are not immediate pain. In the midst of this, literally go to the bank and apply for a loan to cover my dental work. That may sound extreme, but I guarantee that I'll get a better interest rate that way than putting it on a credit care and I have at least a couple of grand of work to do, even with insurance. These last 2 weeks are trying my patience.

Everything's done right, but it's all wrong

Sonuvabitch if these damn dogs aren't gonna be the death of me.

I have gotten into a habit of double and triple checking that is closed all the kennels before leaving the house. Today that didn't matter. Tempest and Hudson both somehow broke out of their kennels today. The front panel of tempest's was knocked outward, Hudson's was pulled inward. I have no clue what instigated the escape, but once out, the beat up my Lucy girl. She'll be fine, but she's going to be sore for a while. She's got a dozen puncture wounds and a Gash on her head that might need stitches, but we've got antibiotics and pain killers, so we'll probably be just fine. If just makes me worry, though.

My Upstairs Neighbor Died

This is a weird thing to say, since I live alone in a one story house. Jesse will always be my upstairs neighbor, though. He was the first friend I made when I moved to Manhattan in 2002. When I moved, the person whose space I was filling in the apartment hadn't moved out yet, so I was couch surfing for a week. I was sitting out on the back of my car one night being sad and annoyed because the living room where I was roughin' it was being used as a living room. I was out there a good long while and suddenly a dude sits next to me on the car and asks if I'm alright. He'd noticed that I hadn't really moved in like an hour. He just hung out with me and we talked a while. He lived 2 floors above us. From that point on, we were buddies. parties, Mario Kart tournaments, movies...

Jesse ran interference on the guy who tried to stalk me. He's a good dude. He hit some rough times. He had an ugly divorce, he turned to drinking and then he beat it. He has 2 little boys who adore him. He died yesterday. I hadn't talked to him since 2014, because life is that way, but I miss him already.

The world needs more kind people.

All I Post About is Dogs

My long time best buddy Demian has passed away. He's my Old Man dog, he was ten years old. He got in a fight with one of my foster dogs and got a massive infection. He went septic and died. It all happened in 2.5 days. I'm so sorry, to my Boo. I'm sorry his ending was painful and drawn out. I'm sorry he can't smile at me anymore, and I'm really sad.

One day I'll post about something that isn't a dog tragedy... Probably.


Miss P and I took her final trip today. Everyone played outside this morning, Penelope and I snuggled. We went driving for about half an hour because she loved car rides. We went through Starbucks and she got a pup cup of whipped cream. She sat with me in the waiting room like a good girl. I sat on the floor in the exam room and my 90 pound girl sat right in my lap, which is where she stayed until she left me. I pet her and told her I'm sorry.

I'm not just sad. I feel so guilty. My mistake has cost these 2 poor dogs everything. I didn't realize just how much of the energy in my house originated with Ted the Dog. Everyone is so subdued now. There's a minimal amount of chase in the yard, and poor Hudson seems to keep looking for his friend.

Crying gives me headaches. I can't really mourn them publicly because the whole situation would reflect poorly on the rescue. Thank goodness very few of the people in my day to day have any idea of my page here, and I can lament and be very emo...