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Legacy's Cast: Kaori

Keyholders' Legacy builds on the cast of the previous series...

Legacy's Cast: Keyholders-in-training

Kaori Norikawa is Toki and Reka's daughter and the oldest of the Keyholders-in-training.

Specialty: none yet
Likes: Sports, video games, horsing around with dad
Dislikes: most things Keyholder-related, history, when dad burns dinner
Relatives of Note: grandparents, mother, father, aunt (Atsuko), aunt (Yumi), uncle (Toshiro), cousin (Hideo)
Closest Friends: Nikko, Midori

Others' views of her...
Atsuko: She's a brat. >_<
Hideo: Kaori's all big talk. XD (Kaori: You're one to talk! >_<)
Takumi: I wish she'd take her training more seriously. She dozes off during my lectures -- am I really that boring? (Kaori: Yes./Takumi: You just earned more work -- that oughtta keep you awake./Kaori: Nooo! You tyrant! >.<)
Nikko: Kaori is nice to me. *^^* (Kaori: *huggles him*)

Second Generation

Well, I've done it. I've started yet ANOTHER branch of the Eternal Rain universe. For those of you who have seen the "Second Generation?" fanart, the novel, which I am now calling "Keyholders' Legacy," will star the children of three married Keyholder couples.

(In order of appearance)

Kaori Norikawa
Parents: Toki + Reka

Nikkou (Shieko-kalu de Uakashie)
Parents: Shiri + Sora

Hideo Okino
Parents: Atsuko + Toshiro

I'll have full profiles for each of these guys later, as well as more details about the story, which is currently in progress.

FLASHBACKS (updated)

I'm currently working on the short stories that make up "Flashbacks." Each one is told in first-person point of view and shows the pasts of the characters from Eternal Rain and Eternal Storm. Some featured characters are Toki, Kita, Reka and Sharo...

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Foils and Counterparts

Reka and Satoshi

  • They are close to the same age.
  • Both of their fathers are generals in the Llanian army.
  • Both of them are highly-skilled fighters.
  • Reka rebels against his abusive father, while Satoshi goes to any means necessary to emulate his.
  • They are both upper-class. Satoshi carries the upper class's prejudice against the lower class, while Reka goes out of his way to protect them.

Sound like quite the explosive combination? When these two fiery-tempered fighters butt heads, the sparks really fly! And since Satoshi views Reka as his rival, they are always at odds.

Takeshi and Shuichi

  • Both are leaders in their own right.
  • Both are intelligent and caring.
  • Takeshi is three years younger than Shuichi.
  • Takeshi is somewhat clumsy, while Shuichi has strong athletic ability.
  • Takeshi has slightly more charisma than Shuichi, but Shuichi is more natural.

They're really good friends and exchange information with each other.

Sora and Reka

  • Both are guardian characters whose priority is defending their teammates, even if that means giving up their lives. Both of them can be reckless in that respect.
  • Both are stubborn.
  • Both of them have a soft spot for Shiri.
  • Sora is two years younger than Reka.
  • Reka is very outspoken (which at times backfires on him), while Sora almost never raises his voice -- he doesn't even talk much.
  • Sora is considerably more mellow than Reka.

They complement each other in battle and get along well when they're together.

Character Histories: Shuichi, Katsushiro and Daisuke


  • Hometown: Uekawa, Llania
  • Family: 4 members, upper-class
  • Shuichi's older brother, Hikaru, a pacifist and human rights activist with a soft spot for Peasant children, takes a little girl into his home and introduces Shuichi to Hisao, who he is tutoring. When the little girl takes seriously ill and passes away, then Hisao falls sick, too, Hikaru disappears from Llania never to return.
  • Wanting to follow his brother's example, Shuichi helps Hisao out and teaches him the Surika Aite. After Hisao is killed, Shuichi and Reka become friends.
  • He is unwillingly drafted into the Llanian Guard and sent out to the Kaita village as a spy. Unfortunately, in the course of the mission, Shuichi is seriously injured.
  • Afterward, he is confined to his home and works undercover with Hijiri Tachibana as a double agent.


  • Hometown: ?, Somari
  • Family: 3 members, upper-class
  • Katsushiro has been friends with Shuichi and Daisuke since before they met Hisao.
  • He is also unwillingly drafted into the Guard and goes with Shuichi on his mission. He wrestles with feelings of guilt for letting Shuichi get hurt protecting him.


  • Hometown: Kurosaka, Llania
  • Family: 3 members, upper-class
  • Daisuke is thrown into the same camp -- a recruting ground for the Guard -- as Shuichi and Katsushiro. Later on, he and Katsushiro are both forced to fight against the Keyholders.