Quiz Time

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Got this from FallenAngel01.


A little quiz!

You have to answer each question truthfully.
Here we go!

What's your name?




Favorite colour(s)?

Blue, green, yellow, red and black. (It's increasing...0.0)

Favorite band(s)/singer(s)?

Asian Kung-Fu Generation, T.M. Revolution, UVERworld, NICO Touches the Wall, Ikimonogakari, Spider, Daughtry, LinKin Park, Panic! At the Disco, AAR, MCR, AKINO, Akiko Shikata, Owl City, Kalafina, Rin'..and many more? ^^;

Favorite anime?

I got more than 20 favorite anime.

Favorite T.V show (not anime)?

NCIS, Bones, CSI, Blood Ties, any show in Asian Food Chanel or History chanel.

Favorite manga?

Too many.

Favorite Book/series?

Well, my recent favorite is 'A place called Hiroshima'.

Favorite Videogames?

Too many as well.

Do you have a pet? What is it? What is it's name? Nickname? Breed?

It's family's pets. Three cats and two dogs. For the dogs, both were mixed Dashshund and Terrier. The cats, the mother(Golombon, means 'fat') was a tabby cat(Mackerel Pattern) and 2 calicos (Panda and Lembu, which also means 'Cow').

Who do you live with?

Parents, brother and pets.

Got and brothers? Sisters?

Some brother and a sister.

Where do you live?

Malaysia, South East Asia.

Do you go to school?

School days was over.

Where do you go to school?

St. Joseph, former school.

Are you in a relationship?

It's complicated. (lol.)

Do you wish you were?

Hm...not sure, things are pretty hectic right now so I guess not really now.

What's your favorite food?

I'm not choosy when it comes to food.

What's your favorite animal(s)?

Pokemon. xD

Just kidding.

I like cats more.

Do you have more than one account on the otaku?


Did you ever have a account but erased it before this one?


what was your username?


Do you have a lot of friends on theO?


Do you like how your life is going?


If you could go back in time would you?


Do you do something that you and/or others wish you didn't do?


Do you usually talk to others when your upset?

Not really, sometimes.

Are you kind?


Are you funny?

Am I?

Forgot to ask this before! When is your Birthday?

Oct 12th.

Anyone in your family died?

Wish someone should just go away?


Do you like to draw?

Sure I do.

What's your hobbies?

Sleeping, Getting up late, drawing, and talking. lol.

What colour is you hair?


Eye colour?

Dark Brown.

Got any piercing?

Ear piercing.

Do you have ratios? Stuff like that?


Do you wear fake eyelashes?


Fake nails?

Why should I?? xD

Do you have long nails?


What hollowed costumes have you worn?


Did you enjoy the quiz?


Would you want a part 2nd the quiz?

Is there any??



I tag you, yes you, don't look behind you, I'm pointing at YOU! You!

Oh, and the quiz say keep the original title. ^^