The Truth and I'm not going to dare you Q...


-You must answer all the question truthfully..
-Tag at least 6 people after you've done and inform them on their pages...
-Tell what do you think of these question to the person who tagged you...let them taste your blade of fury...

01. What was the first anime you've ever watch?
>> Uh...I think it's Sailormoon....(hid his face...)

02. What anime influenced you to start drawing?
>> Uh...Sailormoon...What? I'm still a young kid at that time!!! (Ran in circle)

03. One of your favorite member criticize your artwork which you've spent hours on, you...
>> "Ahh? Really? Well, I guess I need to improve a lot then.."

04. You judged an artwork based on what?
>> Style and the impression it give on me.

05. Who's your favorite artist in TheOtaku? 'I don't know' is not an answer...
>> This question is too much...I think crayon skwibblz would be my favorite artist since she's a great person...

06. Who was the first member to talk to you?
>> iLuvAl sent her welcoming message in my portfolio~

07. What do you feel when a new member criticize your artwork?
>> I'll be shocked for awhile, but maybe they're very talented artist that recently join TheO!!

08. You don't get too much hugs, favs or comment for an artwork you put your heart in, you...
>> Sure I'll get upset, but that's mean there's something wrong and I'll need to improve!!! (ganbare!!!)

09. You were hoping your favorite subscriber to leave a comment on your artwork, but they never did, you...
>> "Oh well, maybe they missed the notifications..." (Cause I sometimes miss it too...)

10. Did you get nervous when you're about to leave a comment in an Otaku Legend/Senior Otaku or any other high ranker's artwork?
>> Yup, wonder if they'll read it...

11. Did you subscribe back to those who subscribe to you?
>> Yes! Of course!!!

12. Did you checked the artworks of your subscriber?
>> I'm working on it, I just checked Lavender Girl's artworks and now, I'm checking Clueless101's....

13. How many times did you visit 'New Member Introduction' site in a week?
>> *cough* I just checked it...

14. Last Question, do you like this question? And why is that?
>> All these question are very sensitive ya know...I dislike this quiz...*nods*


Ok...I'll tag;

-Lavender Girl
-Crayon skwibblz
-Quiet Noise
-Blue Latte

(Laugh) Sorry guys, I just gotten curious...