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Story genres: Action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, shonen
Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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MBTI Personality Types

I've been dabbling in Myers-Briggs personality typing and tried to peg my characters for fun. Here's a comparison of Eternal Rain's main cast:

I got their types by comparing descriptions from multiple sites. These are the ones I found most helpful. Click any one to learn more:

16 Personalities | Truity | Personality Junkie

It seems like every time I settle on a type for some of these guys, I look at the descriptions on another site or something and think, "Wait, nope, that's not right." XD I think part of it is because I'm including my characters' coping mechanisms in my evaluations, but that makes them show behaviors outside their type's typical description. So, I've revised a couple of their types.

Reka: ENFJ - My conclusion is that, whatever he is, he's what the psychology folks call an "unhealthy" one because of the stress he deals with at home. I leaned toward INFJ because he's private and a people-reader (his coping mechanisms, introverted traits), but he actually does get reenergized by being with people he trusts (extraversion, his natural mode). When he's emotionally in a good place and at his most relaxed, he wants to be with people and make them feel good (the primary preference of the ENFJ type).

Toki: INFP - ISFPs like novelty (the SP part of that type). Toki goes with the flow out of wanting to avoid conflict (the NF part of her type), but she prefers to stay in her comfort zone. She makes decisions mainly based on past experience (which is NOT part of the SP in the ISFP type).

New Additions: Takumi

Friend or Foe?

The mysterious Takumi joins the Keyholders as a monitor. Can he be trusted?

Specialty: Añi Fan
Likes: Stargazing, astronomy
Dislikes: his father's strictness, dealing with situations where emotions run high
Relatives of note: father, mother, younger sister (Hiromi)
Closest friends: Shiori

Others' views of him...
Shiori: Takumi doesn't show it, but he has a sweet side. ^^
Atsuko: He's stuck-up. >.<
Toshiro: Takumi's kind of awkward and emotionless. -_-
Hiromi: My brother works hard. ^-^

The Cast: Lady Mizuki Akibana

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

The Cast: Allies from the Water Gate

Lady Mizuki Akibana is the councilwoman of the Kaita village, as well as Takeshi's teacher. She entrusts Takeshi with the task of gathering the Keyholders and finding the Legendary Water Key, which resets the positions of the Gates when all of the minor Water Keys are combined.

Specialty: Water and ice elemental attacks, mid-range. Fighter rank is Mizujin (elite fighter class).
Likes: teaching, reading, being available to help the villagers
Dislikes: deskwork, the politics of working on the Council
Relatives of note: niece (Yuki). Later marries into the Morita family.

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: She's a good teacher and a strong leader. ^^
Yuki: My aunt is very busy with the Council.
Sharon: She's a fair, but strong-willed woman. ^^

The ALLIANCE Crew: Toshiro Okino

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

The Core Four Members

Toshiro Okino is a returning character from the Eternal Rain episode entitled "Refugees". He's the comic relief among the ALLIANCE crew.

Specialty: Fire elemental attacks; his rank is Hijin (intermediate fighter class)
Likes: joking around, playing soccer, collecting
Dislikes: Atsuko's mean nicknames (his is "Baka-brain"), unnecessary fights
Relatives of note: father, mother, older brother (Yusuke)
Closest friends: Reka, Shuichi, Shiori, Atsuko, Sora

Others' views of him:
Yusuke: My little brother is really energetic. ^^
Reka: He's a lot like Hisao. ^^...
Shuichi: He's a great help at the daycare center. ^-^
Shiori: Toshiro is a lot of fun! ^o^
Atsuko: He's a baka-brain, but I like him anyway. ^^

The Cast: Hisao Onishi

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

The Cast: Flashback Characters

Hisao Onishi is Reka and Shuichi's best friend, who only appears in flashbacks in Eternal Rain's main series. (Hisao: At least I got my own prequel...)

Specialty: Fire elemental attacks (mid-range); his fighter rank is Yogan (elite fighter class).
Likes: playing soccer, hanging out with his friends
Dislikes: being cooped up in the house when he's sick, fighting
Relatives of note: mother, father, aunt (Mayura)
Closest friends: Reka, Shuichi, Hikaru

Others' reactions to him...
Reka: Despite everything he's been through, he always tries to stay optimistic. ^^
Shuichi: He's a great friend, and my brother always talked about how bright he is. ^-^ (Reka: He'd have to be a genius to master the Surika Aite at only eight or nine years old. 0_0 Too bad he had to drop out of school...)
Katsushiro: Hisao is a brave little guy. ^-^
Daisuke: When it comes to soccer, he's really good despite his lack of stamina. ^^