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Story genres: Action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, shonen
Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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Stories from the Eternal Rain Universe

The Eternal Rain universe includes several spin-offs, all works in progress. Currently, they are...

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A panel from Eternal Rain issue 2, currently in progress.


Plot Summary
After arriving back in Llania, Shuichi, Reka and Toshiro return to business as usual at the daycare center. On the eighth anniversary of Hisao's death, something peculiar happens: Reka saves Hisao from being hit by a car! Is this boy some imposter pretending to be Hisao, or has Reka completely lost it?!?

Eternal Storm Clip 4

From episode 27: Sanctuary Shiri scoops sand into her palm and lets it slip through her fingers over and over again. Sighing, she asks, “How do you think Toshiro and Sora are doing?” Kita frowns. “Is that w...

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Eternal Storm Clip 3

From episode 18: Betrayal “So you have returned,” the Grand Seeker says. “What took you?” the man with the booming voice demands irritably. “I hope you have good reason for rudely interrupting o...

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Eternal Storm Clip 2

From episode 7: Altercation “We’ll go on and scout ahead,” Toshiro agrees. He and Sora take off again with the others in tow. Just as they are gaining distance, they hear Takeshi yell, “SHIRI, GET BACK HERE!...

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