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the wonder of the internet

Is anyone else in wonder of the internet. It might be just because i live in an isolated town but i find myself in constant awe of its widespreading influence. I will give you and example. like i mentioned before i am also a writer on fanfiction.net which has an cool little feature that breaks down the number of readers of your story per country. I checked it the other day and my stories have been read in 49 countries. i was shocked. in countries that i will never have the pleasure of visiting someone i will never have the opertunity to know has sat down and read my work.

Take for instant the country of lebonon. I have hits from there but i know nothing about the country, its people, what its like to live there. Yet someone from that country likes the same anime that i do. likes my ideas enough to read my work and maybe even has sent me a comment about it. makes you feel that maybe the world is not so large as we think and that maybe we are not all so different after all. corny but thats my take on it.

chapter 3 christmas cookies

Chapter three: Christmas Cookies part 1 Inuyasha stirred in his sleep from beneath the warm blankets as a sunbeam crept through Kagome’s window to fall across his face. Reluctantly, Inuyasha opened his eyes and rubbed them slowly, tr...

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Chapter two Trimming the tree

here is the second chapter. Enjoy Chapter 2: Decorating the Christmas Tree Inuyasha blinked as the bright blue light of time travel faded, leaving him in the frozen familiarity of the shrine. Shadows danced across the walls as only...

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Teaching Inuyasha christmas

This is the story from my fanfiction site. Its down and i am going through withdrawal so i decided to start posting it here. Yes i know its long past Christmas but I started back in December so get use to it lol. Its going to be posted in chapters but the first six are done so ill probably post one a day in order to not overwhelm everyone. Here is the first chapter.

Disclaimer: Forgot this in my last one, I do not own Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, or any other of the marvelous character’s of Inuyasha. If I did, I would not be slaving away at college living on ramen noodles and caffeine.

Chapter one: Invitation for the holidays

“Ah, last one,” the raven-haired girl sighed in relief as she sealed the end of the brightly wrapped package with a small piece of tape. Smiling, she pulled her hand back to admire her handy work before carefully tossing the gift into a small pile of similarly wrapped packages.

Kagome smiled as she set the wrapping paper aside. “Let’s see, we’ve got an art set and candy for Shippo, some perfume and mace for Sango, a book on meditation and a binoculars for Miroku (A.N wonder what he will do with that ), some mouse toys and catnip for Kirara, and some magnetic jewelry and some candles for Kaede.” Kagome listed off holding up a finger for each person. “All I have left is Inuyasha.” Satisfied, Kagome lifted her giant yellow backpack, dropped it onto the wooden table, and began to stuff the gifts into the bloated bag.

“Leaving Kagome?” Kagome jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice. Her mother eyed the bloated bag with a hint of sadness. “I thought you were staying home this Christmas.”

“I am,” Kagome replied as she struggled with the zipper. “I’ll be back. I just have to take the others their presents first. They are staying at the village because of the snow. I’ll be back before dark.”

Her mother nodded, looking relieved, and crossed the kitchen to help her daughter. “What did Inuyasha say about you spending the holidays here?” She asked casually as she yanking the zipper closed and lifted the bag for Kagome to slide it onto her shoulders.

Kagome flushed and looked away. “Well, I haven’t exactly told him yet.”
Her mother’s eyebrow arched, “You haven’t told the others you were going.”

“Oh no, I told the others I just haven’t told Inuyasha yet.” Kagome explained looking guilty, “He can be a little . . . difficult.” More like stubborn, pigheaded and totally overbearing. Kagome thought absentmindedly. She was not looking forward to telling the protective hanyou that she was leaving for the holidays.

Her mother just nodded knowingly, “Poor dear, he must get so lonely without you there. From what you told me he doesn’t have anyone to spend the holidays with.”

“Mom, you know they don’t celebrate Christmas back then.” Kagome sighed. “Besides, Sango, Miroku and Shippo will be there.” Kagome reminded her, trying to elevate some of her guilt.

“Still, maybe you should invite him to spend Christmas with us. He does worry about you a lot.”

Kagome’s face lit up as soon as the words left her mother’s lips. A mental image of Inuyasha lying curled up like a dog under the Christmas tree with a Santa hat sitting between those two white furry ears popped into her mind, causing her to squeal with joy. “Oh really mom, is that ok.”

