Welcome to Dead Frontier World, here you can find information about Dead frontier 3D. Dead Frontier is a MMORPG game and also a survival game. In dead frontier you can do missions, make friends, team up against zombies, buy cool weapons and travel further into the city.
The game website is www.deadfrontier.com if your interested in shooting zombies and survival.
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Update: I am going to be posting less Epic and Legendary loots screenshot to reduce the amount of post in my DF World, it's starting to get pretty messy. I will post Epic and Legendary gears that I haven't looted yet.


Armours are very useful in Dead frontier especially when you go further into the city. Each armour has its own duribility(HP of armour). When you armour is broken you should go back to the base or holdout and fix it ASAP. Armours can be loot in the city about 30% chance.
TIP: The higher the level you are buy a better armour. e.g. Lv 1-10 Sports Armour, Lv 11-19 Kelvar Vest.


There are many levels in Dead Frontier. The lowerest is Lv 1 and the highest is Lv 220. The higher the level the further you go into the city. Every level you level up you get 5 free points to ugrade your character. Until Lv 50+ you only get 1 or 2 points to upgrade your character.
TIP: always level up melee skills every few levels you level up, because it's going to be useful as you level up higher. Another tip is that if you upgrade endurance skills very high your you can run more longer due to higher endurance. You can also get more health points.

Types of Weapons

There are many types of weapons in Dead frontier.
There are pistols,shotguns,sub-machine guns,assault rifles,heavy machine guns,miniguns,grenade launchers,rifles and melee weapons.


New Player Guide

When you started playing Dead Frontier you should always read carefully on which character you choose. I highly recommend having a role-playing class(i.e Lawyer, Priest), all except student will gain 30% extra EXP than any other classes. The game is online free survival game and it also requires to install 3D UNITY PLAYER to play in the inner city.