The Cast: Shuuichi Makino

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The Cast: Allies from the Fire Gate

Shūichi Makino relays intelligence to the forces in the Fire Gate's Llania region - and secretly to the Keyholders, as well. He is highly-regarded for his information-gathering skills.

Specialty: Fire and magma elemental defense, mid-range; His rank is Yogan (elite fighter class).
Likes: Kids, Building, working with computers and other technology
Dislikes: fighting, unfairness
Relatives of note: mother, father, older brother (Hikaru)
Closest friends: Reka, Katsushiro, Daisuke, Takeshi, Yuki, Hisao

Others' views of him...
Takeshi: Shūichi is very brave and admirable. ^-^
Reka: He can be a bit of a busybody, but he means well. ^-^
Toki: He seems kind of mysterious. 0_0
Kita: He's pretty amazing, if you ask me. He's bright and helps out a lot despite his handicap. d^^
Katsushiro: He's the protective big-brother type. ^^
Daisuke: He's too serious most of the time. >.<
Yuki: Shūichi is fun and sweet; in a lot of ways, he and Takeshi are alike. =^^=