My Wishlist..

Me: Estelle!!Estelle!! *pokes with pencil*

Estelle: *looks up from reading, annoyed* Yes? What is it, Miss Nae?

Me: :3 What do you what for Christmas? X3 *places pencil point on notepad*

Estelle: *blinks and points to self* Are you making a list of presents to get me?

Me: Weeeeeeeeeeell Not exactly me! I entered you in a Secret Santa in PGR and sooo ya HAVE to make a wish list! :D

Estelle: *smiles* How delightful. ^.^ Alright. This is what I wish to have.

Estelle's Wishlist:

  • Portrait of Estelle in a fancy ball gown
  • Picture of Estelle, Lux, and Tanner together.
  • Picture of Estelle in a "Santa Baby" outfit
  • Picture of Estelle has an Eevee playing in the snow
  • Picture of Estelle and the Secret Santa's OC enjoying Christmas
  • Picture of Estelle with a big fuzzy white teddy in PJs.
  • Picture of Nyarth and Estelle together

Me: MAN Estelle That's a lot! >.<

Estelle: *shrugs* I'm a girl with needs and wants.

Me: I can see that... ^.^'''

Estelle: What do you want Miss Nae?

Me: Me??! Hmmm....

Naomi's Wishlist:

  • A picture of me
  • A picture of Estelle Kissing ______ under the mistletoe X3!!!


Me: That's a surprise! XD I really want the second one though!! Surprise me! :D
Nae OUT! ♥

Estelle: Ja Ne! ^.^ *waves*