The women smiled at her daughter’s thrilled expression, “Of course it’s ok Kagome. I know that Souta would love to have Inuyasha here for Christmas, and this way we know he won’t worry.”

Kagome threw her arms around her mother, causing her to laugh in surprise. “Thank you mom. Oh no, it is starting to snow. I better get these gifts to them and come back before the doors to the well become buried.”

Her mother released her daughter and watched her dash towards the door before grabbed her jacket from the kitchen chair. “Yes, I must be heading out as well.”

Kagome glanced back, confused. “Where are you going?”

“Well if Inuyasha is coming for Christmas, we are going to need more food.”


As the two were in the kitchen discussing their holiday plans, our favorite hanyou was sitting in a tree and slowly losing his mind. “Damn it, where is she?” the young boy growled as he began to pace the tree branch.

“Inuyasha, come inside and sit by the fire. You are going to end up falling down if you keep pacing like that.” The young monk said wisely, as he stood in the threshold of Kaede’s hut. Beside him, Shippo peaked outside the hut to watch Inuyasha pace.

“Yeah, Inuyasha, she will be back soon.”

“Three days, she said she would be back in three days. She promised. . .” Inuyasha muttered his pacing increasing in speed.

“She still has till nightfall Inuyasha. She is probably just running a little late.” Miroku commented in a soothing voice.

Suddenly, Inuyasha froze and sniffed at the air. A second later, he was gone, the underbrush swaying where he entered the forest.

“That means Kagome is coming, right?” Shippo asked Miroku eagerly.

Miroku smiled gently at the young fox, “Yes Shippo, I told him not to worry.”


Kagome groaned as she tried to shove the heavy book bag over the lip of the well. Her feet slipped hazardously on the sheet of ice the bottom of the well had become. How could I have forgotten that the melt from the last snow would cause the well floor to freeze? Helplessly, she felt her right foot go out from underneath her. She braced herself to hit the ground, still holding the bag high above her head, when suddenly she felt herself being lifted off her feet. She smiled faintly as she clutched at the book bags straps, until she felt the strong hand griped her and pulled her over the lip of the well.

“Finally wench, where have you been?”

Kagome smiled, ignoring the name for once. “I’m sorry. I am running a little late, but I have a good reason. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Kagome turned gracefully and began to run toward the village, leaving a rather stunned and confused hanyou behind.


“Christmas?” Sango, Miroku, and Shippo all chorused at once.

Kagome nodded enthusiastically as she began to rout through of the bag. Meanwhile, Inuyasha sat in the corner, his sword across his lap as he tried to act like didn’t care what she was saying.

“What’s Chrispmas, Kagome?” Shippo asked eyeing up the bag excitedly.

The young women giggled. “Not Chrispmas Shippo, Christmas. It’s a holiday we celebrate during my time. During Christmas, people get together with their family members, eat food, exchange gifts, and spend time together?” Kagome explained. “It’s really fun. You get to decorate the house, sing songs, and you get a break from classes. Here, I made these for you guys.” Kagome pulled four bracelets woven with jingle bells and handed one to each of the three curious onlookers.

“Bells?” Miroku muttered as he accepted the gift with a hint of confusion on his face.

“Yes, jingle bells. It’s a Christmas thing.” Kagome stated unsure if she wanted to try to explain Santa Claus and sleigh bells. She doubted that she would be able to explain it efficiently. Instead, she focused on tying the bracelet to Shippo’s wrist.

“Thank you, Kagome.” Shippo cried out as he started to dart around the hut shaking his wrist.

“Christmas sounds wonderful, Kagome. When is it celebrated?” Sango asked examining the bracelet before slipping it on her arm.

“In two weeks. December 25 in my time.”

“Your leaving again then, aren’t you.” Inuyasha finally piped up.

Kagome turned to face him, “Well yeah, but…”

“Ha, figures,” Inuyasha, muttered before rising.

“Inuyasha?” the young girl whispered, but the Hanyou ignored her as he passed through the doorway.

Kagome threw a questioning look at her other friends.

Sango shrugged, “he’s was acting a little strangely when you were gone, but you know Inuyasha. He is always sort of temperamental.”

