I trusted you, I told you things,
I told you my life, and I let you in,
Into my mind, Into my life,
Into my soul, and into my heart;
And eachtime you came, a part of me healed,
More secure, more stong,
But what I didn't heed....
Was that it wasn't strength,
You were not healing me,
It wasn't the goodness,
A light,
Of one that was pure.
I was weakening, Darkening,
My whole outlook on life,
It was all turned around,
With the presence of your life.
Of your exsistance, Of your soul,
Of your heart, each part of you cold.
I'm not one to judge, I'm not one to assume,
But when I don't see the truth, That's all in the gloom.
That's all that exsists, nothing more, nothing less.
Just more lies, more questions,
More things unanswered, more things misunderstood.
Only you can change this, Only you can make repairs,
I will remain forever... even if you're never there.