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Extensive OC Development Quiz: Takeshi

Picked this up from DA. It's long, but fun! (I'll split it into multiple pages, for ease of reading.) __________________________________________________ Extensive Character Development Quiz...

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Nikkou Animation!!

I wanted to animate this little guy for a GIF, but I was having a hard time, so I went to Flash -- and this is the result of my second animation attempt.

Eternal Girls - Body Types

While I was drawing this for MaCheriexx's "Caricature Your Character" challenge, I went on a body type binge and started doodling the other girls from Eternal Rain. ...

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Hair Styles

Saw this fun meme floating around DA and thought to give it a shot -- It was fun!

Toki (normal)

Ponytail: Ties her hair up while doing chores. (Loose hair all over XD)
Pigtails: Toki thinks she's too old for pigtails.
Side ponytail: Toki - "Do you want me to do my hair like Shiri?" (Shiri hair style comparison)
Short: Her hair is the shortest ever in Eternal Rain: REVISITED. Toki - "I had just gotten a bad cut, okay?!"
Long: Toki - "If my hair ever got as long as Mara's, I wouldn't know what ti do with it all!" (Mara hair comparison)
Up-do: Another case of pinning it up?

Which Guy from the "Eternal Rain" Universe are You?

Mark [x] for any that apply to you, then tally up your answers. Check the bottom for your result!! _______________________________________________________________ -1- [] You are the mediator [] You are rel...

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