“Was what he said true Kagome? Are you leaving again?” Shippo gave her a heart-wrenching look, tears brimming in his eyes.

Kagome sighed, “Yes Shippo, but only for another two weeks. I just want to spend Christmas with my family this year.”

“We understand, Kagome. You mustn’t let us monopolize your time.” Miroku said forgivingly. Sango nodded in agreement. “We will not be able to search for the shards anyway. A snowstorm is coming. It would be best if we all remain here for the time being.”

Kagome nodded, but she still could not help but feel a little guilty. “Shippo, are you sure you will be alright then?”

“Yeah Kagome, you should go home and spend some time with your family.” Shippo decided. He glanced away from the young girl his eyes full of tears, and then something caught his eye. “What’s that Kagome?” He cried out as he scampered over to her bag and pulled out one of the brightly colored packages.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Since I would not be here for Christmas I decided to give out my presents early.” Kagome explained excided and relieved by the change in the conversation. “Here Shippo, this one is for you.”


Outside the hut, a rather hurt and frustrated hanyou tried very hard to ignore the cries of excitement coming from the young people inside. How could she do this? Come one moment, leave the next, and expect me to wait like an obedient puppy until she returned. It wasn’t fair. The young boy slammed his fist into the unfortunate tree that he was sitting on. The poor tree shook from branch to root, but managed to stay intact. Frustrated, Inuyasha plopped down in the snow, a cute little pout forming on his face. Stupid Chrispmas. Stupid holidays. She did not have school; she should be spending her time with me.

A shiver went through Inuyasha as the cold snow was starting to soak into his fire rat bottoms (do they protect against water?). He hated the winter. Starting a fire out of wet wood was hard for a four-year-old child. All the winter ever gave him was freezing lonely days hulled up in some cave praying that it was not already occupied while somewhat hoping it was. Death appeared much easier then dealing with being alone when you are small, cold, and helpless. Even when he got older, winter still remained one of the hardest seasons. Sighing, the young boy pulled his knees close to his body for a moment, huddling for warmth and comfort.

A short scream issued from the hut and Inuyasha jumped up as the others emerged.

“I forgot to warn you to only use it outside.” Kagome said coughing then shrugged as Sango came through the doorway, mace in hand.

“Wow, that stuff worked well Kagome, thanks.” She muttered in amazement. A few minutes later, the monk stumbled out and fell face first into the snow. After laying there for a moment, Miroku abruptly lifted his head, scooped up a handful of snow, and proceeded to rub his eyes vigorously with it.

Finally, he lifted his head and blinked his eyes before opening them cautiously. “Kagome, what . . . interesting items you have in your time.”

“Serves you right Miroku.” Shippo muttered still clutching his new art set to his chest. “Kagome, you promise to get me some more paper for my paints while you’re gone?” He asked looking up at her with wide begging eyes as he sucked on a jawbreaker.

Kagome laughed “Sure Shippo.” she reassured them as she set her large bag into the snow before going over to Miroku to offer him a cloth to wipe the remaining pepper spray from his face.

Inuyasha frowned. She got them gifts? Making sure no one was looking; he sneaked over to Kagome’s bag and thrust his head inside. He reemerged looking hurt. She forgot me. She leaves me for a week only to come back and say she is leaving for two more. Then she did not even remember to get me anything for Chrispmas. Silently, he sent her an angry glare before turning and walking into the forest.

Meanwhile, Kagome had succeeded in rubbing the remainder of the pepper spray off the monks face, feeling slightly guilty. I got him binoculars and her pepper spray. Not a good idea. Inuyasha will not even be here to keep him out of trouble. Suddenly it clicked. Kagome glanced around, scanning the surrounding trees and rooftops. “Hey, do you guys know where Inuyasha went? I thought he was sitting out here.”

The monk looked up, his bloodshot eyes looking slightly surprised. “He must have left. Why do you ask, Kagome?”

“Well, actually I was planning on inviting him to come home with me for Christmas.” Kagome said blushing, “I figured that he would just end up driving you guys crazy so I thought it would be better just to let him come along.”

“Oh, I want to go.” Shippo cried out leaping into Kagome’s arms. Kagome gave her friends a helpless look.

Miroku smiled, “I’m sure Kagome would be happy to have you Shippo that is if you give her your art setback for awhile. After all, from what I gathered Christmas gifts are to be opened on Christmas. We were unable to do that before because we do not go by her calendar, but if you return with her I‘m sure she could rewrap it.”

Shippo quickly jumped down, clutching the set to his chest. “That’s ok Kagome. . . You should spend it with your family. Besides, Inuyasha would just be mean to me.”

Kagome mouthed a silent thank you to Miroku. “Well, I better go and find Inuyasha that way I can get home before dark. See you guys in two weeks.” She said as she slung the large bag over her shoulders and turned towards the forest as the others waved.


“Inuyasha?” Inuyasha tried to ignore the young women’s voice, as he lay on the icy branch in his favorite tree.

“Inuyasha, where are you?” Inuyasha growled. Oh now she remembers me. Probably just coming to say goodbye before she leaves me trapped with the runt again. He continued to stare at the sky even after the footsteps stopped right underneath his tree.

“Why didn’t you answer me?” Kagome asked irritated. Inuyasha only offered a single glance, but Kagome still caught the hurt etched in his eyes. “What’s wrong?” She asked concerned. Inuyasha ignored her. Kagome frowned.

“Sit boy,” she said quietly.

Inuyasha grunted as he hit the frozen ground hard. He sat up blood trickling from his nose.

Kagome cried out. “Oh no, I’m sorry.” she blurted out rushing to his side.

Inuyasha just jumped up quickly wiping his sleeve across his nose,
erasing all the traces of the blood that had already stopped thanks to his half-demon healing abilities. “What did you do that for, wench?” he said turning to face her.

“You were ignoring me.” She stated defensively.

“What do you want me to say? I’m so happy your leaving for two weeks, thanks for putting us behind on our search by waiting for you. I’ll just go back and listen to the runt whine for days about how you’re not here and then get slapped for shutting him up.” Inuyasha ranted.

“But Inuyasha…” Kagome began. He was not finished.

“…Well you know what. I don’t need you here. I don’t need your presents and your Chrispmas and you to remember me…”

Kagome jumped in and placed a finger over his mouth, shocking the boy
out of his rant. “Is that what this is about? Oh Inuyasha, I didn’t forget about you and I didn’t come here to say goodbye. I came here to see if you want to come with me.”

The two fuzzy white ears that were up till now flat against his head in anger and hurt now perked up at her words. “What? You want me to come celebrate Chrispmas with you?” The young boy’s look of anger was replaced with one of confusion. “But, I thought that was only for family.” Inuyasha spit the world out as if it tasted bitter.

Kagome giggled nervously, “But Inuyasha, you are part of my family.”

Inuyasha blushed at this as he looked away. A rush of warm comforting
feeling bubbled up within him at the mention of that word, leaving him feel strangely vulnerable. She considers me family.

Kagome glanced up at the darkening sky and bit her lip. She knew he was fighting with himself about something and did not want rush the boy into doing something that he did not want do, but she had promised her mom they would be home before dark. “Inuyasha?”

“I’ll go.” The young boy said his bangs hiding his eyes.

Kagome’s face brightened instantly. She threw her arms around Inuyasha causing him to blush. “Oh, thank you. This is going to be so much fun. We can bake cookies, hang decorations, sing carols, and you can help us put up the Christmas tree. It will be great.”

“Yeah.” The young boy muttered, his face bright red.

Kagome smiled glancing up at the sky again. What she saw made her jump out of the hanyou’s arms. “We better hurry. I told mom we would be home before dark and its twilight.” Kagome went to pick up the bag, but felt it lift of the ground and realized that Inuyasha was already slinging it over his back.

“Yeah, we better get going.” Inuyasha said heading for the well. Kagome naturally fell in step behind him. Before they reached the well, Inuyasha broke the comfortable silence between them.



“What’s a Christmas tree?”
 T.B.C

Question to my readers

I'll ask you guys this question since no one is answering my post on the boards. No one like me theer . I come from a small town and dont get alot of exposure to anime. but i oviously do have the interenet. so if anyone can suggest a website where i can explore and read new anime i would be very happy. that way when i go to the bookstore i will not feel like someone staring into the human brain. any suggestions will be welcome thanks for the help.